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Miss Morris Makes Debut At Sherry's 1908

 300 Guests Present At Reception to the Daughter of Mrs. Lewis Cass Ladyard

Mrs. Lewis Cass Ledyard gave a ball at Sherry's last night to introduce her daughter, Miss Muriel Morris, whose debut, planned for last year, was postponed because of her illness. It was the first large private dance of the Winter.

Mrs. Ledyard engaged the two ballroom floors, the small ballroom being used as a supper room and the adjoining suites for dressing rooms, while the cotillion was danced in the large ballroom. This was decorated with garlands of white flowers and greens, with large Louis XVI. baskets filled with pink roses were hung against the walls. Trails of flowers and vines fell from the musicians' gallery, where the Viennese Orchestra played for the dancing.

The guests, who began arriving about 10, were received by Mrs. Ledyard and Miss Morris in the anteroom of the large ballroom. There was general dancing until midnight, when supper was served at small tables seating eight and ten each in the small ballroom, the walls of which were hung with tapestries, palms being arranged about the room. The Hungarian Orchestra played during the supper.

After supper, and beginning about 1 o'clock, the cotillion numbering 100 couples, was danced in the large ballroom. It was led by Elisha Dyer, dancing with Miss Morris. Mr. Dyer was assisted by Phoenix Ingraham and Franklin Plummer. The favors, which were arranged by Mrs. Collins, were Louis XVI, photograph frames for the women and Louis XVI. leather address books for the men. In another figure hanging flower parasols were presented to the girls, and their partners received silver cigar cutters. Electric orange trees and Court orders, and pompadour pin cushions and match holders were other favors.

There were about 300 guests, including most of the debutantes, many young married people, the older dancing men and girls, and a number of the older set. Among those invited were:

Dr. Hugh Auchincloss and Mrs. Auchincloss, Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. William Lawrence Breese, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Burden, Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Clark, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. J. Sargeant Cram, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goelet, Mr. and Mrs. Austin Gray, Mr. and mrs. J.B. Harriman, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Iselin, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Iselin, Mr. and Mrs. Pembroke Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Charles de L. Oeirichs, Dr. George A. Lung and Mrs. Lung, Mr. and Mrs. Jose Victor Onativia, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. James Otis, Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Pruyn, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Starr, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Thebaud, Mrs. Elsie French Vanderbilt, Mr. and Mrs. William K. Vanderbilt, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Atwood Violet, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Wagstaff, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Waterbury, Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm D. Whitman, Frederick Townsend Martin, Mrs. Harry Payne Whitney, Mr. and Mrs. Payne Whitney, Mr. and Mrs. J. Norman de R. Whitehouse.

The Misses Janetta and Eleanor B. Alexander, Leonie Alexandre, Kathryn H. Auerbach, Dorothy Bigelow, Angelica S. Brown, Lucy Brown, Edith A. Brooks, Gwendolyn Burden, Rosamund Burr, Edith G. Clark, Violet Cushman, Jean W. Delano, Ethel de Koven, Eleanor B. Duane, Laura Emmet, Janet Fish, Mabel Gerry, Marjorie Gould, Mary L. Gurneo, Dorothy Hayden, Carol Harriman, Mary M. Hare, Ruth R. Hubbell, Theresa de H. Ingersoll, Sadie G. Jones, Dorothy Kissel, Martha Kobbe, Cornelia Landon, Julia A. Loomis, Blanche Oelrichs, Josephine Osborn, Vera Onativia, Emily Potter, Ione Page, Anna Ripley, Lucy M. Roosevelt, Gladys Roosevelt, Ethelberta P. Russell, Lisa C. Suydam, Laura P. Swan, Mildred Gilbert Townsend, Dorothy Toler, Anne B. Tracy, Ruth V. Twombly, Alice Van Rensselaer, Margaret Winslow, Evelyn S. Witherbee, and Katheryne and Bessie F. Yoakum.

J. Henry Alexandre, Jr., Samuel Sloan Auchincloss, John N. Auerbach, George F. Baker, Jr., William O. Bartlett, Dr. Fenwick Beekman, Gerald A. Bramwell, William K. Brice, Kenneth P. Budd, George T. Brokaw,Crawford Blagden, Louis C. Clark, Jr., Frederick Cruger, Frederick De Rham, Moreau Delano, Robert N. Derby, Stuyvesant Fish, Jr., Preston Faust, Francis Lewis Gould, William Grossbeck, Alexander M. Hadden, Cyril Hatch, John K. Hollins, Gerald Hollins, Arthur Hees, Ambrose D. henry, Paul Hammond, Charles II. Innes, Frederick A. Juilliard, Archibald A. King, Richard Lawrence, Stephen C. Markoe, George P. Montgomeery, Richard Murray, Louis W. Noel, Harry Oelrichs, Stephen Peabody, Jr., Percy R. Pyne, secodn, Taylor Pyne, Reginald B. Rivers, John Sloan, John S. Turnbull, Creighton Webb, Stephen Whitney and Brunson Winthrop. The Cotillion was followed by a buffet supper.


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New York Times : December 10, 1908 p.9 (1 page)
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