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Launched Into Society 1884


On the return from the supper room the German was begun and danced till 2:30. It was led by Ridgeway Moore, who danced with Mrs. Ogden Goelet, and over 50 couples followed in the dance. In the early part of the evening waltzes were danced, with occasional lancers.

The large number of debutantes present, who were mostly dressed in white costumes, gave the ball room a brilliant appearance, while the dresses of the elderly ladies were many of them very handsome. Over 250 guests and subscribers were present. Among the distinguished foreign guests were Sir John A. and Lady Macdonald, the Hon. Mr. Pope, the Hon. Mr. Caron, Viscount Janzi, Guy Repton, of England; A.J. Capel, a brother of Mgr. Capel; Mr. and Mrs. Beckett Denison, of England: J.W. Todd of Havana; Eugene Winthrop, of Paris: Lord Weymouth, of England; Mr. James Lawrence, of Boston, and Mr. Julian White, of Philadelphia.

Among the debutantes who graced the dancing floor were Miss Grant, Miss Monroe, of Paris; Miss Helen Jones, Miss Dickey, Miss Gallup, Miss Post, Miss Edith Warren, Miss Susan Minturn, Miss Winthrop, Miss Weir, Miss Mary Barbey, Miss Margaret Bacon, Miss Lentilhon, Miss Sallie Schieffelin, Miss Annie Langdon, Miss Sallie Remsen, Miss Pomeroy, Miss Ella De Ruyter, Miss Morgan, Miss Otis, Miss Wells, Miss Zerega, Miss Ewing, and Miss Cameron.

There were also present Mrs. William Astor, Mr. and Mrs. Orme Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. William Kent, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Winthrop, Miss Whiting, Mrs. Paran Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. James Otis, Mr. W. Cutting, Jr., Mrs. B. Cutting, Mr. and Mrs. C.G. Franckyn, Mrs. Pomeroy, Miss Pomeroy, Mr. J.H. Hamersley, Mr. E.M. Tailer, Miss Tailer, Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Iselin, the Misses Iselin, Mr. and Mrs. Ogden Goelet, Mr. and Mrs. De Ruyter, Mr. Henry Parish, Miss Edith Parish, Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Lorillard, the Misses Schieffelin, Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Mott, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Turnure, Miss Turnure, Norman Whitehouse, Center Hitchcock. N. E. Baylies, Miss Baylies, Mr. Harry Stevens, Frank K. Pendleton, Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Barbey, Miss Barbey, Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Iselin, Jr.; Mr. and Mrs. L.C. Jones, Helen Jones, Mr. and Mrs. C. O.D. Iselin, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Clews, Mr. M.A. Wilks, Mr. and Mrs. R.V. McKim, Mr. and Mrs. R.R. Colgate, J. Pierpont Morgan, Mrs. S.S.Howland, Mrs. Lansing, Miss Lansing, Miss Fannie Swan, Mr. J.H. Warren, Mr. Harry Warren.

Mrs. J. Coleman Drayton, H.C. De Rham, R.S. Remsen, Jr.: Mr. John Travers, Mr. T. B. Baldwin, T.G. Rhinelander, Mr. Edward Post, Arthur Leary, T.C. Meyer, Mr. J.H. Jones, Granville Winthrop, Mrs. Sellar, Miss Sellar, Mr. and Mrs. Osgood Welch, Mr. and Mrs. Delancey Kane, Mr. and Mrs. R.D. Harris, Daniel Appleton, Jr., Mr. B. Wells, Mr. Philip Allen, Mr. C. Winthrop, Mr. and Mrs. Ewing, Frank Riggs, Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Martin, A.C. Gurnee, F.T. Martin, and Mr. F. Tuckerman.


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Article Name: Launched Into Society
Researcher/Transcriber: Miriam Medina


New York Times : December 9, 1884
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