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Debutante Dance At Colony Club 1907

 Mrs. Winthrop Burr Entertains For Her Daughter, Miss Rosamond Burr

Mrs. Winthrop Burr gave a dance in the Assembly Room of the Colony Club last night for her debutante daughter, Miss Rosamond Burr, who was recently introduced to society. Many of the debutantes of the season attended the dance, which was preceded by a dinner for twenty-eight guests given by Mrs. Burr at her home, 38 East Thirty-eighth Street.

There was general dancing from 10 o'clock until 11, when the cotillion was opened by Phoenix Ingraham, who danced alone.

There were four sets of favors, including fancy lace bags and jardinières of ferns, assorted baskets trimmed with roses, toy monkeys holding ferns, carved Japanese daggers, hand mirrors tied with ribbons, velvet cat pin cushions, and shaving pads. Mrs. J. Ben Ali Haggin assisted Mrs. Burr in the distribution of the favors.

At the conclusion of the cotillion a supper was served in the strangers' dining room of the club, which was decorated with palms, ferns, and Southern smilax. Thirty-five tables, seating six guests each, were decorated with miniature Christmas trees and cut flowers. The gymnasium was thrown open for the evening and was used as a lounging room for the guests.

At the dinner given by Mrs. Burr before the dance the guests included: The Misses Anzonella Kane, Nina Chisholm, Ruth Wales, Marjorie Curtis, Harriet Alexander, Rosamond Burr, Frances Alexander, Margaret Walker, Ina Kissei, Anna Robinson, Joan Whitridge, Ethel Cowdin, also Gavin Hadden, Courtland Morse, Hugo de Fritsch, C. Graham Bacon, Jr., Hamilton Fish, Phoenix Ingraham, Hugh Minturn, Franklin Plummer, W.B. Parsons, Jr., George Gilder, and Mr. Hall. Among the guests invited to the Colony Club were: The Misses Helen L. Alexandre, Eleanor Alexander, Madeline Borland, Lucy Brown, Elizabeth Bertron, Beatrice Benjamin, Helen Coster, Margaret Clarkson, Ruth Davis, Marie L. de Florenz, Frances Dickey, M. Adelaide Gould, Harriet Glover, Eleanor Greene, Evelyn Marshall, Helen Morgan, Elizabeth Morgan, Gladys Roosevelt, Emily Sloane, Katharine Steward, Janet Townsend, Sophie W. Townsend, Dorothy Tuckerman, Margaret Walker, Nellie Rogers, Lisa Suydam, and Julia Sands.

Also William Appleton, Henry C. Emmet, Jr., Peter B. Olney, Jr., L. Reed, Sigourney Olney, Orme Wilson, Thornton Wilson, T.C. Burton, the Messrs. Osborne, D.P. Morgan, Hamilton Hadden De Wees Dilworth, Henry Hooker, Oliver Harriman, Oliver ziselin, Lewis L. Delafield, Jr., Richard H. Eggleston, Jr., Charles L. Lanler, R. Lanler, John Kean, Seymour Johnson, F.B. Crocker, W. La Montagne, Stephen Peabody, George F. Peabody, William S. Whitehead, John A. Rawlins, F.B. Hoffman, Seth French, Snowden A. Fahnestock, Gibson Fahnestock, Robert Fulton Cutting, Jr. and Charles S. Cutting, Jr., the Messrs. Boulton, Mr. Hoffman, Mr. Crosly, Mr. Pierson, Mr. Seamans, and Chalmere Wood, Jr. Miss Burr, in white satin with pearl trimming, assisted in receiving.


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