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Moneyed Men: Our Wealthy and Influential Hebrews 1880 Part II


Mr. Moses May

Mr. May who carries on an immense business as wholesale butcher near Bushwick, is a resident of the Eastern District, and one of the solid Hebrews of Brooklyn. He is chairman of the Board of Governors of the Hebrew orphan Asylum Society of this city, and a member of the Keap street synagogue, in Williamsburgh. He is a very charitable man and takes great interest in the welfare of his people. He has lived i n Brooklyn for over twenty-five years and began his business career in an humble way. By industry and frugality he has accumulated a fortune, and his commercial transactions now amount to thousands of dollars per annum. He buys immense herds of cattle, slaughters them and does a large foreign and domestic trade. His business reputation stands high and he is a very popular member of several well known Jewish societies. He is a large owner of real estate, bonds and mortgages, and is a director in one of the Eastern District savings banks. His wealth is estimated at from $75,000 to $100,000. Mr. May is married and has a family.

Mr. Julius Flato

Mr. Julius Flato, who is engaged in the real estate business in Brooklyn and New York, giving his attention principally to his own property, which consists of stores and dwellings, formerly carried on a retail fancy goods and trimmings store in Fulton street, in this city, for many years. he was very successful in this branch of trade, and retired about eight years ago. he owns real estate in the Bowery, near Fourteenth street, New York, and the valuable store property at the corner of Fulton and Concord streets, now occupied as a tea warehouse. He is said to own the building on Fulton street which is leased by Messrs. Wechsler & Abraham, the well known dry goods merchants. Mr. Flato is married, and his wealth is estimated at $75,000.

Mr. Julius Freudenthal

Mr. Freudenthal who owns his residence in South Portland avenue and other valuable real estate; is a wealthy merchant and speculator, who came to Brooklyn a few years ago. He was the first President of Temple Israel, in Greene avenue, and is noted for his charities and good works. He is largely interested in silver and copper mines in Mexico, and by shrewd investments in "the glittering ores" has, in mining parlance, "struck them rich." His wife, an estimable lady, is a Mexican by birth, and was originally a member of the Catholic church. She became a convert to Judaism upon her marriage to Mr. Freudenthal. He is worth from $100,000 to $150,000.

Mr. Joseph Wechsler

Mr. Joseph Wechsler, of the firm of Messrs. Wechsler & Abraham, lives in St. Felix street, and belongs to a family, several members of which are noted for their wealth. He is married, has a family, and has been in business in Brooklyn for upward of twenty years. Prior to coming to this city, he was engaged in the wholesale dry goods trade in New York. He is a member of Temple israel in Greene avenue, and is said to be between 40 and 45 years of age. He is reported to have a snug fortune, the greater part of which is invested in his extensive dry goods establishment, so well known to the fair sex of Brooklyn.

Mr. Abraham Abraham

Mr. Abraham who has been in business since the firm of Wechsler & Abraham was started, is a widower, and about 35 years old. He is the possessor of a handsome fortune, and the son of Mr. Judah Abraham, a prominent new York Israelite, who owns valuable real estate in Court street and in the vicinity of prospect park, and also in New York city. The firm of Wechsler & Abraham carried on a very extensive scale for many years in New York an establishment for the manufacture of ladies' suits.

Mr. Samuel Goodstein

Mr. Goodstein, a wealthy pawnbroker, living in Bridge street, where he carries on his business, is said to be worth from $30,000 to $50,000. He owns the brick house in which he resides, together with other real estate, and, by reason of his occupation, has a large amount of ready cash and bankable funds. He has a very wealthy brother in the same business in New York. Mr. Goodstein is married, a member of Temple Israel, in Greene avenue, and about 40 years of age.

Ernst Nathan

Ex-Supervisor Ernst Nathan, a prominent member of the Republican party, and who has served several terms in the Board of Supervisors, has been actively engaged in the manufacture of cigars in Fulton street, Brooklyn, for many years. He is said to have acquired a handsome competence from the last named business, and enjoys an excellent commercial reputation. He is a member of the Keap street Synagogue, E.D., and President of the Hebrew orphan Asylum Society of this city. Mr. Nathan is married and has a family.

David Obermeyer and James Liebman

Messrs. David Obermeyer and James Liebman are wealthy brewers doing business in Bushwick avenue, and descendants of families noted for their wealth and influence. They are brothers in law and large owners of real estate, United States stocks and other desirable securities. In addition to these investments they own the building in which their extensive brewing operations are carried on. The two gentlemen are said to be worth, jointly, from $250,000 to $300,000. Mr. Obermeyer is about 40 years of age, and Mr. Liebman 50 years old. Both gentlemen are highly respected and have a large circle of friends in Brooklyn and New York.

