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Soon To Enter Society 1894

Young women Make Their Bows to Society Now At An Earlier Age Than Formerly.

The younger set will soon be in its element. There are probably no social incidents that serve to bring so large a number of young society people together as "coming-out" receptions. These social functions will probably be more numerous this Winter than in many previous seasons. They are looked upon by young society girls as being among the most important events in their lives. Even elderly women, who have introduced daughters of their own to the fashionable world, remember with pleasure their own introduction. But the debut of today differs widely from that of several years ago.

Now it is little more than a tea given by some society woman in honor of her daughter. It does not mark as distinctly as formerly the day after which a young woman may attend the balls and dinners of older people.

Five or ten years ago a girl rarely went to an opera party, dinner, dance, or any other entertainment before she had formally made her bow to the social world at a "coming-out" reception. In those days she was treated much as the English girls are now-like a schoolgirl, who is ineligible to anything more than a children's party.

But what a change there has been! Nowadays one sees young girls who have not yet escaped from the supervision of governesses at all kinds of entertainments, even the opera. Society women acknowledge that they are "pushing their daughters forward" at earlier ages than formerly. They argue that nowadays the young woman eighteen years old is the equal in wit, knowledge of the world, good sense, and in many other respects of the young woman of twenty-one or twenty-two ten years ago.

The coming December may well be called a "month of debuts." Most of the fashionable young women who are to "come out" next month are already in town spending much of their time at the dressmakers". Florists have begun to receive orders for decorations, and orchestras are being engaged, for there will be dancing at some of the teas.

Among the most interesting debutantes will be Miss Julia and Cornel Delafield, who will be introduced to society on November 30 at the home of their parents, Dr. and Mrs. Francis Delafield of 12 West Thirty-second street. The Misses Delafield are already well known in New York society, their mother having done a great deal of informal entertaining for them, and having patronized one of the leading dancing classes at Sherry's during the past two or three seasons. They are excellent horse-women, having ridden untiringly at the Riding Club, of which Dr. Delafield is a member. They are both brunettes, talented, and attractive in manner.

One of the earliest "coming-out" teas will be that of Miss Jay, a daughter of Dr. and Mrs. John Clarkson Jay, who will be introduced on Nov. 28. Miss Jay will be assisted in receiving by fifteen young women, and there will be music by Lander's orchestra.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Peabody will introduce their daughter, Miss Anna Rutherford Peabody at a large reception at their home on December 3.

A tea will be given on Dec. 4 by Mrs. Philip Sands of 15 East Thirty-third street to introduce her daughter. Miss Edith Sands. Miss Sands will be one of this year's most charming debutantes. She is a blonde with high color and unusually attractive personality, and is well known at all the most fashionable dancing classes and other social entertainments in younger circles.

Among others who will be introduced in the near future are Miss Gertrude Vanderbilt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt: Miss Ethel Stokes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Anson Phelps Stokes: Miss Lulu Robb, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Hampden Robb of 23 Park Avenue; Miss Juliette de Neufville, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jules de Neufville: Miss Nellie Edwards, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred L. Edwards; Miss Anita De Garmendia, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carlos G. De Garmendia, Miss Caroline Lee, daughter of Mr.and Mrs. Benjamin Franklin Lee of 3 Gramercy Park; Miss Julia Bradley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edson Bradley: Miss Ethel Davies, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Julien T.Davies; Miss Marian McKeever, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence McKeever; Miss Katherine Garrison, daughter of Mrs. William R. Garrison of 618 Fifth Avenue and Miss Katherine B. Van Rensselaer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kiliaen Van Rensselaer.


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