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1,500 In Kosher Riot In Brownsville and Manhattan Italians in Riot: 1902

Violent Demonstrations At Chief Rabbi Joseph's Funeral 1902
 Riot On A Sixth Avenue Elevated Train 1905 and Fight Over Hypnotism: A Small Riot 1909

Many Are Wounded In Brooklyn Riot 1910

Riotous Strike On Coney Lines 1911

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The Harlem Riot 1943

The Stonewall Police Riot: Gay Rights 1969


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The N.Y. Historical Society owes its existence mainly to John Pintard
"our enlightened founder". It was organized in 1804 and chartered by
Legislature in 1809.



1,500 In Kosher Riot In Brownsville and Manhattan  Italians in Riot: 1902

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Before Coroner Brown the officers arraigned Antonio Ziropoli, 82 years old of 128 Elizabeth Street and his wife, Carmelio, 51 years old, charging them with the murder. They were held as principals and sent to the Tombs. In addition the following were held as witnesses and sent to the House of Detention. Michael Ziropoli, 20 years old, son of the alleged murderer: Leo
Guardino, 27 years old, of 117 Elizabeth street, brother of the dead man; Mary Purigina, 27 Years old, of 126 Elizabeth street: Lorenzo Maistola, 29 years old, of 118 Elizabeth street: Rosie Guardino, 18 years old, widow of the dead man; Kate Guardino, 16 years old, sister of the dead man: Stephen Guardino, 20 years old, a brother, of 123 Elizabeth street, and Accurzo De
Chiarello, 14 years old of 149 Elizabeth street.

Mrs. Ziropoli was in a hysterical condition and had to be supported. Rosie Guardino, the wife of the murdered man, was also hysterical. Her hair was down her back, her eyes red with weeping and she appeared on the verge of collapse. Many of the witnesses and others in the court rooms bore marks of the fight which was on when the murder was committed.

When Detective Sergeants James T. Galligan and Joseph E. Burke, with Patrolmen Henry J. Hauck and James J. McGaugh, who had charge of the prisoners, started to remove the witnesses to the House of Detention, there was much confusion. The Italians, apparently had had no thought of being locked up and there was more weeping on the part of the women, and muttered curses from the men when they were taken away.

The murder was the result of a row precipitated through Pietro Guardino putting up his horse and carriage in Ziropoli;s stable without having asked permission. Pietro Guardino had gone over to Manhattan from 367 Hudson street, Brooklyn, where he was a fish dealer, to visit his brother
Leo, who lived at 117 Elizabeth street. After making merry at his brother's house for some time, Pietro went to get his rig. He was met by Michael Ziropoli, son of Antonio, who demanded why he had put up his horse and carriage without having first asked permission. Angry words followed and the men came to blows. A crowd gathered and the fight became general. At its height, the police alleged that Mrs. Ziropoli, wife of Antonio, handed the latter a knife and that the old man plunged into the crowd and thrust the knife into Pietro Guardino's neck. The wounded man died on the street before medical aid could reach him. The fight went on for several minutes, scores of Italians taking part in it, and it was a long time before the police were able to quell the riot. Coroner Brown announced that he will begin the examination tomorrow at 11 A.M.

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