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Debutante Dance For Miss Tuckerman 1907

 Mrs. Minturn Gives a Cotillion at Sherry's in Honor of Her Grandaughter.

Mrs. John W. Minturn gave a ball at Sherry's last night for her granddaughter, Miss Dorothy Tuckerman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tuckerman. While the dance was primarily for debutantes, many older girls and also many married couples were invited. The entire second and third floors were reserved by Mrs. Minturn. Supper at which the guests were seated, was served in the small ball room, and in the adjacent suite on this floor the guests removed their wraps before ascending to the third floor, where at the entrance to the large ballroom Mrs. Minturn and her daughter, Mrs. Tuckerman, received the guests, with Miss Tuckerman standing with them.

The ballroom was decorated with palm trees, and the balconies were draped with trails of smilax and deep pink roses, American Beauties were also used here and there in vases.
There was general dancing until midnight, when supper was served at forty tables, seating eight and ten, these being decorated with cut flowers and ferns.

Supper was followed by the cotillion, led by Phoenix Ingraham, dancing with Miss Tuckerman. There were four favor figures, and the favors included staves tipped with flowers and silk and satin bags, sachets, and other small articles. Another supper was served after the cotillion.

Among the 400 guests asked were Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Dickey, Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Baylies, Mr. and Mrs. F.G. Griswold, Mr. and Mrs. C.B. Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. W. Earl Dodge, Henry Sloane, Mr. and Mrs. Karrick Riggs, Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Berwind, Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Kissel, Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore D. Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Goodhue Livingston, Mr. and Mrs. F.D. Roosevelt, Mr. and Mrs. W. Emlen Roosevelt.

Miss Hasell Makes Her Bow

Among the men asked were William M. Appleton, Henry S. Appleton, John Turner Atterbury, Grosvenor Atterbury, Frederick H. Baldwin, Robert Bacon, James D.W. Cutting, Harry A. Curtis, Robert Bayard Cutting, Henry C. Emmet, Jr., Sherman Day, Frederick F. De Rham, William Greenough, John Clinton Gray, Jr., Gerard Hoppin, Charles Hanford, Cyril Hatch, Buel Hollister, O'Donnell Iselin, William O'D Iselin, Ogden Mills, Jr., Richard Lawrence, Townsend Lawrence, I. Wistar Kendall, Hugh Minturn, Frederick Townsend Martin, Frederick Sears, Henry Morgan, Duncan Harris, Emmet Harris, Seymour Johnson, John Sloane, Oliver Iselin, Herbert C. Pell, Clarence C. Pell, Jr., Roderick Terry, Jr. Robert Sedgwick, Jr., Lloyd Warren, Franklin A. Plummer, Warren Delano Robbins, Percy R. Pyne, 2d, Barclay Parsons, Edmund P. Rogers, Monson Morris, Malcolm D. Sloane, Charles D. Wetmore, John W. Minturn, Cortland P. Dixon, 2d, Ford Huntington, Hamilton Hadden, Henry V. Poor, Roger M. Poor,Francis Roche, William C. Rogers, Arden M. Robbins, Harry Pelham Robbins, Rae H. Rogers, J. Ellis Postlethwaite, Moses Taylor Pyne, Jr., William F. Whitehouse, Worthington Whitehouse, John R. Suydam, Jr., Henry Richmond Taylor, William Rhinelander Stewart, Jr., Samuel J. Wagstaff, Lispenard Stewart, E. Coster Wilmerding, John C. Wilmerding, W. Redmond Cross, Eliot B. Cross, Robert G. Hone, Cleveland Bigelow, William Sloane Coffin, Marquis de Charette, Robert P. Breese, Peter G. Gerry, Bradish G. Johnson, Frederick A. Julliard, Arthur Mason Jones, and Frederick Delano Weekes.


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