Section: Tenement Life: Social issues

Directory: New York City History

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Section: Pressing Social Issues of Urban Life and Tenement Living

Sub Section: Poverty
Article Name: The Poor of New York 1868                                                                                  Posted 5/26/07
Article Name: Poverty and Hunger 1897                                                                                      Posted 5/26/07
Article Name: Starved and Neglected: Child Abuse  1896
Article Name: Pauperism 1871                                                                                                      Posted 6/01/07
Article Name: Cold Weather Causes Distress Among the Poor                                                    Posted 5/27/07
Article Name: Struggles Of The Poor Working Girls 1868
Article Name: Life In A Tenement House: When Poverty Stands At The Back Door 1877             Posted 10/4/07
Article Name: How the Poor Make Their Beds on Roofs and Fire Escapes 1903                          Posted 10/28/08
Web Link: The Poor in Summer

Sub Section: Crime And Vice
Article Name: Vice In The City: 1900                                            Posted 9/30/07
Article Name: Crime Board Tells How Boy Gangs Rise In New York Slums
Article Name: Brief Highlights on New York City Crime
Article Name: New York Criminal Record for 1852 Part I
Article Name: New York Criminal Record for 1852 Part II
Article Name: A Peddler's Crime: 1880                                         Posted 9/29/06
Article Name: The Everyday Pick-Pockets
Article Name: The Black Mailer: A Disreputable Class                  Posted 11/5/06.
Article Name: Fortune Tellers and Clairvoyants
Article Name: Quack Doctors
Article Name: Harry Hills
Article Name: Gambling Houses: A Vice
Article Name: The Most Celebrated Crime Of The 19th Century, The Murder Of Dr. Harvey Burdell
Article Name: Occupation: Impostor and Swindler 1868       Posted 11/3/06
Article Name: The Social Evil In New York City Pre: 1868  
Article Name: The Vice of Prostitution Pre-1885
Article Name: Drunkenness 1872
Article Name: Concert Saloons and Waiter Girls
Article Name: The Dance Houses
Article Name: The Thieves Of New York City 1868
Article Name: The Increase Of Juvenile Depravity Among Tenement House Children 1877             Posted 10/4/07
Article Name: Prostitution As A Tenement House Evil                        Posted 2/22/08
Web Link: Maggie A Girl of the Streets by Stephan Crane (She had tramped the streets for weeks on her weary errand, and the only living wages that were offered her were the wages of sin.)
Web Link: Urbanography: Where "The Gangs" lived-New York's Desperate Five Points Neighborhood in the Mid-19th Gregory Christiano
Web Link: Their Sisters' Keepers: Prostitution in New York City, 1830-1870 by Marilynn Wood Hill (E-Book)
Web Link: Prostituted Youth In New York City: An Overview
Web Link: Who Killed Mary Rogers?
Web Link: Harlem Gangs, a brief history  1920-1939
Web Link: The Colombos: A Family At War
Web Link: The Castellammarese War
Web Link: New York Crime Rates: 1960-2000
Web Link: Dutch Schultz
Web Link:
Web Link: Meyer Lansky.

Sub Section: Homelessness
Special Mention "Once Upon A Time, Home Sweet Home by Miriam Medina "is a narration on New York City's Street Homelessness, past and present.

Article Name: Beggars in New York City 1868                                                               Posted 5/25/07
Article Name: Little Vagabonds 1870                                                                             Posted 5/25/07
Article Name: Lodging Homeless Men 1896                                                                   Posted 5/25/07
Article Name: Our City Vagrants 1874                                                                           Posted 5/25/07
Article Name: Paying Social Debts 1893                                                                        Posted 5/25/07
Article Name: Street Children 1872                                                                                Posted 5/25/07
Article Name: The Homeless Poor of New York City                                                     Posted 5/25/07
Article Name: The Street Boys 1868                                                                              Posted 5/26/07
Article Name: The Tramp 1868                                                                                       Posted 5/26/07
Article Name: Homeless Tid-bits of the 1800s.                                                               Posted 5/26/07
Article Name: Large Number of Families Evicted 1893                                                   Posted 5/30/07
Web Link: Profile of New York City's Street Homeless Population
Web Link: Alarming Rise in Hate Crimes Against Homeless People in United States
Web Link: Epidemic of Hate Crimes Against Homeless People
Web Link: Hate, Violence, and Death on Main Street USA: A Report on Hate Crimes And Violence Against People Experiencing Homelessness, 2002
Web Link: Hate, Violence, and Death on Main Street USA: A Report on Hate Crimes And Violence Against People Experiencing Homelessness, 2003
Web Link: Hate, Violence, and Death on Main Street USA: A Report on Hate Crimes And Violence Against People Experiencing Homelessness, 2004
Web Link: Hate, Violence, and Death on Main Street USA: A Report on Hate Crimes And Violence Against People Experiencing Homelessness, 2005
Web Link: Hate, Violence, and Death on Main Street USA: A Report on Hate Crimes And Violence Against People Experiencing Homelessness, 2006

