Section: Tenement Life: Tragedies

Directory: New York City History

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Section: Tragedies of Urban Life and Tenement Living

Sub Section: The Dangers of Fire:  "Overcrowded tenement buildings packed with humanity as tight as pigs in a pen"

Article Name: Bedlam In The Tenements 1901                                                               Posted 8/31/07
Article Name: 200 People Made Homeless By Fire 1896                                                Posted 5/25/07
Article Name: Big Fire in Greenpoint : Fifty Families Left Homeless 1899                       Posted 5/28/07
Article Name: Fire In A Tenement Imperils Many Lives 1898                                           Posted 8/31/07
Article Name: Roasted Alive: Four Persons Perish In A Tenement House Fire 1891      Posted 8/31/07

Sub Section: Domestic Violence: Intoxication/Brutal Assault/ Murder:  "Anguished cries for help were  unanswered by  neighbors, who kept their doors closed,  afraid to interfere. "

Special Mention “Help!  Please...Will Somebody Help Me?” Violence across America by Miriam Medina. A narration about the domestic violence that exists in modern America.

Article Name: Brutal Treatment of a Woman: The Assailant Held For Murder 1880                     Posted 9/2/07
Article Name: Murder: A Horrible Tragedy In New York 1880                                                      Posted 9/2/07
Article Name: Murder: Story of Dissipation, Quarreling and Death 1875                                      Posted 9/2/07
Article Name: Wife Murder: A Tenement House Tragedy 1873                                                    Posted 9/2/07
Article Name: Brutality: A Few Specimen Wife Beaters 1875                                                      Posted 9/3/07
Article Name: A Girl's Leap For Life: Driven to Desperation By Her Lover's Brutality 1887         Posted 9/3/07
Article Name: Probable Wife Murder: Woman Thrown From Second Story Window 1877          Posted 9/3/07
Article Name: Unusual Brutality: A Horrible Case of Domestic Abuse and Misery 1882              Posted 9/8/07
Article Name: The Fatal Result Of An Eastern District Tenement Row: 1887                               Posted 9/8/07
Article Name: A Woman Beaten and Kicked to Death 1876                                                          Posted 9/8/07
Article Name: A Woman Beaten In A Shocking Manner By A Drunken Ruffian 1879                   Posted 9/8/07
Article Name: Brutal Tenement Murder: Woman's Face Split Open 1902                                      Posted 9/30/07
Article Name: A Domestic Horror in Greenpoint 1876                                                                   Posted 9/30/07
Article Name: A Rum-Crazed Husband Kicks His Wife to Death 1873                                          Posted 9/30/07
Article Name: A Woman Found Strangled In A New York Tenement House 1896                        Posted 9/30/07

Sub Section: Rape (Outrages) "He came behind her and threw her, and attempted to commit an outrage upon her; she resisted, then he seized her by the feet and dragged her some distance into the bushes, and there again attempted the outrage. She screamed, and he seized her by the throat with both hands, and choked her until she was nearly insensible. While in this position he threatened to murder her if she resisted."

Article Name: Terrible Case of Rape: A Young Girl Shamefully Outraged 1866                           Posted 10/1/07
Article Name: The Eastern District Rape Of Three Women 1866                                                  Posted 10/1/07
Article Name: Husband Seeks Vengeance For Rape Perpetrated On His Wife 1879                   Posted 10/1/07
Article Name: A Policeman Rapes Young Girl 1874                                                                      Posted 10/3/07
Article Name: Random Incidents Of Rape Throughout New York City 1800s                               Posted 10/3/07
Article Name: Outrage: An Old Woman Brutally Assaulted by Three Men: 1884                          Posted 10/3/07

Sub Section: Child Abuse: Brutal Assault/Murder

Article Name: Paternal Brutality: A Son Beaten To Death By His Father 1873                              Posted 9/3/07
Article Name: Shocking Homicide! A Child Killed By Its Father! 1854                                             Posted 9/8/07
Article Name: A Revolting Tale of Parental Cruelty 1885                                                               Posted 9/23/07
Article Name: The Murder Of An Eleventh Month Old Child By His Drunken Father: 1870            Posted 9/30/07
Article Name: A Drunkard's Attempt to Murder His Child 1884                                                      Posted 9/30/07

Sub Section: Infanticide

Article Name: The Murder of Mary Wertheimer's Three Month Old Baby Part I                             Posted 9/6/07
Article Name: The Murder of Mary Wertheimer's Three Month Old Baby Part II                             Posted 9/6/07
Article Name: The Murder of Mary Wertheimer's Three Month Old Baby Part III                            Posted 9/6/07
Article Name: The Murder of Mary Wertheimer's Three Month Old Baby Part IV                          Posted 9/6/07
Article Name: The Murder of Mary Wertheimer's Three Month Old Baby Part V                           Posted 9/6/07
Article Name: The Murder of Mary Wertheimer's Three Month Old Baby Part VI                          Posted 9/6/07
Article Name: She Choked It: How A Young Mother Murdered Her Child 1887                            Posted 9/6/07
Article Name: Interred In A Cellar: Remains of A Child Are Found 1885                                       Posted 9/8/07
Article Name: Infanticide in the Great Metropolis 1869                                                                 Posted 2/21/08

Sub Section: Violence in The Streets: Brutal Assault/Murder " A mania for murder seems to have taken hold upon the denizens of New York."

Article Name: The Holocaust Of Blood: More Murders In New York 1870                                   Posted 9/3/07
Article Name: A Murderous Assault In South Brooklyn 1876                                                       Posted 10/3/07

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