The Murder of Mary Wertheimer's Three Month Old Baby Part III

She Shuddered When Compelled to Gaze on Her Murdered Child. 1892

Mary Wertheimer's Baby was still alive when buried.

Dr. Joseph W. Creamer, post mortem physician to Coroner Lindsay, will make an autopsy this afternoon for the purpose of ascertaining whether Mary Wertheimer's murdered baby, whose body was found near the Newtown creek canal yesterday afternoon, was strangled to death or buried alive. The indications are that Peter Schultz and Adam Haas, after failing to drown the child tried to strangle it, but in their haste to conceal all evidences of their crime dug a hole in the soft bank of the pond with their hands and buried the infant before it was dead. The body is in the Sixth precinct police station, at Bushwick avenue and Stagg street. At least a hundred men and women, prompted by motives of morbid curiosity, have asked for permission to see the body, but none of them has had the request granted. Coroner Lindsay impaneled a jury this morning and viewed the decomposing and earth stained remains. The inquest will be conducted early next week.

Mary Wertheimer was brought from Raymond street jail to the Stagg street station last night to identify the body as that of her child. For the first time the 17 year old mother, as she looked at the hideous spectacle of the murdered child, with the suspender still tightly fastened about its neck, gave some evidences of horror. She shuddered, covered her eyes with her hands and moaned. "Oh, my God! yes; that is my baby. Oh, it's terrible! terrible!"

She got small sympathy from the police, who are convinced that she gave the child up with a full knowledge of what its fate was to be, and she was quickly taken back to jail. Acting Captain Brown and Detective Sergeant Campbell have received many compliments today on their success in first learning of the crime and arresting the murderers, from whom they speedily obtained a confession, and in afterward finding the body of the victim.

The case showed skillful police work from the time when Detective Campbell's suspicious as to the fate of the missing infant were first aroused.

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Article Name: The Murder of Mary Wertheimer's Three Month Old Baby Part III
Researcher/Transcriber Miriam Medina


 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle May 11, 1892
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