Sub Section: Teen-Age Rebellion, Suicide, Violence and Substance Abuse: Internal Conflicts of the Home
Web Link: Teen Violence
Web Link: Teenage Drug Abuse At It's Worse
Web Link: Teenage Rebellion: Help your child navigate the teen years
Web Link: Real Life Stories of Runaways
Web Link: The Young and the Homeless: Teens Face Hard Choices, Living in Cars and Couch-surfing with Friends
Web Link: Homeless Young Adults Ages: 18-24
Web Link: Step Parenting an Out of Control Teen
Web Link: Why Teens Runaway and What To Do If Yours Does.
Web Link: Understanding and Preventing Teenage Runaways
Web Link:

Enabling and Detachment, Part One (The importance of knowing the difference between helping and enabling and the necessity of detaching ourselves from the emotional turmoil surrounding the behaviors of our troubled teens.

Web Link: Enabling and Detachment, Part Two (Detaching yourself from emotional reactions to your teen's behavior choices and allowing them to learn from consequences.
Web Link: Teenage Girls Buying Into Gang Violence: A Summary
Web Link: Youth Violence
Web Link: Teenage Suicide
Web Link: Teenage Alcohol Misuse
Web Link: Teenage Violence: Pharmacological and Psychological perspectives
Web Link: Teen Drug Abuse
Web Link: Teenage Suicide: Identification, Intervention and Prevention. Highlights: An ERIC/CAPS Fact Sheet.
Web Link: Alcohol & Teenage Pregnancy

Sub Section: Group Conflicts
Article Name: The Great New York Police Riot 1857 and The Five Points Riot of New York 1857
Article Name: The Astor Place Riot 1859 and A Riot Among The Soldiers Of The Third Regiment Irish Brigade 1861
Article Name Mob Excitement In Brooklyn - 1861
Article Name The Draft Riot In New York City 1863 Part III: The New York Draft Riot
Article Name The Colored Orphan Asylum Riot 1863
Article Name The Orangemen Riot 1870-1871 and Near Riot At Tompkins Square 1877
Article Name Mob Attacks Meyer's Saloon 1893
Article Name Riot Preceded The Parade of Cloakmakers 1894
Article Name College Boys Cause A Riot and A Race Riot On The West Side Of Manhattan 1900
Article Name 1,500 In Kosher Riot In Brownsville and Manhattan Italians In Riot: 1902
Article Name Violent Demonstrations At Chief Rabbi Joseph's Funeral 1902
Article Name Many Are Wounded In Brooklyn Riot 1910
Article Name The Harlem Riot 1943

