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The Bachelor's Ball 1884

A Brilliant Assemblage at the Metropolitan Opera-House

A long line of carriages drew up in front of the Metropolitan Opera-house last evening and discharged elegantly attired ladies and gentlemen, who had come to attend the Bachelors' ball, in numbers about 800 strong. The opera-house presented an unwonted appearance, arrayed as it was with a profusion of evergreens, especially in the lobby, which resembled a huge hothouse. The corridors were decorated with geraniums and varieties of plants, and on the stairway was a pretty floral umbrella. Leading to the upper floors the stairways were closed up with evergreens, and through a bower could be discerned the stage set with a castle scene. The flower of the beauty of New York was present, the Bachelors evidently having a distaste for that feminine genus known as wall-flower, and having invited mainly the young and pretty women of their acquaintance. The rosebuds were out in full force, and made a blooming appearance through the series of waltzes, gallops, and polkas that largely composed the order of dancing.

The guests began to arrive about 11 o'clock, and were soon promenading through the corridors, along which swung at intervals parti-colored Chinese lanterns, to the music of Lander's orchestra playing popular operatic airs. A few of the boxes were open, and were taken advantage of for an occasional tête-à-tête. The dresses were noticeable for richness and display. The ballroom, which was hardly large enough for the number of dancers, was innocent of all decorations. The supper-room, which is much more commodious, was full of evergreens, and the guests sat down at the small table, catered to by Delmonico, about midnight, and were sumptuously served. The favors for the German were bouquets and fans, with the legend, "Bachelor's Ball, 1884." inscribed on their backs. It was danced about 1:30 this morning, and was led by Lispenard Stewart and G.H. Warren, Jr. A hundred and fifty couples participated in the dance.

Among those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Aspinwall, Mr. and Mrs. William Astor, Miss Astor, Major Bryce, Miss Beckwith, W. B. Bininger, Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Breese, the misses Binsse, P.T. Barlow, Mr. and Mrs. George S. Bowdoin, C.C. Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. James Benkard, Mrs. Beekman, the Misses Beekman, Mr. and Mrs. L.C. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. August Belmont, Jr., Prof. and Miss Chandler, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Cary, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Clews, the Misses Clift, Mr. and Mrs. Colford, Miss Draper, Judge and Mrs. Daly, Mr. and Mrs. W. Earl Dodge, Mr. and Mrs. Delmonte, Mr. and Mrs.W.B. Dismore, Mr. and Mrs. Stuyvesant Fish, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goelet, Mr. and Mrs. Ogden Goelet, Mr. and Mrs. S.S. Howland, Commander Gorringe, Mr. and Mrs. H. Hoppin, Mr. and Mrs. John G. Heckscher, Mr. and Mrs. A. Iselin, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. William Jay, Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Kernochan, Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Lorillard, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Leavitt, Mr. and Mrs. Luther Kountze, Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Martin, Mr. and Miss McAllister, Mr. and Mrs. Ogden Mills, Mr. and Mrs. H. Victor Newcomb, Mr. and Mrs. John C. Peters, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Pell, Mr. and Mrs. Rutherford, Mr. and Mrs. Tolfree, Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Remsen, Miss Townsend, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Turnure, Mr. and Mrs. G.H. Warren, Miss Warren, Gen. and Miss Webb, Mr. and Mrs. W.K. Vanderbilt, Mr. and Mrs. C. Vanderbilt, and Mr. and Mrs. Wilmerding.

The bachelors who gave the ball are: George C. Allen, Francis R. Appleton, Carroll Bryce, William Cutting, F. Brockholst Cutting, Henry Cram, J.D. Cheever, William B. Cooper, Alexander B. Duncan, Augustus C. Gurnee, Wendell Goodwin, J.B. M. Grosvenor, David L. Haight, Center Hitchcock, Henry E. Jones, James H. Jones, Woodbury Kane, Oliver K. King, Walter F. Kingsland, Arthur Leary, J.F.D. Lanier, Herman R. Le Roy, J.B. Livingston, N. Griswold Lorillard, Thomas Maitland, Clement March, Peter Marie, Thomas C. Meyer, W. Starr Miller, Pierre La Montagne, J. Ridgeway Moore, F. Townsend Martin, Richard Mortimer, Herman Oelrichs, Frank Pendleton, Charles Grenville Peters, Richard Peters, Edwards Pierrepont, James O. Proudfit, Percy R. Pyne, Jr.; John W. Russell, Reginald W. Rives, F. Augustus Schermerhorn, A. Wright Sanford, Henry Sands, Lydig Suydam, Lispenard Stewart, Lawrence Turnure, Jr., W.R. Travers, Jr., Douglas Twombley, A. Ernest Vanderpoel, G. Harry Warren, Jr., G. Creighton Webb, Matthew A. Wilks, M. Orme Wilson, and James M. Varnum. The patronesses were Mrs. William Astor, Mrs. Francis R. Rives, Mrs. Adrian Iselin, Mrs. Maturin Livingston, Mrs. Alexander Van Rensselaer, and Mrs. William C. Schermerhorn.


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