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A Lady Of Old New York 1894

Mrs. Mason-Jones Introduces Her Great-Granddaughter Into Society

At the handsome residence of Mrs. Mason-Jones, No. 1 East Fifty-seventh-street, last evening, there was a small dance for young people, given by the hostess in honor of Miss Lena De Trobriand Post, her great-granddaughter. The gathering calls up pleasant reminiscences in the social world. Mrs. Mason-Jones has entertained almost continuously for years. It was 63 years ago that she gave her first ball in her home, then on Park-place. The family had occupied the old house with lions in front on Bowling Green that was tenanted until recently by the British Consulate.

Then they moved up to Park-place, later to Chambers-street, and gradually uptown. The marble structure the family occupy at Fifth-avenue and Fifty-seventh street is on the site of the old country seat of Mrs. Jones's family, and but a few steps from where the merry young people were dancing last night the lady who gave the ball in her youth plucked apple blossoms from the trees and flowers from the garden. At her first ball all the prominent residents of the city were present. Except during a few years spent abroad Mrs. Jones has continued her entertaining, and her home, wherever situated, has been the scene of social gayety.

The halls of the large house last evening were filled with palms and rare exotic plants. Broad steps ascend from the square hallway as one enters, and leading to the second floor terminate at the entrance to a large ballroom. In this the dancing took place. It is a large square room, with high ceiling and furnished with brightly colored upholstering. It was ornamented last evening simply with holly and a few flowers. On one side is a reception room , which was given up to the guests last evening, and was prettily decorated with flowers and greens. On the first floor is the suite of parlors.

The ball last night was intended for the younger acquaintances of the debutante, and only a few older people were present. It was an early ball, as Mrs. Jones, who is 83 years old, wished to be present and witness the social triumph of her great-granddaughter. She had brought into society her sister, her daughter, and her grand-daughter and last night her happiness was complete at witnessing the first ball given in honor of a great-grandchild. The lady, who had seen so many changes in New York society, and most of whose companions at her first ball down town had passed away, received last evening dressed in a dark costume and seated in an arm-chair, with the debutante on one side and Mrs. Charles Post on the other side. Miss Post was dressed in a costume of white tulle with lace and white flowers. Mrs. Charles Post received in a rich blue velvet, trimmed with lace.

Forty couples took part in the cotillion, which began a little before 11. It was led by Mr. Arthur Mason-Jones, who danced with Miss Post. The favors were bunches of holly tied with ribbons. Among the hundred guests that were present were Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mason-Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Cruger Hazel, Mrs. William Iselin, Mrs. J. Coleman Drayton, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas, Mr. Schuyler, Mrs. Alexander Van Rensselaer, Mrs. Woodbury, Miss Woodbury, Mrs. Langdon, Mrs. Boardman, Miss Boardman, Mr. Julian White of Paris; Mr. Chase. of Boston: the Misses Emmet, Mr. J. Frederick Tams, Miss Helen Jones, Miss Van Rensselaer, Miss Baylies, Miss Minturn, Miss Otis, Miss Iselin, Mr. Kingsland, Mr. Aspinwall, Mr. Whitehouse, Mr. J.J. Astor, Jr., the Misses Post, Mr. H. Le Grand Cannon, Mr. Wells, Mr. Baylies, Mr. Schermerhorn, Mr. Hamilton Fish Webster, Mr. Isaac Iselin, Mr. Ellis, Miss Duer, Miss Dickey, the Misses Warren, and Mr. Warren.


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