Police Precincts in Manhattan and Brooklyn 1865

First Precinct: Station-House, 29 Broad street

Second Precinct: Station-House, 49 Beekman street.

Third Precinct: Station-House, 160 Chambers street.

Fourth Precinct: Station-House, 9 Oak street

Fifth Precinct: Station-House, 49 Leonard street.

Sixth Precinct: Station-House, 9 Franklin street.

Seventh Precinct: Station-House, 247 Madison street.

Eighth Precinct: Station-House, 126 Wooster street.

Ninth Precinct: Station-House, 94 Charles Street.

Tenth Precinct: Station-House, Essex Market.

Eleventh Precinct: Station-House, Union Market.

Twelfth Precinct: Station-House, One Hundred and Twenty-sixth street, near Third avenue.

Thirteenth Precinct: Station-House, Attorney street, corner Delancey street.

Fourteenth Precinct: Station-House, 53 Spring street.

Fifteenth Precinct: Station-House, 220 Mercer street.

Sixteenth Precinct: Station-House, 156 West Twentieth street.

Seventeenth Precinct: Station-house, First avenue, corner of Fifth street.

Eighteenth Precinct: Station-house, East Twenty-second street, near Second avenue.

Nineteenth precinct: Station-house, East Fifty-ninth street, near Third avenue.

Twentieth Precinct: Station-house, 252 West Thirty-Fifth street.

Twenty-First Precinct: Station-house, 120 East Thirty-fifth street.

Twenty-Second Precinct: Station-House, Forty-seventh street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues.

Twenty-Third Precinct: Station-House, Eighty-sixth street, near Fourth avenue.

Twenty-Fourth Precinct: Police Steamboat No. 1

Twenty-Fifth precinct: Station-house, 300 Mulberry street.

Twenty-Sixth Precinct: Station-house, city Hall Park.

Twenty-Seventh Precinct: Station-house, 117 Cedar street.

Twenty-Eighth Precinct: Station-house, 550 Greenwich street.

Twenty-Ninth Precinct: Station-House, East Twenty-ninth street, near Fourth avenue.

Thirtieth Precinct: Station-house, One Hundred and Thirty-first street, Manhattanville.

Thirty-First Precinct: Station-House, Eighty-sixth street and Bloomingdale road.

Thirty-Second Precinct: Station-House, Tenth avenue and One Hundred and Fifty-second street.

* * * *

Forty-First Precinct: Washington, near Johnson street, Brooklyn.

Forty-Second Precinct: York, corner Jay street Brooklyn.

Forty-Third precinct: Court, near Butler street, Brooklyn.

Forty-Fourth precinct: Myrtle and Vanderbilt avenues, Brooklyn.

Forty-Fifth Precinct: Fourth, corner of North First street, Brooklyn, E.D.

Forty-Sixth Precinct: Wyckoff, near Ewen street, Brooklyn.

Forty-Seventh Precinct: Franklin street, corner Union avenue, Brooklyn.

Forty-Eighth Precinct: Fourth avenue, corner Nineteenth street, Brooklyn.

Forty-Ninth Precinct: Fulton and Bedford streets, Brooklyn.

Fiftieth Precinct: Flatbush, avenue between Dean and Bergen streets, Brooklyn.


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Article Name: Police Precincts in Manhattan and Brooklyn 1865
Researcher/Transcriber Miriam Medina


BIBLIOGRAPHY:   From my collection of Books: Manual of the Corporation of the City of New York by D.T. Valentine 1865
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