The Murder of Mary Wertheimer's Three Month Old Baby Part V

Three Young Prisoners Arraigned For the Murder of Mary Wertheimer's Baby

In the court of sessions this morning, before Judge Moore and Associates Matthews and Kelly, Peter Schultz, Adam Haas and Mary Wertheimer were called for trial under an indictment for murder in the first degree. The charge is for the killing of Mary Wertheimer's baby. When called this morning District Attorney Ridgway appeared for the prosecution and McMahon, Stapleton & Miles for the defendants.

The prisoners are all foreigners. The men are both under 25 years of age and the age of the girl is given as 16. When they were called the district attorney moved for the trial of Schultz and Haas, but Mr. Miles demanded a separate trial for both. On this demand Mr. Ridgway moved for the trial of Schultz, and accordingly he was called to the prisoner's chair while the examination of the jury was in progress. Mary Wertheimer, the mother of the murdered child, will be called as a witness for the people. Schultz looks little more than a boy. His age is given as 16.

According to the evidence taken before the coroner and the grand jury minutes it was shown that Mary Wertheimer was the mother of the murdered baby. Albert Graef, who lives on Oliver street, was named as the father. The testimony showed further that on account of her condition the girl was compelled to leave her parents' home. She went to live with Mrs. Haas at 14 Bremen street. Adam Haas, one of the defendants, is Mrs. Haas' son, and Schultz, now on trial, also lived in the house. While at the Haas home Mary passed as Adam's wife. Apparently the subject of getting rid of the child had been talked over for some time, for the testimony shows that the girl went to New York on May 2 to see what could be done toward disposing of the infant.

Another son is Valentine Haas, and it is shown that he was the last person who saw the little one alive. At 11:30 o'clock on the night of May 2 Mary wrapped the baby up in a shawl and Schultz put it under his coat and went out. Adam Haas accompanied him. It was nearly 3 o'clock the next morning before Schultz and Adam returned to the house where they were all living. When inquiry was made as to what had become of the baby Valentine says he was told that it had been placed in some institution at 74 Central avenue. Valentine said Adam told him this and later stated that he and Schultz had taken the baby to Newtown creek. Adam said Schultz had made away with the little one. A pair of suspenders was tied about the baby's neck. To these a stone was attached. Then the child was thrown into the water. Adam said the stone slipped off and the body of the baby came to the surface. Another attempt was made to tie the stone, but it failed, and when the little one came to the surface again it began to cry.

The testimony then goes on to show that Schultz, when he found the stone would not work, waded into the water and held the child below the surface. When he lifted it up, however, life was not extinct and, according to the testimony, Schultz then waded ashore and, after digging a hole in the bank of the stream, put the baby in and covered it over with earth, although it was still alive. Valentine also said that it was first suggested that the child should be left on the stoop of some house.

The details of the finding of the body and the arrest of the persons charged with the crime have been printed before. The defendants were arrested by Detective G.B. Campbell of the Sixth precinct. Schultz declared to the officer that Haas was as much concerned in the killing as himself and that Mary Wertheimer knew just what was to be done.

Owing to the publicity of the details of the crime, some difficulty was experienced in obtaining jurors who had not formed some opinion of the case. Up to recess but six had been accepted.

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Article Name: The Murder of Mary Wertheimer's Three Month Old Baby Part V
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 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle October 31, 1892
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