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Some November Brides 1891

Social Events of Prominence in this City

The marriage of Miss Josephine Hotchkiss, daughter of Horace L. Hotchkiss, the banker, to Waldron Williams yesterday noon in All Souls' Church was one of the most notable social events thus far during this season. Miss Hotchkiss is very popular in fashionable New York circles, and Mr.. Williams is an alumnus of Columbia College of the class of '85 and a well-known member of the University Club. Consequently the wedding was a large one, and the church at Madison Avenue and Sixty-sixth Street barely accommodated all the guests. About 2,000 invitations had been sent out. The chancel was banked with palms, and great bunches of chrysanthemums were on the altar. The music, which was Wagnerian in character, was conducted by R. H. Warren, a friend of the groom. The bride entered the main aisle with her father as Mr. Warren played the "Lohengrin" processional. She wore a handsome white gown of heavy satin, trimmed with embroidered chiffon. Her veil was of tulle.

Following the bride came the maid of honor, Miss Grace O'Hara, dressed in white Bengaline trimmed with pearls and wearing a large white felt hat with pink and white plumes. The bridesmaids were Miss E. R. Watson, Miss Gertrude Riker, Miss Alice Hunt, Miss M. Louise Major, Miss Clara Rich, and Miss Clara Hotchkiss, the bride's sister. They all wore lovely gowns of Persian white crepe trimmed with pearl bowknots, and large brown felt hats with pink and brown plumes. Each carried a bunch of pink chrysanthemums.

At the chancel rail the bride was met by the Rev. Dr. R. Heber Newton, the rector of all Souls', and the groom with his best man, Richard Riker. The ushers were Stephen H. Brown, Eugene Southack, Charles H. Shaw, Evert Jansen Wendell, J. Bloomfield Harriot, and Horace L. Hotchkiss, Jr., the bride's brother.

The services at the church were followed by a reception given by Mr. and Mrs. Horace L. Hotchkiss at their residence, 12 East Sixty-seventh street, attended by only the more intimate friends of the bride and groom, among whom were Mr. and Mrs. L.T. Williams, Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Read, Jr., Mrs. Moses Taylor, Mr. and Mrs.. Valentine Blacque, Mr. and Mrs. George Lewis, Mr. and Mrs.. Malcolm Graham, Mr. and Mrs. Moses Taylor Pyne, Dr. and Mrs. Satterlee, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lord, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. C. Adolph Low, Mr. and Mrs.. Aguilar Rich, Dr. and Mrs. R.R. Booth, Mrs. F.E. Skelding, Mrs. P.M. Bryson, Mrs. and Miss Spring, Mrs. D.S. Riker, Frank Ball, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Moulton, Judge and Mrs.. Charles P. Daly, Mr. and Mrs. Addison Cammack, Mr.. and Mrs. H.B. Auchincloss, Mr. and Mrs.. William L. Kingsley, Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Stout, Mr. and Mrs. H.M. Flagler, Mr. and Mrs. H.B. Rich, Mr. and Mrs.. Wallace C. Andrews, Mr. and Mrs. E.R. Ladew, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Bostwick, Miss Bostwick, Mr. and Mrs.. Grant B. Schley, Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Armour, Mr. and Mrs. Obrig, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kimball and the Misses Kimball, Mrs. T. M. Pomeroy, Miss Muir, H.B. Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. L. R. P. Stockton, Mr. and Mrs. John H. Watson, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. O'Hara, Mr. and Mrs.. Lloyd Williams, Mr. H.K.S. Williams, Miss Williams, Mrs. Norman Boardman, Mr. and Mrs. Albert B. Boardman, Mr. and Mrs. Erastus Wiman, Mr. Jay Gould and Miss  Gould, H.H. Flagler, W. Hillhouse, Miss Lillian Davis, Mr. and Mrs.. Vernon D. Brown, Mrs. Stephen H. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Carroll, Mr. and Mrs.. S.J. Geery, Paymaster and Mrs. H.T. Skelding, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Cram, and Dr. and Mrs. Munn.

The wedding gifts were numerous and costly. Upon the return of the bride and groom from their wedding tour they will be at home at 322 West Seventy-sixth Street, which is now being decorated. On Saturday night last the groom gave a bachelor dinner at the University Club to his best man and ushers. Another brilliant wedding yesterday was that of Miss Emma Louise Neidlinger, daughter of Adam Neidlinger, to Oscar von Bernuth, brother of Louis von Bernuth, the son-in-law of William Steinway. The marriage ceremony took place at 7 o'clock in the evening in St. Peter's German Lutheran Church, Lexington Avenue and Forty-sixth street, and the officiating clergyman was the pastor, the Rev. Dr. Edward F. Moldehnke. The decorations in the church were elaborate, and, as 1,000 invitations had been sent out, the attendance was large. The bride was given away by her father. Her gown was of white silk, trimmed with lace and out with a long Court train. Her veil was of old lace. There were no bridesmaids; Miss Brennermann, the maid of honor, was dressed in blue crepe de chine. She carried a bunch of yellow roses. George F. Neidlinger was the best man, and Howard Burk, Fritz von Bernuth, Henry T. Neidlinger, and Rudolph G. Neidlinger were the ushers.

