Newspapers and Periodicals in NYC 1876 Part I


Estab.                                 Daily

1855. Bulletin and Auction Record, 5 South William street.

1874. City Record (Official Journal), No. 2 City Hall.

1794. Commercial Advertiser (daily and weekly), cor. Fulton and Nassau streets.

1828. Courier des Etats-Unis (daily and weekly) 92 Walker street.

1873. Daily Graphic (Illustrated), 41 Park place.

1870. Daily Register, 303 Broadway.

1859. Evening Mail (daily and weekly), 34 Park Row.

1835. Evening Express (daily, semi-weekly and weekly), 23 Park row.

1801. Evening Post (daily, semi-weekly and weekly), 206 Broadway cor. Fulton.

1867. Evening Telegram, 2 Ann street.

1862. Financial Daily Record, 42 Broad street.

1834. Herald* (daily and weekly), cor. Broadway and Ann street.

1791. Journal of Commerce (daily, semi-weekly and weekly), 76 Beaver street.

1859. Le Messager Franco-Americain, 42 Great Jones street.

1858. News, 19 City Hall Square.

1846. New Yorker Demokrat (daily and weekly).

1861. New Yorker Journal (daily and weekly), 15 Frankfort street.

1873. New Yorker Presse (daily and weekly), 7 Frankfort street.

1870. New Yorker Tages-Nashrichten, 19 City Hall Square.

1851. Skandinavish Post (daily and weekly), 19 City Hall Square.

1851. Staats-Zeitung (daily and weekly), Tryon Row.

1868. Star (The), 27 City Hall Square.

1833. Sun* (The), (daily and weekly), Printing House Square.

1851. Times* (daily, semi-weekly and weekly), Printing House Square.

1841. Tribune (daily, semi-weekly and weekly), Printing House Square.

1871. Witness (daily and weekly), 2 Spruce street.

1860. World* (daily, semi-weekly and weekly), 35 Park row.

*Issued on Sundays.

                                                                          WEEKLY AND SEMI-WEEKLY


Advocate and Family Guardian, 29 East 29th st.
Albion, 16 South William st.
American Art Journal, 104 East 13th st.
American Commercial Times, 86 Duane.
American Grocer, 141 Chambers st.
American Newspaper Reporter, 41 Park row.
American Railroad Journal, 9 Spruce st.
American Standard Register, 30 Vesey st.
Appleton's Journal, 551 Broadway.
Arbeiter Zeitung, 113 Chrystie st.
Arcadian, 169 Fulton st.
Army and Navy Journal, 23 Murray.
Art Journal, 104 East 13th st.
Atlantische Blaetter, 24 Stanton st.
Bank Note and Commercial Reporter, 23 Beekman.
Baptist Union, 37 Park row.
Baptist Weekly. 37 Park row.
Boys' and Girls' Weekly, 537 Pearl st.
Bulletin de New York, 48 Broad.





Catholic Review, 37 Park row.
Chimney Corner, 537 Pearl st.
Christian Advocate, 805 Broadway.
Christian Intelligencer, 6 New Church st.
Christian Union, 24 Murray st.
Christian at Work, 102 Chambers st.
Chronicle, 86 Liberty st.
Church Journal and Gospel Messenger, 783 Broadway
Church Union, 292 Broadway.
Church and State, 139 Eighth st.
Churchman, 713 Broadway.
Coal Trade Journal, 39 Nassau st.
Commercial and Financial Chronicle and Hunt's Merchant's Magazine, 79 William.
Copy Hook, 37 Park row.
Corner Stone, 599 Broadway.
Counting-House Monitor, 75 Fulton st.
Crockery and Glass Journal, 30 Vesey st.
Cronista (El), (semi-weekly), 64 Broadway.
Day's Doings, 535 Pearl st.
Deutsch Amerikanische Volksbibliothek,19 Dey St.
Deutsch Volksfreund, 150 Nassau st.
Deutsches Volksblatt, Third av., near 147th St.
Digest, 79 Nassau st.
Druggists' Journal, 350 Pearl st.
Drygoods Reporter, 350 Pearl st.

Echo, 39 William st.
Eco d'ltalia (semi-weekly), 51 Liberty st.
Engineering and Mining Journal,27 Park pi.
Examiner and Chronicle, 39 Park row.



Fireside Companion, 84 Beekman st.
Forest and Stream, 17 Chatham st.
Fortschritt (Literary Journal).
Free Press, 185 Bleecker st.
Free Lance, 31 Park row.
Freischuetz (Der), 3 N. William st.

Girls and Boys of America, 84 Beekman st.
Gospel Sower, 34 Vesey st.
Grocers' Price Current, 350 Pearl st.
Grocery and Provision Review, 42 Cedar st.
Grocer, 163 Chambers st.

