Proposed Charter For Greater New York: Chapter II Sections: 10-19

(The full text of the proposed Greater New York Charter was printed in the columns of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle .)

Id.; Proceedings of Municipal Assembly; Certain Resolutions, How Passed and Approved; Yeas and Nays Published.

Sec. 10. Immediately after the adjournment of each meeting of the municipal assembly, it shall be the duty of the clerk to prepare a brief extract, omitting all technical and formal details, of all resolutions and ordinances introduced or passed, and of all recommendations of committees, and of all final proceedings, as well as full copies of all messages from the mayor and all reports of departments or officers. he shall at once transmit the same to the person appointed to supervise the publication of the City Record. No resolution or ordinance providing for or contemplating the alienation or appropriation or leasing of any property of the city, terminating the lease of any property or franchise belonging to the city, or the making of any specific improvement, or the appropriation or expenditure of public moneys, or authorizing the incurring of any expense, or the taxing or assessing of property in the city, shall be passed or adopted by the municipal assembly until at least five days after such abstract of its provisions shall have been published. No such ordinance or resolution shall be approved by the mayor until three days after such abstract shall have been so published after its passage; but if an abstract of any resolution or ordinance shall have been once published after its introduction, it shall not thereafter be necessary to publish the same again, but only to refer to the date and page of the former in the City Record, and to state the amendments, if any, made thereto. In all cases the yeas and nays upon the final passage of the resolution or ordinance shall be published.

Id.; Records Open for Inspection; Other Duties, Sickness.

Sec. 11. It shall be the duty of the city clerk to keep open for inspection, at all reasonable times, the records and minutes of the proceedings of said boards. he shall keep the seal of the city, and his signature shall be necessary to all leases by the city of its property, and to all grants and other documents, as under existing laws. In the absence of said clerk by sickness or otherwise, his first deputy shall be vested with and possessed of the rights and powers, and charged with all the duties, of this section or by law imposed upon said clerk.

Id.; Records and Papers Delivered to and Kept by Him; Clerks in Boroughs.

Sec. 12. All the muniments, records, patents, deeds, minutes, writings and papers belonging to the mayor, aldermen and commonalty of the city of new York, now in the custody of the clerk of the board of aldermen thereof, shall be delivered over to and kept by the city clerk. The city clerk shall be the custodian of all like muniments, records, patents, deeds, minutes, writings, and other papers belonging to any of the municipal and public corporations united by this act and consolidated into the city of new York, and shall have power to appoint a clerk in each of the boroughs as constituted by this act, who shall have charge of the same, subject to the direction and control of said city clerk, and subject also to the direction, order and control of the municipal assembly of the city of New York.

Id.; Salary and Deputies.

Sec. 13. The salary of the city clerk shall be $7,000 per annum, and he may appoint such deputies or clerks as are necessary to the discharge of his duties, provided that the aggregate salaries of such deputies and clerks, including the salary of the city clerk, shall not exceed in any one year the sum appropriated therefore in the annual budget.

Licenses to Auctioneers.

Sec. 14. The city clerk shall have authority to grant licenses to any person engaged in and carrying on the business and occupation of auctioneer, or desiring to be so engaged, on such person filling a bond with two good sureties in the penal sum of $2,000. The president of the council, on complaint of any person having been defrauded by any auctioneer, or the clerk, agent or assignee of such auctioneer, doing business in said city, is authorized and directed to take testimony under oath relating thereto; and if the charge shall, in his opinion, be sustained, he shall revoke the license granted to him and direct the bonds to be forfeited.

Municipal Assembly; Journal; Ayes and Noes.

Sec. 15. Each board shall keep a journal of its proceedings, and the ayes and noes of the members on any question shall, at the desire of any two members, be taken and entered therein. The ayes and noes shall be called and recorded on the final passage of any ordinance.

Id.; No Member Eligible to Any City Office.

Sec. 16. No member of the municipal assembly shall, during the term for which he is elected, be eligible or be appointed to any office under the city, nor shall any member of said assembly, while such, be an employee of the city, or of either branch of the said assembly in any capacity whatever.

Id.; Meetings.

Sec. 17. The stated and occasional meetings of the municipal assembly and its proceedings and business shall be regulated by its own resolutions and rules, provided, however, that at least one stated meeting shall be held each month, except in the discretion of the municipal assembly in August and September. The mayor may at any time call a special meeting of the municipal assembly. he shall call such meeting after a requisition for that purpose, signed by nine members of the board of aldermen and three members of the council, has been presented to him. Three days before any special meeting of the municipal assembly is held, notice of the time of the intended meeting and of the business proposed to be transacted, signed by the mayor, shall be published in the city record, and the city clerk shall cause a copy of such notice to be left or sent by post at the usual place of abode or of business of each member of the municipal assembly, but want of service of a notice upon any member shall not affect the validity of a meeting. No business shall be transacted at a called meeting other than specified in the notice relating thereto.

Id.; Style of Ordinances.

Sec. 18. The style of ordinances of this city shall be: "Be it ordained by the Municipal Assembly of the City of New York, as follows::

Id.; Vote Required to Pass ordinances and Resolutions.

Sec. 19. Every legislative act of the municipal assembly shall be by ordinance or resolution. No ordinance or resolution shall be passed except by a vote of a majority of all the members elected to each board. In case any ordinance or resolution involves the expenditure of money, the creation of a debt, the levying of a tax or assessment, or the grant of a franchise, the votes of three-fourths of all the members elected to each board shall be necessary to its passage. No money shall be expended for any celebration, procession, funeral ceremony, reception or entertainment of any kind, or on any occasion, unless by the vote of four-fifths of all the members elected to each board.

No additional allowance beyond the legal claim which shall exist under any contract with the corporation or with any department or officer thereof or for any services on its account or in its employment, shall ever be passed by the municipal assembly, except by the unanimous vote of both houses thereof and in all cases the provisions of any such contract shall determine the amount of any claim thereunder or in connection therewith, against the said corporation, or the value of any such service.

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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle December 27, 1896 Page: 9
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