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Debutante Tid-Bits

Dancing The Yule Tide Polka 1885 (1)

Society began the week with the first cotillion ball of the season at Delmonico's last evening, and it was an enjoyable affair. The decorations were simple, consisting of a little holly and Christmas green on the balcony of the ballroom and a few cut flowers in the reception rooms. A pleasant scene was presented just before supper, when the floor was covered with waltzers. The simple costumes and the fresh faces of the younger people for the cotillions are celebrated for the number of debutantes who attend-gave a charming appearance to the ballroom.

The music was under the direction of Mr. Stub, in compliment to the season a "Yule tide" polka, composed by the leader, was danced to by many couples. After supper there was a cotillion, and the dancing was kept up to a late hour.

The guests were received by Mrs. William W. Astor and Mrs. Frederick Bronson. Among the subscribers and guests present were Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Aspinwall, Mrs. G.P. Giraud Foster, Mr. Egerton Winthrop, Miss Winthrop, Mr. and Mrs. Bridgman, Mr. Duncan Elliot, the Misses Elliot, Mrs. Frederick Neilson, the Misses Otis, the Misses Norrie, the Misses Sands, Mr. F. Gray Griswold, Mrs. William Astor, Miss Ashmore, Mr. and Mrs. Cheever, Mr. and Mrs. Ogden Goelet, Mr. and Mrs. Gallatin, Miss Amy Gallatin, Miss Gilbert, Mr. and Mrs. James L. Harriman, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hoe, the Misses Hoe, Miss Turnure, Miss Tailer, the Misses Binsse, Miss Chapman, Mr. Brockholst Cutting, Mr. C. Wyleys Betts, Mr. and Mrs. Howland, Miss Duer, Miss Lawrence, Miss Winthrop, Miss Livingston, H. Le Grand Cannon, Lispenard Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Potter, the Misses Bulkley, Miss Amy Townsend, Mrs. Marshall O. Roberts, Miss Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. C.O.D. Iselin, Mr. and Mrs. Francklyn, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Russell Howe, Mr. Beach, Mr. and Mrs. H. Le Roy Emmett, Mr. W. S. Miller, Mr. Sturgis, Miss Swan, Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Smith, and Mr. G.V.N. Baldwin.

Bringing Out Their Daughter 1884 (2)

Mr. and Mrs. Herman T. Livingston, of No. 102 Madison-avenue, gave a brilliant reception yesterday afternoon in honor of their daughter's (Miss Annie's) debut. The house was profusely decorated with palms and cut flowers, and an orchestra, hidden behind a mound of palms in the main hall, played light music. Pinard furnished the refreshments. After the reception a dinner party was given by the fair debutante to 14 of her friends. Among the guests at the reception were Mr. and Mrs. Kingsland, Miss C. Wolf, Mrs. J. Irving, Mrs. G. Winthrop, Mrs. Arthur M. Jones, Mr. C. Dickey, Mrs. and Miss Van Rensselaer. Mrs. F. Swan, Mrs. Sheppard, Mr. and Mrs. W. Ogden, Mrs. W. Jay, Mrs. Satterlee, Mrs. J. Draper, Miss Draper, Mrs. Carnes, Mr. and Mrs. Robbins, Mr.and Mrs. Barnewell, Miss Aymar, Mrs. S. Borrow, Mr. and Mrs. Stephens, Mr. and Miss W. E. Schieffelin, Mrs.Marie, Mrs. Harvey, Mrs. Hosie, Dr. and Mrs. Howard Crosby, Mrs. G.G. Haven, Miss Conkling, Mr. and Mrs. Kersbey Mitchell, Mr. Howard Conkling, Mrs. Dr. Potter, Mr. and Mrs. F. Sheldon, Mr. Fearing, Mr. and Mrs. B. Winthrop, Miss Dickey, Mrs. Lorillard, Mrs. Pierson, Mrs. K. Rogers, Mrs. Garner Gen. and Mrs. McClellan, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. McVicker, Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman, Mr. R.G. Amory, the Misses Rhinelander, Mr. Lispenard Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Iselin, and Mr. L. Turnure.

Miss Dinsmore's Debut 1892 (3)

Miss Dinsmore, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William R. Dinsmore of 7 East Forty-seventh street, made her debut into the world of society last evening. Miss Dinsmore is the first of the debutantes to make her bow to New York society this Winter.

In honor of the event Mr. and Mrs. Dinsmore gave a large reception from 4 to 7 o'clock in the afternoon. The house was decorated throughout by Hodgson. Ropes of holly were festooned from the walls of the hallway and wound about the banisters, while at the landings of the stairs were palms reaching to the ceiling. A vine of American Beauty roses, made up of nearly 400 blossoms, was draped over the immense mirrors in the front drawing room, and along the cornice was a vine of Southern clematis. In the dining room holly, laurel, and other Christmas greens were used in profusion, with masses of yellow chrysanthemums to form a contrast. In the centre of the buffet table was a large piece of American Beauty roses.

