The Holocaust Of Blood: More Murders In New York 1870


A Man Stabbed to the Heart

A holocaust of blood and mania for murder seems to have taken hold upon the denizens of New York. Ere one of these horrid sensations has been fairly canvassed, the details of a still later one are thrust beneath the gaze of the populace in the columns of the daily press, until the atmosphere is almost thick with the din of the newsboys, as they hurry along the streets, giving vent to the cry of another murder, or some other expression equally startling. During yesterday two or three lives were sacrificed by violence, besides which there were many more attempts to prematurely cut short the existence of at least four individuals.

The first of these occurred at No. 330 East Fourteenth street, shortly after one o'clock this morning, and resulted in the instant killing of a man named James Singleton, aged 25 years, who was stabbed in the region of the heart with a bayonet. The circumstances of the affair are these: At the hour indicated, Singleton, in company with one Patrick Reilly, and three other men at present unknown, entered the bakery of Adam Langfreid, No. 514 East Fourteenth street, of whom they demanded a quantity of bread. This being refused, the party began an assault upon Langfried and his tow workmen, without any provocation whatever, to defend himself from which Langfreid seized an old gun that stood in the back shop, ready bayoneted, with which he made a thrust at the foremost of his assailants, and stabbed Singleton in the left side, about two inches below the heart, killing him almost instantly.

The police were soon after at the scene of the tragedy, and succeeded in effecting the arrest of Langfried and his two men, together with Patrick Reilly, Peter Rich, Godloe Bonner, all of whom were locked up either as accomplices or witnesses. The body of Singleton was found lying in the hallway of the house, whither it had been removed by his friends.

Another In Second Avenue

In keeping with the preceding may be mentioned another bloody deed, committed in a tenement house in Second avenue, of which it would appear that a female was the ruling spirit. A party of rum-maddened men, said to have been led by a Mrs. Shanahan, made a furious onslaught on a man and his wife named McLaughlin, occupants of the same house, and in the melee that ensued Mr. McLaughlin was fatally stabbed in five distinct places. The man identified by McLaughlin as the one who inflicted the wounds, is one Dominick Brennan, and further names as his accomplices, the woman Mary Shanahan, Peter Haley and John Reed, all of whom are in custody. McLaughlin was removed to Bellevue Hospital, and his case was pronounced a hopeless one by the surgeon in charge.

Three Attempts To Murder

An attempt was made by Patrick Cusick to sever the head of John Campbell, of No. 448 Washington street, which he was prevented from accomplishing by the timely interference of Officer Bolton, of the Fifth Precinct, N.Y. The men had a scuffle in which Campbell was thrown to the floor and when the officer arrived Cusick was holding him down with one hand while in the other was brandished a large knife with which he was about to strike the blow that would have been fatal to the well being of his opponent. The knife was knocked aside by the officer, and Campbell released, when it was ascertained that he had received two cuts rendering his removal to the hospital a necessity. The would be murderer was committed by Justice Dowling this morning.

Thomas Dodd received a dangerous shot wound in the neck last night, at the hands of Ellen Trainor, a young woman of easy virtue, a resident of No. 86 James street. She was locked up to answer at the General Sessions.

The third in the list was enacted at 172 Elizabeth street, the parties to which were Bernard Madden and Elizabeth Matthews, the former of whom, for some cause unexplained, chased the woman from the house with a dagger in one hand, swearing that if he caught her he would kill her. An officer interposed and secured the desperado at the Forty-sixth Precinct Station.

A Murder Case At The Tombs This Morning

Patrick Cusick was arraigned this morning at the Tombs Police Court on the charge of inflicting such injuries on John Campbell as to endanger his life. Campbell is now in the City Hall Park Hospital in a very dangerous condition. Officer Bolster, of the Fifth Precinct Police, testified to hearing the cry of murder, and ran to 448 Washington street, where by the light of a match he saw John Campbell, and Patrick Cusick, in a deadly struggle. Cusick at that moment had his right arm around Campbell's neck, and his left hand raised containing a knife, with which he was about to inflict another blow, he having already stabbed him in the side and inflicted three severe cuts on his arm and hip. Officer Bolster raised his club and struck the knife from Cusick's hand. He then arrested him and took the wounded man to the hospital. Cusick was held to await the action of the Coroner, who considers that Campbell cannot recover.

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Article Name: The Holocaust Of Blood: More Murders In New York 1870
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle August 2, 1870
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