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1,500 In Kosher Riot In Brownsville and Manhattan Italians in Riot: 1902

Violent Demonstrations At Chief Rabbi Joseph's Funeral 1902
 Riot On A Sixth Avenue Elevated Train 1905 and Fight Over Hypnotism: A Small Riot 1909

Many Are Wounded In Brooklyn Riot 1910

Riotous Strike On Coney Lines 1911

Riot When Supply of Coal Gives Out 1917 and The Straw Hat Riot 1922

The Harlem Riot 1943

The Stonewall Police Riot: Gay Rights 1969


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Johnathan Goodhue, first partnership in 1809, was with Mr. Swett, and
the firm was Goodhue & Swett.  



Violent Demonstrations At Chief Rabbi Joseph's Funeral 1902

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They said that shortly after 1 o'clock this afternoon the riot occurred between the employees of the R. Hoe Printing Press Company, on Grand street, and of the Hebrews who were in attendance at the funeral of Rabbi Joseph. The riot took place at Grand and Sheriff streets. Just as the funeral, which started from 263 Henry street, passed the factory, led by Captain Thompson and a squad of patrolmen of the Delancy street station, it is said, a number of employees of the Hoe factory, who were on the two upper floors, turned several streams of water on the mourners who were following the hearse. The mourners resented the insult and commenced to throw stones, sticks and other missiles up at the men, breaking every window. The funeral procession stopped and there was intense excitement in the neighborhood.

The police were unable to cope with the crowd although they used their clubs freely. The reserves from all the nearby police stations were called out and eight arrests have already been made. Detective Sergeant McCafferty, who was detailed to look for pickpockets, received a severe cut on the head. Ambulances from all the hospitals have been summoned.

When the funeral procession reached Cypress Hills this afternoon an immense throng of nearly 50,000 persons was assembled to witness the ceremony. There were more than 500 carriages in the procession. The sixty-two rabbis will deliver eulogies at the grave and the exercises will
occupy the entire afternoon.

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