Newspapers and Periodicals in NYC 1876 Part I




Advance, 75 Gold at.
Aldine, 58 Maiden Lane.
Alte und Neue Welt, 311 Broadway.
American Age, 245 Broadway.
American Agriculturist, 245 Broadway.
American Bibliopolist, 84 Nassau st.
American Brewer, 5 Frankfort st.
American Brewer's Gazette, 194 Fulton st.
American Builder, 176 Broadway.
American Educational Monthly, 14 Bond.
American Engineering, 269 Pearl.
American Industries, 14 Park place.
American Literary Bureau, 20 Cooper Un.
American Lloyds, 35 Wall st.
American Locomotive Engineer, 269 Pearl.
American Messenger, 150 Nassau st.
American Missionary, 56 Reade st.
American Progress, 239 Broadway.
Amigo de Los Ninos, 40 Broadway.
Aquatic Monthly, 33 Union square.
Art Journal, 551 Broadway.
Ateneo (^1), 31 Park Row.
Atlantic, 13 Astor place.

Bankers' Magazine, 251 Broadway.
Bible Society Record, 4 Bible House.
Biblical Museum, 52 Fourth av.
Blackwood's Magazine, 41 Barclay st.
Body and Mind, 137 Eighth street.
Botschaften, 150 Nassau st.
Boys of America, 537 Pearl st.
Budget of Fun, 537 Pearl st.

Carrier Dove, 22 Bible House.
Catholic World, 9 Warren st.
Centennial Art Journal, 409 Broadway.
Child's Paper. 150 Nassau st.
Christian Patriot, 37 Park row.
Christian World, 45 Bible House.
Church Gazette, 153 East 39th st.
Contemporary Review, 25 Bond st
Delineator (The), 555 Broadway.
Demorest's Monthly. 17 East 14th'st.
Dental Monitor, 25 West 23d st.
Domestic Monthly, 849 Broadway.
Druggists' Circular, 36 Beekman st.

Eclectic Magazine, 25 Bond st.
Electrical Era, 7 West 14th st.
Espejo (El), 4 Cedar st.

Family Friend, 52 Fourth av.
Family Journal, 292 Broadway.
Fire Record, 65 Liberty st.
Floral Cabinet, 46 Beekman st.
Friendly Visitor, 52 Fourth av.

Galaxy, 677 Broadway.
God's Glad Tidings. 15 Bible House.
Golden Hours, 39 Nassau st.
Golden Hours, 805 Broadway. Good Cheer, 102 Chambers st.
Good Things, 25 Bond st.
Good Words, 102 Chambers st.
Grand Army Gazette, 28 Centre st.
Grangers' Price Current, 32 Beekman st.
Guide to Holiness,Bible House.

Hall's Journal of Health. 137 Eighth st.
Harper's New Monthly, 331 Pearl st.
Herald of Health, 13 Laight st.
Here and There, 115 Broad st.
Hive, 52 Fourth av.
Home Journal of Health, 849 Broadway.
Home Missionary, 34 Bible House.
Homilist, 52 Fourth av.
Home and Abroad, 22 Bible House.
Household Magazine, 41 Park Row.
Housekeeper, 69 Duane at.
Humorist, 33 Park Row.
Hub, 323 Pearl st.



Importer, 42 Pine st.
Infant's Magazine, 52 Fourth av.
Industrial Monthly Magazine, 176 B'way.
Insurance Age, 265 Broadway.
Insurance Law Journal, 176 Broadway.
Insurance Monitor, 176 Broadway.
Insurance Times, 137 Broadway.
Iron Age, 10 Warren st.

Kind Words, 52 Fourth av.

Ladies' Floral Cabinet, 46 Beekman st.
Ladies' Own Magazine, 11 Clinton place.
Ladies' Repository, 805 Broadway.
Lady's Magazine, 537 Pearl st.
Life Boat, SO Wall st.
Little Gem, 46 Beekman st.
London Lancet, 52 John street.

Macmillan's Magazine, 21 Astor place.
Manufacturers' Review, 18 Exchange pi.
Manufacturers and Builders', 37 Park row.
Messenger, 150 Nassau st.
Millers' Journal, 34 Park Row.
Mirror of Fashion, 615 Broadway.
Missionary Herald, 39 Bible House.
Missionary Advocate, 805 Broadway.
Missionary Link, 47 East 21st st.
Monthly Packet, 52 Fourth av.
Morning, 23 Park Row.
Morning Light, 150 Nassau st.
Morning of Life, 52 Fourth av.
Mothers' Magazine, 5 Beekman st.
Morford's American Traveller, 56 Broadway
Musical Globe, 2 Clinton place.
My Paper, 102 Chambers st.

