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Dance For Debutantes 1907

The first dinner dance for debutantes of the season, arranged by seven well-known women, took, place last night in the large ballroom at Sherry's. Those who entertained guests at dinner were Mrs. Adrian Iselin, Mrs. Charles H. Coster, Mrs. Charles D. Dickey, Mrs. Archibald Rogers, Mrs. Paul Tuckerman, Mrs. E.D. Morgan, and Mrs. Campbell Steward.

The cotillion was danced after 10 o'clock, with Phoenix Ingraham leading in place of Worthington Whitehouse, who was ill. The favors were rose muffs and silver pencils, floral wands, boutonnieres to match, and a round of novelties. Supper was served at midnight.

Among those present were: The Misses Corinne Robinson, Emily Wells, Mary Mason Hasell, Anna Robinson, Helen Lispenard Alexandre, Helen Leroy Miller, Sylvia Parsons, Dorothy Kane, Edith Starr Miller, Frances Dickey, Pauline French, Dorothy Kissel, Dorothy King, Gertrude Slocum, Eleanor Alexander, Margaret A. Steward, Katharine E. Steward, Julia Hoyt, Maude Borland, Evelyn Smith, Gladys Penn, Helen Morgan, Eleanor Townsend, Julie Benjamin, Ruth Davis, Nina Chisholm, Marion Frances Bull, Rosamond Burr, Dorothy Tuckerman, Ellen Rogers, Joan Whitridge, Gladys Roosevelt, Elizabeth Reed, Nathalie Bailey, Ethelberta Russell, Harriet Glover, Margaret Harris, Evelyn Marshall, Lucy Brown, Priscilla Stanton, Margaret Sloane, Madeline Borland, Edna Biddle, Abby Morrison, Janet Townsend, Sophie Townsend, Rosina Otis, Marjorie Curtis, Ina Kissel, Elizabeth Bertron, and Margaret Slade; also, Alexander Keogh, Roderic Terry, Samuel Babcock, Fletcher Harper, Louis Montant, John A. Rawlina, Richard L. Morris, Emmet Harris, Seymour Johnson, McCullough Miller, Louis Clark, Duncan Harris, Devereux Milburn, Lanier Winslow, William Burnham, Redmond Cross, Robert Leroy, Chalmers Wood, Monson Morris, John Suydam, George Bull, Hugh Birckhead, John Trevor, Gerald Benkard, Herbert Riker, Wister Kendall, Paul Fosdick, Kenneth Budd, Frederick De Rham, and I. Townsend Burden, Jr. The second of these dances will take place January 14.

Miss Hasell Makes Her Bow

Younger daughter of Mrs. L.C. Hasell is Presented to Society. Mrs. Lewis Cruger Hasell gave a reception yesterday afternoon at the Hasell town house, 126 East Seventy-first Street, to introduce her second daughter, Miss Mary Mason Hasell, a great-grandaughter of the late Mrs. Mason Jones.

Mrs. Hasell, in black and white: Miss Alice Cruger Hasell, in blue and silver, and the debutante, in white chiffon, lace and silver, were assisted in receiving by the Misses Lydia Mason Jones, Helen Coster, Frances Dickey, Anna Robinson, Helen Miller, Margaret Harris, Harriet Glover, Nathalie Lorillard Bailey, and Ethelberta Russell.

Miss Emily Sloane's Debut

Henry T. Sloane will give a ball at Sherry's this evening for his younger and debutante daughter., Miss Emily Sloane. It will probably be the largest gathering of the kind this season. Mr. Sloane has taken both the ballroom floors. The seated supper will be served in the small ballroom. Phoenix Ingraham will lead the cotillion.


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