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The Season of Receptions 1883

Brilliant Gatherings to welcome young misses into society. Mr. and Mrs. Egbert Guernsey and Miss Guernsey, of No. 526 Fifth avenue, gave a large reception from 4 to 7 o'clock last evening. The parlors were prettily decorated with flowers and plants. Mrs. Guernsey and her daughter were assisted in receiving by Miss Charlotte Skinner, Mrs. Henry Copinger, Miss Neilson, Miss Alice Chapin, Miss Clara Davidson, Miss May Wynkoop, and Miss Alice Catlin. Mrs. Guernsey wore a dress of black velvet en train, with old point lace and diamonds. Miss Guernsey's costume was cream-colored satin, with long train, neck cut décolleté, and short sleeves. It was embroidered with roses of natural shades. The supper was by Clark.

One thousand invitations were sent out. Among those present were Gen. and Mrs. U.S. Grant, Col. and Mrs. Fred Grant, Mr. and Mrs. James Brokaw, Mr. and Mrs. E.S. Chapin, Gen. and Mrs. Winfield Scott Hancock, Mrs. Bliss, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Osborn, Miss Lever, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Gould, Mr. George Gould, Mr. J.A. Cropsey, Mme. Christine Nilsson, Dr. and Mrs. Helmuth, Isaac Jaffray, the Rev. Dr. Morgan Dix, the Rev. Dr. Houghton, the Rev. Dr. William F. Watkins, Mrs. Watkins, Mr. and Mrs. A.K. Phelps, Mr. and Mrs. George Ballou, Mr. and Mrs. John Bloodgood, Mr. and Mrs. John H. Sturin, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. William Harper, Fletcher Harper, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice B. Flynn, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fiske, Mrs. Augustus Schell, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Pomeroy, Miss Julia Church, Mrs. F.B. Thurber, and Mr. and Mrs. Havens.

Mrs. Henry Leavitt, of No. 1 East Fortieth-street, gave a reception yesterday afternoon and evening in honor of the entrance of her daughter, Miss Emma Leavitt, into society. Miss Leavitt wore a costume of white tulle, and was assisted in receiving by Miss Bulkley, Miss Heckscher, Miss Linear, Miss Lockwood, Miss Bigelow, Miss Bird, and Miss Dodge. Among those present were Mrs. Appleton, Mrs. F.A.P. Barnard, Mrs. W.H. Vanderbilt, Miss Furniss, Mrs. Ogden Goelet, Mrs. Havens, Miss Havens, Mrs. J.B. Potter, Mrs. W. H. Sloan, Mrs. Dana, Mrs. Pierpont Morgan, Mrs. Bradley Martin, Mrs. Furman, Mrs.Lamson, Mrs. Alden, Mrs. Winthrop, Mrs. Isaac Townsend, Miss Townsend, and Mrs. Derby.

Mrs. Stephen R. Lesher held a reception yesterday afternoon at her residence, No. 330 Madison avenue, to introduce her daughter, Miss Adele Lesher. A thousand persons were invited. Miss Lesher wore a rich costume of white tulle trimmed with chenille drops and white crystal embroidery. Her mother wore dark blue velvet, with full train. The parlors were beautifully decorated with flowers and plants. The collation was served by Pinard.

Mrs. R.V. McKim, of No. 32 West Fifty-eighth street, gave a large reception yesterday on the occasion of the entrance into society of her daughter, Miss Mary A. McKim. She was assisted in receiving by Miss Laura McKim, Miss Susie McKim, and Mrs. Richard Church. The debutante wore a white silk brocade, embroidered with pearl, "Miss Laura McKim wore blue silk, Mrs. Church was attired in black velvet, and Mrs. McKim was dressed in red satin, with point lace trimmings and diamonds. The supper was by Pinard. Among those present were Miss Carrie Astor, Ward McAllister, Miss McAllister, Lady Mandeville, Rhinelander Stewart, Mr. George H. Warren, Miss Warren, Mrs. Webb, Mrs. Goelet, the Misses Remsen, Mrs. Paran Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Iselin, Jr., and Mrs. W.H. Sloan.

Mrs. Gordon Norrie gave a ball last evening at her residence, No. 377 Fifth-avenue, at which a large number attended. After a supper by Pinard, a German was danced.


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