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A List of Very Rich Brooklyn Residents 1892 A-D

  The following list of men and estates said to be worth at least $1,000,000 is published by the New York Tribune:


Abraham, Abraham (of Wechsler & Abraham,) - Large retail dry goods business.

Atkinson, Lewis, P.- Stocks in Wall street.

Arbuckle, Charles, est.- Importing coffee and real estate investments.

Arbuckle, John- Importing coffee and real estate investments.


Betts, Charles W.-Inherited land, which has since been improved.

Barnes, Demas, cst._ Merchandising and investments.

Boocock, Samuel W.- Speculation in Wall street in "pool period."

Barr, Thomas T. (of Thomas M. Barr & Co., New York)-Importing coffee and investments. Director in Thurber, Whyland & Co., Central American trading company, Commonwealth insurance company, Continental trust company, Corn exchange bank. Home life insurance company, etc.

Beard, Oliver T.- Inherited. Made in wharfage and stores around the Atlantic basin.

Beard, Colonel William Henry-Inherited. Made in contracting and wharfage and stores around the Atlantic basin.

Batterman, Henry- In his large retail d ry goods store in the eastern district, and investments; president of the Broadway bank.

Benson, Arthur W., est.- Trustee of estates. Had investments in real estate, gas companies and financial institutions.

Blackford, Eugene G.- Fulton market fish business in New York City, real estate, banking nd investments. President of the Bedford bank.

Brady, James, est.-Manufacture of clothing and loans on mortgages.

Baird, Colonel A.D.-Stone yards, banking and investments.

Ballard, John, est.-Tanning and leather business in New York city.

Bartlett, Franklin-Docks and elevators on the East river front.

Babbitt, Mrs. Lydia R.-From Charles Pratt. Oil refining and transportation.

Bigelow, Charles D.-Manufacturing boots and shoes, and Western mines.

Brown, David H.-Real estate investments.

Beers, Edwin-Street railroads and banking.

Brookman, H.D.-Banking and investments.

Boody, David A.-Banking and stocks.

Barnes, Alfred S., est.- Publishing copyrighted books.


Carman, Thomas D.-Exporting stoves to Australia when the gold fever broke out, followed by further business of a similar nature.

Collins, Chester W.- Contracting (with Kilpatrick Bros. in Beatrice, Neb.); real estate and cattle raising.

Claffin, Mrs. Agnes, (widow of Horace B. Claflia)._Made by her husband in wholesale dry-goods in New York City.

Chapel, Richard S., est.-Shipping goods to the West from Hartford in early days; then wholesale clothing in Brooklyn.

Chapman, Isaac F.-Deep sea shipping and ocean freighting and trade, and real estate. Formerly in chapman & Flint.

Claflin, John- (of H.B. Claflin & Co., New York) Commission drygoods and investments. Director in American exchange national bank, Commonwealth insurance company, Continental insurance company, Fourteenth street district railway company, Home Life Insurance company, New York life insurance company, etc.

Chittendon, S.B. est-Drygoods.

Cornell, Peter C. est-Mostly in local gasworks, ferries and banks, but partly in manufacturing gunpowder.

Campbell, Felix-Manufacturing iron fittings, etc., real estate investments, including the Park theater, Union ferry company, etc.

Cox, H.T.- Merchandising gas fixtures in New York.


Driggs, Elliott F.-Inherited. Made in grocery business first; then in bonded warehouses, storage, banks, insurance companies, etc.

Driggs, Marshall S.-Inherited. Made in grocery business first; then in bonded warehouses, storage, banks, insurance companies, etc.

Driggs, Silas W.-Inherited. Made in grocery business first; then in bonded warehouses, storage, banks, insurance companies, etc.

Darragh, James (of Darragh & Small), est.-Importation of merchandise.

Donnellon, Cornelius, est.-Building and real estate.

Dougherty, Andrew-Manufacturing playing cards.

Deitmer, Jacob G.-Manufacturing baking powder; banking and real estate. Is in People's trust company and the Bedford bank.

Dick, William (of Dick & Meyer)-Sugar refining, in which he has made several millions.

Duryea, Samuel B.-Rise in real estate, largely.

Delmar, John- Real estate and politics.


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Article Name: A List of Very Rich Brooklyn Residents 1892 A-D
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle May 16, 1892 Page: 1
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