Hardware Price Current, 350 Pearl st.
Harper's Bazar, 331 Pearl st.
Harper's Weekly, 331 Pearl st.
Heart and Hand, 142 Fulton st.
Hearth and Home, 41 Park pi.
Hebrew Leader, 196 Broadway.
Home Journal, 3 Park place.
Illustrated Christian Weekly, 150 Nassau
Illustrated Newspaper, 537 Pearl st.
Illustrated Weekly, 11 Dey st.
Illustriste Zeitung, 537 Pearl st.
Independent, 251 Broadway
Insurance and Real Estate Journal, 23 Dey st.
Internal Revenue Record, 23 Murray st.
Irish American, 57 Murray st.
Irish Citizen, 59 Warren st.
Irish Democrat, 25 Beekman st.
Irish World, 5 Barclay st.
Iron Age, 10 Warren st.

Jewish Gazette, 112 Canal st.
Jewish Messenger, 645 Broadway.
Jewish Times, 11 Ann st.
Journal de la Semaine, 41 Liberty.

La Revolucion, 13 Park row.
Lady's Journal, 537 Pearl st.
Liberal Christian, 214 Broadway.


Medical Record, 27 Great Jones st.
Merchants and Manf's Times, 31 Park row.
Metal Worker, 10 Warren st.
Methodist, 114 Nassau st.
Monde Illustre, 41 Liberty st.
Moore's Rural New Yorker, 78 Duane st.

Nation, 5 Beekman st.
National Police Gazette, 15 Centre st.
Nature, 21 Astor place.
Nautical Gazette, 40 Burling slip.
Neue Heim, 22 Beekman st.
New Jerusalem Messenger, 20 Cooper Union.
New Sensation, 28 Beekman st.
New York Clipper, 88 Centre st.
N. Y. Commercial Times, 31 Park row.
New York Courier, 18 Ann st.
New York Day Book, 60 Beekman st.
New York Dispatch, 11 Frankfort st.
New York Era, (S. W. & W.), 26 Ann St.
New York Evangelist, 5 Beekman st.
N. Y. Family Story Paper, 28 Beekman st.
New York Freeman's Journal, 37 Barclay.
New York Handel's Zeitung, 73 William st.
New York Home Magnet, 75 Nassau st.
New York Ledger, 182 William st.
New York Maritime Register,73 William st.
N. Y. Mercantile Journal, 350 Pearl st.
New York Mercury, 128 Fulton st.
New York Observer, S. J. Prime & Co., 37 Park row.
N. Y. School Journal, 89 Liberty st.
New York Spectator, 126 Fulton st.
New York Sportsman, 23 Park row.
New York Sunday News, 19 Chatham st.
New York Tablet, 31 Barclay st.
N. Y. Trade Reporter, 17 New Church st.
New York Weekly, 31 Rose st.
New Yorker, 49 Liberty st. Once a Week, 59 Hudson st.
Paper Trade Reporter, 57 Gold st.
Pathfmder, 66 John st.
People's Pulpit, 57 Bible House.
Pleasure Season, 91 Duane st.
Producer's Price Current, 162 B'wav.
Publishers' Weekly, F. Seyboldt, 37 Park R.

Railroad Gazette, 71 B'way.
Railroad Journal, 9 Spruee st.
Rationalist. 16 New Church st.
Real Estate Record, 345 B'way.

Saturday Star Journal, 98 William st.
Schnedderedeng, 59 Beekman st.
Scientific American, M & Co., 37 Park Row
Scottish American Journal, 37 Park row.
Shipping and Commercial List, 4 Cedar st. Established in 1795.
Shoe and Leather Reporter, 17 Spruce st.
Social Democrat, 17 Forsyth st.
South, 182 Fulton st.
Spirit of the Times, 3 Park row.
Stockholder, 59 Cedar st.
Sunday Citizen, 59 Warren st.
Sunday Democrat, 25 Beekman st.
Sunday Mercury, 128 Fulton st.
Sunday School Advocate, 805 Broadway
Sunday Times, 12 Frankfort st.

Telegrapher, 38 Vesey st.
The Public, 71 Broadway
Thompson Bank Note Reporter, 22 Beekman st.
Time Table, 173 Greenwich st.
Tobacco Leaf, 142 Fulton st.
Touchstone (The), 52 Fourth av.
Trade Record, 164 Fulton st.
Truth Seeker, 335 Broadway.
Turf, Field and Farm, 37 Park Row.



United States Economist, 88 White st.
United States Mining Journal, 16 South William st.

Volksfruend. 150 Nassau st.

Wall Street Journal, 16 South William St.
Weekly Bulletin, 76 William st.
Wild Oats, 59 Beekman St.
Wine and Fruit Reporter, 45 Beaver st.
Wodohull & Claflin's Weekly, 111 Nassau St.

Young American, 537 Pearl st.


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Article Name: Newspapers and Periodicals in NYC 1876 Part I
Researcher/Transcriber Miriam Medina


BIBLIOGRAPHY: New York As It Was and As It Is; Giving An Account of the City From Its Settlement to the Present Time: Compiled by John Disturnell, published by D. Van Nostrand-New York 1876
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