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1,500 In Kosher Riot In Brownsville and Manhattan Italians in Riot: 1902

Violent Demonstrations At Chief Rabbi Joseph's Funeral 1902
 Riot On A Sixth Avenue Elevated Train 1905 and Fight Over Hypnotism: A Small Riot 1909

Many Are Wounded In Brooklyn Riot 1910

Riotous Strike On Coney Lines 1911

Riot When Supply of Coal Gives Out 1917 and The Straw Hat Riot 1922

The Harlem Riot 1943

The Stonewall Police Riot: Gay Rights 1969


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  The American Company of Booksellers was organized on June 7, 1801 in
New York City.



Riot When Supply Of Coal Gives Out  1917 and The Straw Hat Riot 1922

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 Harry Oldbaum of 325 East 103d Street was surrounded by a crowd at 116th Street and Lexington Avenue. His hat was torn off. Unlike most of the civilians subjected to the same annoyance, he showed fight and chased the youths. He caught a boy who said he was Morris Sikeowitz, 16 of 224 East 170th Street and took him to the East 104th Street Station. Morris was charged with disorderly conduct.

A. Silverman was sentenced to 3 days in jail by Magistrate Peter a Hatting, in the Night Court. On Thursday Magistrate Hatting had given warning that he would impose jail sentences upon any one brought before him on the charge of smashing straw hats. Abraham Birnbaum of 522 Lavonia Avenue, Brooklyn appeared in court, as the complainant against Silverman.

Just before he sent Silverman to jail, Magistrate Hatting discharged Sikeowitz, the youth arrested at 116th street and Lexington Avenue. The Magistrate was about to send Sikeowita to jail despite the intercedence of Oldbaum, the complainant, when the sight of the prisoner's gray-haired mother, 70 years old, caused him to relent for her sake.

"But I'll send the next one to jail." said the Magistrate. "I intend to see that citizens are protected in their property." Silverman was the next one. Cohen, the man arrested for interfering with Detective Brindizi, denied he had tripped the officer, and was discharged by Magistrate Haiting. He said he was a special officer employed by one of Childs' restaurants.

John Sweeney, 10 of 363 West Sixteenth Street, ran into an automobile driven by John Monfort of 111 East 19th Street, while John and other boys were enjoying the hat-smashing sport on Seventh Avenue between Seventeenth and Eighteenth Streets. His right leg was broken. He was taken to Bellevue Hospital for treatment.

Patrolman James Sheehan of the Oak Street Station arrested two boys whom he saw smashing a straw hat at First Avenue and Seventh Street. The boys said they were Walter Shulka, 13 of 302 East Seventh Street, and Abraham Silverman, 12 of 94 East Seventh Street. They will be arraigned in the Children's Court Today on the charge of juvenile delinquency. An hour later Patrolman Sheehan arrested Abraham Moses, 15, of 816 East Nineteenth Street, at Tenth Street and Avenue A. on the same charge.

At Madison and Thompson Streets a boy knocked off a man's hat with a long stick. Then other boys kicked the hat along the street until it reached another boy, waiting to jump on it. The owner of this hat seized Salvatore Camellino, 15, of 13 Hamilton Street, who was taken to the Oak Street Station on the charge of juvenile delinquency. Patrolman Delehanty of the Clinton Street station arrested, Louis Silverman, 17, of 218 Madison Street, on the charge of breaking a man's hat in front of 197 East Broadway.

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