Sub Section: Diseases: Past and Present
Article Name Epidemics in New York: Diseases From which NYC Suffered In its Early Days       Posted 1/20/07
Article Name Typhoid Disease which Has Prevailed in Certain Parts of Brooklyn 1885                 Posted 1/20/07
Article Name Yellow Jack 1885                                                                                                       Posted 1/20/07
Article Name Diseases, Epidemics in New York City Tid-Bits                                                          Posted 1/20/07
Article Name The Health Department: Condition of the Five Points 1873                                         Posted 1/20/07
Article Name The City's Health: A Crowded, Vicious and Unhealthy Place 1869                            Posted 1/20/07
Article Name Sanitary Sketches of the Hotbed of Diseases 1873                                                   Posted 1/20/07
Article Name Menace to Brooklyn Health 1893                                                                                Posted 1/20/07
Article Name Asylums: Fountains of Disease 1870                                                                         Posted 1/20/07
Article Name Malaria in the Dirt Piles 1901                                                                                       Posted 1/20/07
Article Name Drinking Water and Disease 1881                                                                              Posted 1/21/07
Article Name Sanitary Condition of the City 1856                                                                            Posted 1/20/07
Article Name Shocking Sanitary Condition of New York City's Dirty Streets 1871                         Posted 1/20/07
Article Name Filthy condition of NYC streets from the central Park to the Battery: 1877               Posted 1/20/07
Article Name Danger From Poor Plumbing  1899                                                 Posted 1/20/07
Web Link: The Influenza Pandemic of 1918
Web Link: Infectious Diseases In History (A guide to their causes and effects)
Web Link: Small Pox:  A Great and Terrible Scourge
Web Link: Gonorrhea
Web Link: Hepatitis B
Web Link: Syphilis
Web Link: Early Symptomatic HIV Infection

Sub Section: Gender Identity In The Urban Environment: Gays and Lesbians
Article Name The Stonewall Police Riot: Gay Rights 1969
Web Link: Valuing a Gay or Lesbian Self-Identity: Counseling Services of the Kansas State University
Web Link: Gay Male and lesbian Suicide By Paul Gibson L.C.S.W. Therapist and program Consultant, San Francisco, California
Web Link: Police Abuse and Misconduct Against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People in the U.S.
Web Link: Gay Bashing
Web Link: Gay and Lesbian Collections AIDS/HIV Collections in the New York Public Library
Web Link: Gerber/Hart Library: A depository for the records of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender individuals and organizations, and for other resources bearing upon their lives and experiences in American society.
Web Link: Society of American Archivists' Lesbian and  Gay Archives: Lavender Legacies Guide, New York
Web Link: ONE Institute International Gay & Lesbian Archives: Based in Los Angeles, ONE Institute is an independent, not-for-profit educational institution which houses the world's largest research library on GLBT heritage and concerns. Formed in 1952, ONE is the oldest ongoing Gay/Lesbian organization in the Western Hemisphere
Web Link: Human Sexuality Collection: Cornell University, New York--The Human Sexuality Collection seeks to preserve and make accessible primary sources that document historical shifts in the social construction of sexuality, with a focus on U.S. lesbian and gay history.

Sub Section: The Aging Population In The Urban Environment
Web Link: Depression Among The Elderly
Web Link: Suicide Among the Elderly
Web Link: Stages of Alzheimer's Disease
Web Link: Parkinson's Disease
Web Link: Aging's Effects
Web Link: Diabetic Neuropathy" What You Can Do About It.
Web Link: Dementia in the elderly
Web Link: Behavior Problems and Aging
Web Link: Arthritis, Rheumatism, Musculo-Skeletal and Rheumatological Disorders
Web Link: Hip Fractures in the Elderly
Web Link: Arthritis Info-Sheet for Seniors
Web Link: There are 14 Dangerous Things in This Picture? A Safety Poster
Web Link: Bathing for Older people with Disabilities: Accidental Deaths and Injuries:
Web Link: Deaf-blindness in elderly "untreated"
Web Link: Aging and Cataracts
Web Link: Smell and Taste Disorders
Web Link: Chronic Kidney Disease
Web Link: Pressure Sores and Aging
Web Link: Aging With a Disability
Web Link: Institutionalization of Seniors: A Necessary Practice?
Web Link: Abuse In the Nursing Home
Web Link: Elderly Increasingly at Risk for Homelessness
Web Link: Office of Real Property Services-Senior Citizen Exemptions
Web Link: Senior Citizens' Resources
Web Link: Alliance Continuing Care Network: A network of 21 skilled nursing facilities throughout the New York Metropolitan Area.
Web Link: Benefits Checkup: Developed by the National Council on Aging to help seniors and their families connect to federal and state programs available to help them.
Web Link: The Jewish Home & Hospital Life care System: New York's largest non-profit skilled nursing facility has a Caregivers Guide on its web page.
Web Link: Applying for Public Housing
Web Link: Alzheimer's Association: A good resource for persons seeking general information, caregiver resources, and medical information about Alzheimer's disease.

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