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Disturbances Which Were Called Riots In Earlier Times 1855

The Great New York Police Riot 1857 and The Five Points Riot of New York 1857
The Staten Island Riot: The Quarantine Conflagration September 2, 1858

The Staten Island Riot: The Quarantine War September 3, 1858

The Astor Place Riot 1859 and A Riot Among The Soldiers of the Third Regiment Irish Brigade 1861

Mob Excitement in Brooklyn 1861

The Draft Riot in New York City 1863 Part I: President Lincoln's Proclamations

The Draft Riot in New York City 1863 Part II: Bounties/Substitutes

The Draft Riot in New York City 1863 Part III: The New York Draft Riot

The Colored Orphan Asylum Riot 1863

The Orangemen Riot 1870-1871 and Near Riot at Tompkins Square 1877

Mob Attacks Meyer's Saloon 1893

Riot Preceded the Parade of Cloakmakers 1894

College Boys Cause A Riot and A Race Riot On The West Side of Manhattan 1900


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Michael Joseph Quill American labor leader. In 1934 he helped to organize the "Transport Workers Union of America."



The Staten Island Riot: The Quarantine War September 3, 1858

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The Scene Inside The Walls

Entering through the breach in the west side of the wall, a large party came down to the Women's Hospital, and began to remove the patients. The Scene was horrible. The poor creatures, in every stage of suffering, some delirious from fever, and others in a dying state, were taken out upon their reeking mattresses, and placed one after another upon the green sward in the angle formed by the two walls, and about fifty yards from the building. One who had just died of yellow fever was placed in the covered bier, taken out and set down close by the others. One was pointed out as just breathing his last. The gaunt features and sunken eyes of these poor wretches as they lay scattered over the ground were perfectly visible in the light of the burning dwelling behind them.

Burning cinders fell in showers among them. In fall view before them was the noble edifice in which they had been sheltered and nursed, now wrapped in flame from basement to dome. The roar of the flames, the clouds of dense smoke rolling upward, the furious outcries of the mob, crazy with their infernal work, all formed a scene most horrible and impressive. At one time the mob were intent on carrying the patients out into the street, through the hole in the wall, for fear that they would be suffocated by the smoke and flames. It was only by strong remonstrance's by a portion of the party that this was not done. The covered way leading from the building to the privies was torn down so that the heat from it would not destroy the sick people. These attentions to the helpless creatures were a redeeming

Special Meeting Of The Commissioners Of Health., Gov. King Present

The Commissioners of Health held a special meeting this morning, at which was Gov. King. They decided to send down a large police force to Quarantine and to hold the military in readiness for action in case of further disturbance.

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