Mr. August Levy

Mr. Levy, who lives in First place, is one of the most influential dry goods merchants of new York City, and is a member of the firm of A. & S. Levy, which house has branches or agencies in New Orleans, La., and in Galveston, Austin and Victoria, Texas. He is a native of France and the son of a professional gentleman. At an early age he left his birthplace, accompanied by a younger brother, and sailed for the New World with the intention of engaging in business. August was only 14 years old when he and his brother arrived in America, and both young men were ambitious and eager to carve out their own fortunes, irrespective of outside influence or others' wealth. After acceptably filling various positions as clerks, the brothers drifted in the course of their travels to Matamoras, Mexico, where the natural business shrewdness and good judgment of young August, who was then only 18 years old, attracted the attention of several prominent capitalists. So impressed were these gentlemen with the excellent business qualities of the young men that they entrusted large sums of money to the elder brother, for the purpose of speculating in cotton. Their ventures were rewarded with such success that the two young gentlemen entered shortly afterward into a co-partnership, which has been attended with the most profitable results. To commemorate their success in commercial life, they bought a fine house in New Orleans, furnished it elegantly and sent to France for their father, mother and six brothers to come and reside in it. The house was deeded to the parents, and the arrival of the old couple was made an occasion of great joy. Mr. Levy is well educated, speaks German and English fluently and is 32 years old. He is a member of Temple Emanu-El, in Fifth avenue, New York; of the Hebrew Benevolent Society, the Progress Club and other social and benevolent organizations. He owns stocks, bonds and real estate in various parts of the United States, and his wealth is estimated at over $100,000. He married Miss Marion Strauss, daughter of Mr. J.H. Strauss, and a young lady noted for her beauty and accomplishments.

Mr. Rothschild

Mr. Rothschild, a wealthy dealer in millinery goods in Fulton street, although residing in New York, is also a Brooklynite, by reason of his business interests, which require thousands upon thousands of dollars to continue them on so vast and liberal a scale. Mr. Rothschild has millinery establishments in Paris, Brooklyn, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago and other large cities, and employs hundreds of men and women. He is a large owner of real estate, United States bonds and other property. He is married and lives in magnificent style in New York. His wealth is estimated at from $150,000 to $200,000.

Mr. Edward Indig, lives in Fulton street near Middagh, and is engaged in the wholesale and retail grocery business, which branch of trade he has carried on for over thirty years. He owns real estate in Fulton street, on the Heights and valuable tenement property in the Eastern District. At one time Mr. Indig's business operations were so extensive that he had grocery and tea stores in various parts of Brooklyn and New York, which required the employment of a large number of clerks and yielded him a handsome income. Subsequent investments, more particularly during the real estate mania which prevailed in war times, and shortly after 1865, led him, in connection with many other Brooklynites and New Yorkers, to invest large sums of money in real estate. Some of those investments proved wise and judicious, but many suffered from the depreciation of recent years and, as a consequence, Mr. Indig lost heavily. He is a member of Temple Israel, in Greene avenue, married, and has an interesting family. His wealth is estimated at from $50,000 to $75,000, and his reputation as a man of honor stands deservedly high.

Messrs. A.S. & Simon Manno

Messrs. A. S. & Simon Manno, kid glove importers of Fulton street, own jointly real estate in Atlantic avenue, United States stocks and other securities. Their wealth ranges, it is said, from $30,000 to $50,000. They are connected with the Temple Israel and the Jewish Benevolent Societies of B'nai B'rith and the Sons of Benjamin. Both gentlemen are married, and are well known Brooklynites.

Mr. Adolphe Ketchum

Mr. Adolphe Ketchum who has been engaged in the clothing business at the corner of Pineapple and Fulton streets for many years, is one of the well to do Hebrews of Brooklyn. His career affords a striking illustration of what perseverance and industry will accomplish, even under the most adverse circumstances. Coming here a poor boy, he toiled and struggled, working both day and night until he acquired a handsome sum to his credit in the bank, which he subsequently invested in his business. Commencing with a small store and stock, he gradually made additions and improvements, until he gave employment to upward of one hundred hands. Mr. Ketchum is one of the liberal employers, and does not believe in the theory of starving body and soul. Frequently during the year he gives picnics, excursions and other entertainments to his hard working employees. He owns the house in which he lives in Pearl street, together with other real estate, and is worth from $40,000 to $50,000. He is married, has an interesting family, belongs to Temple Israel and several charitable lodges. He is about 52 years old.

Joseph Harris

Mr. Joseph Harris, President of the Boerum place Synagogue of Polish Orthodox Jews, is a wealthy pawn-broker, living and engaged in business in Smith street. He belongs to a wealthy New York family and is a prominent member in Ezekiel Lodge, of the order of the Sons of Benjamin, and of other charitable and social organizations. He is married, has lived in Brooklyn for 30 years, and is a bout 52 years of age. He owns real estate in Smith street, and his wealth is placed at from $60,000 to $75,000.

Mr. I.B. Shenfeld

Mr. Shenfeld, a wholesale and retail clothier of Fulton street, owns valuable real estate in Main, Fulton and Bridge streets, and in other sections of the city. He employs at least 100 persons in the various branches of his business, and is also looked up to as a generous and considerate employer. He is married and a member of the Pearl street synagogue and several benevolent societies. His wealth is computed at $75,000.

Mr. L. Blumenau

Mr. L. Blumenau lives in Smith street, and is engaged in the real estate business, together with that of cigars and stationery. He is married and president of the Pearl street Synagogue. He owns considerable real estate and is worth from $30,000 to $40,000.


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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle February 1, 1880
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