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A List of Very Rich Brooklyn Residents 1892 E-L

  The following list of men and estates said to be worth at least $1,000,000 is published by the New York Tribune:


Englis, John- Shipbuilding and repairing and investments. Is interested in the Wallabout bank.

Ely, John R.-Distilling and real estate.

Eames, Edward E. (of H.B. Claflin & Co., New York)- Commission dry goods.


Francis, Mrs. Lewis-From her father, Silas H. Witherbee. Made in steam transportation, iron mines and iron manufacturing at Port Henry, N.Y.

Flint, Benjamin, est.-Deep sea shipping, ocean freighting and trade, and real estate.

Ford, Mrs. Gordon L.-Partly by inheritance from the sale of Webster's dictionary, real estate and investments.

Fearing, Charles B.-Exportation of lumber.

Fahys, Joseph- Watchcase manufacturing.


Ginnel, Henry-Importing watches and jewelry, New York City.

Gibb, John- Importing laces and dry goods.

Green, Mrs. Hetty-Inherited an enormous fortune from her husband. Made in stocks and railroads.

Graves, Robert, est.- Manufacturing wall paper.


Hoyt, Samuel N.- From his brother, Jesse Hoyt, the grain merchant.

Harbeck, John H.-Made in warehousing and stores.

Hagemeyer, George-Made in the sale of hardwood lumber.

Herriman, S.H.- As inheritance and investments.

Huber, Otto, est.-Brewing and real estate.

Hoagland, Dr. C.N.-Made a very large fortune in the manufacture of cream of tartar and baking powder, and investments in financial institutions and local real estate.

Hoagland, J.C.-Made a very large fortune in the manufacture of cream of tartar and baking powder, and investments in financial institutions and local real estate.

Hamilton, Mr., estate-Made in the American News company (sale of books and newspapers).

Hentz, Henry-Commission coffee business and investments. Director in bank of New York. Commonwealth insurance company, Housatonic railroad. Mechanics' national bank and other corporations.

Hoyt, Mark, (of Hoyt Bros.)-Made in tanning and leather.

Honghtalling, David H.-Tea importation and investments. Is director in United States Life Insurance company, bank of Nroth America and various railroads.

Hulbert, Henry C.-Made in paper manufacturing and investments. Director in United States life insurance company, Improters and traders national bank, New York mutual insurance company.Pullman palace car company, Celluloid company, etc.

Husted, Seymour L., est.-Street railroads and investments.

Hills, John-Importer of fruits.

Howell, Thomas A. (of B.H. Howell, Son & Co.)-Merchandising molasses and sugar in New York city.


Ingraham, W.M.-Real estate and law practice.


Jackson, Theodore F.-Real estate, law and management of estates.

Jourdan, James-Gas companies and elevated railroads.'

Journeay, henry T., est. (of Journeay & Burnham)-Merchandising dry goods.


Keeney, Abner O., est.- Building docks, sewers, etc., and investments.

Knapp, Joseph F., est.-Made in the lithographing business and the Metropolitan life insurance company.

Knowlton, E.F.- Manufacturing straw goods.

Kennedy, P.J.- Publishing copyrighted books (Catholic).

Kaibfleisch, Martin, est.- Manufacturing chemicals.

Kent, Henry A.- Merchandise, real estate and investments in banks, etc.


Langley, William H. (of W.C. Langley & Co., New York City)-Inherited in large part from his father, William C. Langley. All made in merchandising woolens and rise in real estate.

Leonard, Mrs. Elizabeth de W. (wife of Louis H. Leonard)-Inherited from Jeremiah P. Robinson, and merchandising groceries and salt: largely in the storage business and Brooklyn real Estate.

Leavitt, David, est.-Importation of tea; manufacture of lead; banks, ferries insurance companies, etc. He built a war vessel for the Columbian government and made about $100,000 thereon. He started the Brooklyn white lead company, controlled the Brooklyn ferry company, was president of the Fulton bank and interested in the American exchange bank, and had stocks in railroads and many other corporations.

Liebman, Samuel est. (of S. Liebman & Sons brewing co.).-Brewing and real estate.

Law, Abiel A.- One of the richest men in Brooklyn. Made chiefly in importation of tea in New York city, but added to by investments in financial institutions, real estate and local street railroads. Director in American fire insurance company, Central trust company, Delaware and Hudson canal company, Greenwich insurance company, Low Moor iron company, Nassau fire insurance company, National bank of commerce, Old dominion land company, sic.

Laughran, John- Real estate speculations, etc. Is president of Manufacturers' national bank.

Lyons, General William H.-Drygoods, nations and banking.

Linton, Edward F.-Dealing in and investments in real estate.

Lefferts, John-Real estate, inherited, which has risen in value.

Low, Josiah O.-Made in the tea business with his brother, A.A. Low.

Lyman, Edward H.R.-Made in importing tea, and investments. Director in Atlantic trust company, Low Moor iron company, New York mutual insurance company, etc.

Losser, Frederick- Dry goods merchandising.

Low, James-Tea business, etc. Is in Atlantic mutual insurance company, United States trust company and other corporations.


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Article Name: A List of Very Rich Brooklyn Residents 1892 E-L
Researcher/Transcriber: Miriam Medina


The Brooklyn Daily Eagle May 16, 1892 Page: 1
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