Once Upon A Time, Home Sweet Home
By Miriam Medina



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4)Coalition For The Homeless

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Picture Credit: The Street Image on Page: 1 of Part I is from: Adventures of America 1857-1900: A Pictorial Record From Harper's Weekly by John A Kouwenhoven; Harper & Brothers Publishers (1938)

Picture Credit:  The Newsboys image on Page 1 of Part I  is credited to Lewis W. Hine, Photographer, whose photography collection is at the George Eastman House 900 East Ave. Rochester, NY 14607.

Picture Credit:  Man with shopping cart from http://www.wikipedia.org/

Picture Credit:  The two copyright  images that are displayed under Modern Homelessness are credited to Wanda McCormick Photographer at Readio Magazine. These images are property of Readio.com and may not be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted, or distributed in any way without a licensing agreement according to their terms of use. Permission to use these images, solely as an insert to this article with the condition that it remain on this website has been granted by Wanda McCormick. The use of these images for any other purpose would be a violation of Readio's copyright and other proprietary rights.

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