National Agriculturist, 128 Nassau st.
National Bank Note Reporter, 76 Nassau st.
National Teachers' Monthly, 111 William st.
National Protestant. 67 Liberty st.
National Temp. Advocate, 58 Reade st.
Needle, 25 Park Row.
New Era, 67 William st.
New Remedies, 27 Great Jones st.
New York Journal of Health, 12 Union sq.
New York Trade Gazette, 75 Gold st.
New York Medical Journal, 551 Broadway.
Normal Class, 805 Broadway.
Nick Nax, 49 Liberty st.
Novo Mundo, 39 Park Row.

Old and Young, 102 Chambers st.
Our own Fireside, 176 William st.

Painters' Magazine, 42 Cedar st.
Paper Makers' Monthly, 77 Duane st.
Pariah Visitor, 2 Bible House.
Patent Right Gazette, 94 Chambers st.
Peerless, 88 East 10th st.
Penny Post, 52 Fourth av.

Phrenological Journal, 737 Broadway.
Pictorial World, 75 Gold st.
Phunny Fellow, 31 Rose st.
Popular Scieuce Monthly, 551 Broadway.
Pleasant Hours, 537 Pearl st.
Portfolio, 706 Broadway.
Presbyterian Quarterly, 38 John st.
Practitioner, 21 Astor Place.

Safeguard, 36 Broad st.
Sailor's Magazine, 80 Wall st.
St. Nicholas Magazine, 743 Broadway.
St. Paul's Magazine, 25 Bond st.
Sanitarian, 234 Broadway.
Science of Health, 737 Broadway.
Science Gossip, 308 Fourth av.
Scribner's Magazine, 743 Broadway. S
eaman's Friend, 80 Wall st.
Sewing Machine Journal, 66 Bible House.
Singers' Journal, 60 Chatham st.
Spectator, 16 Dey st.
Student's Journal, 563 Broadway.
Sunday at Home, 7 Bible House.
Sunday, 52 Fourth av.
Sunday Magazine, 52 Fourth av.
Sunday School Journal, 805 Broadway.
Sunday School Chronicle, 52 Fourth av.
Sunday School Times, 52 Fourth av.
Sunday School World, 7 Bible House.
Sunshine, 52 Fourth av.

Technologist, 176 Broadway.
Tailors' Review, 555 Broadway.
Temperance Magazine, 383 Broome st.
Ten Weeks, 25 Bible House.
Truth Seeker, 335 Broadway.

U. States Insurance Gazette, 153 Broadway.
Univers Illustre (L'), 41 Liberty st.

Van Nostrand's Eclectic Engmeering, 23 Murray St.

Watchmaker and Jeweler, 65 Nassau st.
Work and Play, 57 Bible House.
Working Church, 57 Bible House.
Working Teacher, 89 Liberty st.
Workshop, 32 Frankfort st.

Yankee Notions, 49 Liberty st.
Young Catholic, 9 Warren st.
Young Israel, 17 Cedar st. Your Paper, 23 Park Row.
Youth's Temperance Banner, 58 Reade st.




Advertiser's Gazette, 40 Park Row.
African Repository, 44 Bible House.
American Journal of Obstetrics, 27 Great Jones st.
American Life Assurance Magazine, 53 Broadway
Congregational Magazine, 69 Bible House.
Edinburgh Review, 41 Barclay st.
Happy Hours, 1 Chambers st.
Leaf Cluster, 805 Broadway.
Methodist Quarterly Review, 805 Broadway.
Missionary Echo. 2 Bible House.
Musical Monitor, 55 maiden lane.
Photographic Review, 25 Bond st.
Pulpit and Rostrum, 14 Bond st.
Real Estate Journal, 345 Broadway.


City Gazette, 2,401 Third av.
Cronista (El), 64 Broadway.
Eco d'Italia, 51 Liberty st.
Shipping and Commercial List, 4 Cedar st.


American Bookseller, 121 Nassau st.
American Gas Light Journal, 42 Pine st.
American, Illustrated, 39 Park Row.
Education, Popular, 40 Broadway.
Journal of the Telegraph, 195 Broadway.
Lutherische Herald, 39 Centre st.
Novellen-Schatz, 19 Dey st.
Precio Corrients Americano, 237 Broadway.


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Article Name: Newspapers and Periodicals in NYC 1876 Part II
Researcher/Transcriber Miriam Medina


BIBLIOGRAPHY: New York As It Was and As It Is; Giving An Account of the City From Its Settlement to the Present Time: Compiled by John Disturnell, published by D. Van Nostrand-New York 1876
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