Miss Dinsmore was assisted in receiving by Miss Amy Lawrence, Miss Alice Harriman, Miss Harriet Anderson, Miss Ethel Scott, Miss Geraldine Fitzgerald, Miss Edith Hall, Mrs. R. P. Huntington, Miss Dinsmore's sister, and Mrs. C.G. Dinsmore, her aunt.

She wore a rich Josephine costume of light-blue corded silk, with sleeves a shade darker, and she carried a bouquet of rare orchids from Mr. Dinsmore's greenhouses at Staatsburgh. Mrs. Dinsmore was dressed in pink and gray changeable moiré, with rich trimming of point lace. Mrs. Huntington was attired in a purple velvet bodice and skirt of gray silk.

Among those who presented their congratulations were Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Curtiss, the Misses Mourraille, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund M. Smedley, Alfred R. Conkling, William Van Rensselaer Irving, John Langdon, Erving, Mr. and Mrs. Leland, Gen. and Mrs. Di Cesnola, the Misses Di Cesnola, Miss Curtiss, Mrs. William D. Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. James H. Ward, Mrs. Eastman Johnson, Miss Ethel E. Johnson, Miss Knowlton, Mrs. Lewis Cameron, Mrs. Frank W. White, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick N. Lawrence, Mr. and Mrs. Adolphus Smedberg, Henry A. Smedberg, Adolphus Smedberg, Jr.; Miss Delano, Mrs. Francis F. Marbury, Miss Marbury, and Mr. and Mrs. W.K. Bond Emerson, Mr. and Mrs. Herrick Riggs, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Jacob, Miss Jacob, Miss Wood, Mrs. Richard W. Rogers, Mrs. John S. Barnes, Miss Barnes, Miss F. Barton, Miss Stillman, Miss Sarah C. Waskes, John A. Weekes, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Livingston, L. Mortimer Thorn, Butler Williamson, Mrs. Charles A. Childs, Mr. and Mrs. Barron, John de Courey Ireland, Miss Campbell, Herman D. Newcomb, Mr. and Mrs. J. Van Schaick Oddle, John Van Schaick Oddle, Jr., James W. Beekman.

Gerard Beekman, Mrs. Beekman, Miss Beekman, Edward A. La Roy, Jr., Miss Whiting, Miss Kernochan, Miss Kernochan, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Worden, Miss Worden, the Misses Montgomery, Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Montgomery, James Lynch Montgomery, the Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Henry Y. Sauterlee, Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Clarkson, Mr. and Mrs. Courtlandt, D. Moss, Mr. and Mrs. J. Allen Townsend, David Augustus Clarkson, Charles C. Haight, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Holt, Miss Winifred Holt, Mrs. William Trotter, and Miss Trotter.

Brander Matthews, Mrs. James Harriman, Miss Harriman, Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. L. Townsend, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest G. Stedman, Miss Fannie Barton, Charles L. Montant, Theodore F. Carey, Miss Marion de Peyster Carey, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Choate, Miss Choate, Mrs. James Benkard, J. Philip Henkard, Harry Pelham Robbine, Mrs. James Scott, Miss Ethel H. Scott, Mr. de Garmendia, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Brewster, Miss Brewster, Mrs. Henry E. Hawley, the Misses Hawley, Mrs. Henry Steers, Miss Steers, W. Henry Reese, Mrs. Richard C. Greenleaf, Miss Greenleaf, Miss Alice Greenleaf, George W. Brumwell, Mrs. Joseph H. Brown, Miss Martha B. Brown, Samuel R. Betta, Mrs. E. Cornelius Benedict, Mrs. Ramsey Turnbull, Churchill Satterlee, and Mr. and Mrs. William E. Strong.

The Debutantes (4)

Although the round of receptions and teas for debutantes has run its course, there are yet a few dances which are to be given during the next fortnight. The entire week before Christmas there was hardly a night when there were not two or three cotillions, a ball or a dance. On Christmas Eve Mrs. Charles B. Alexander entertained for her second daughter, Miss Janette. On Wednesday Mrs. H. Fairfield Osborn gave a ball for her daughter, Miss Josephine Osborn, and at Delmonico's on the same evening Mrs. Rowland Ames Robbins had a dance for Miss Gladys Robbins, and Mrs. Henry E. Coe another at Sherry's for Miss Emily Coe. In the younger set there were dances for Miss Johnston, for Miss Holmes, and for Miss Margaret Thorne, a debutante of next year. The Harriman dance was a small affair for young people.

Tomorrow evening Mrs. Frank Morgan Freeman will give a dance for Miss Louise Freeman at the Hotel Plaza, and on Tuesday there will be another given by Mrs. James Brown for Miss Angelica Schuyler Brown. Tuesday is also the date of the dance which Mrs. Walter Brooks gives for her daughter, Miss Edith Brooks.

 The Colony Club on Wednesday will be the scene of still another ball, and this for Miss Kathryn Auerbach, the daughter of Mrs. Joseph Auerbach. Two of the smaller classes, the New Assembly and the Friday Junior, meet, one at Delmonico's and the other at Sherry's on New Year's evening.


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