There was no reception, but a dinner to a few of the friends of the bride and groom was served at Delmonico's at 8:30 o'clock. Among those seated at the tables were Mr. and Mrs. Fritz von Bernuth, Mr. and Mrs.. Rudolph von Bernuth, Mr. and Mrs.. Louis von Bernuth, the Misses von Bernuth, Carl von Bernuth, Mr. and Mrs.. William Steinway, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Clausen, Mr. and Mrs. William W. Schmidt, Mr. and Mrs.. Fritz Achelis, Mr. and Mrs.. George Victor, Mr. and Mrs. George Ehret, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Ruppert, the Misses Ehret, the Misses Ruppert, Mr. and Mrs. De Bary, Mr. and Mrs. A.F. D'Oench, Mr. and Mrs. Erhart, and Mr.. and Mrs. Erbsloh of Brooklyn; Mr. and Mrs. Trompetter, German Consul General August Feigel, Mr. and Mrs. Fleitman, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Harat, the Misses Garrigue, Commissioner and Mrs. Louis Heintz, Mr. and Mrs. Hanselt, Mr. and Mrs. Heye, Mr. and Mrs. Kuser, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Doelger, Mr. and Mrs. Kuhuhardt, Mr. and Mrs. Kitchen, Mrs. Lauteryung, Mr. and Mrs. De Neufville, Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Schmidt, Mr. and Mrs.. Passavant, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Otto Peters, Senator and Mrs. Charles A. Stadler, Mr. and Mrs.. F.A. O. Schwarz, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Toussaint, Mr. and Mrs. Woerz, the Misses Woerz, Mr. and Mrs. Wickie, Mr. and Mrs. Wendt, Carl Schurz, the Misses Schurz, Miss Stafford, and Mrs. Albert Steinway.

After a short wedding trip Mr. and Mrs. von Bernuth will sail on Nov. 19 for Europe.

Lynn R. Meekins, associate editor of the Baltimore American and Miss Katie Webster, daughter of the late Rev. Dr. Augustus Webster of Baltimore, were married last night at the home of the bride's brother-in-law, Prof. D.D. Herring of the University of New York, at 471A First Street, Brooklyn. The wedding was a very quiet one, owing to the recent death of the bride's father, and only the immediate members of the two families were present. The Rev. Dr. J.J.G. Webster of Baltimore, a cousin of the bride, performed the ceremony. George A. Meekins, the groom's brother, was the best man, and the bride was attended by her two little nieces, Misses Doris and Hollis Herring. Supper was served after the wedding, and Mr. and Mrs. Meekins left on a night train for Virginia Beach. They will live in Baltimore. Mr. Meekins is quite well known in newspaper circles. In addition to his editorial work he has written a number of clever short stories that have been highly praised.

Grace Church, at New Brighton, was crowded last evening with Staten Island society people, assembled to witness the marriage of Miss Mary Michler Conyngham, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. conyngham, to George Holmes Frieze. The chancel of the church was decorated with palms, the altar rail was covered with white and yellow chrysanthemums, and upon the altar were vases of the same flowers.

At 6 o'clock the bridal party entered the church while the organ sounded the familiar strains of the Lohengrin march. First came the ushers, then the bridesmaids, the maids of honor, and the bride on the arm of her father. At the altar steps they were met by the groom and his best man. The rector, the Venerable Archdeacon Johnson, officiated, reading the full Episcopal service.

The bride wore a rich toilet of white satin, lace flounces, tulle veil, and orange blossoms. The maid of honor, Miss Edith Conyngham, sister of the bride, wore white corded silk and white lace. The bridesmaids were Miss Parrish, Miss Nora Parrish, Miss Alice Conyngham, Miss Stevens. They wore yellow silk, corded and white lace, and carried bouquets of yellow chrysanthemums. The best man was Redmond Conyngham, brother of the bride, and the ushers were Robert P.G. Becklin, John N. Conyngham, Herbert W. Baldwin, and E.W. Brown of Staten Island; T. Kertley Gardner of Orange, N.J., and Roosevelt Michler of Easton, Penn.


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