Jewish Graduation and Rabbinical Degrees Tid-Bits #2

Nine Win Degrees At Jewish Seminary 1919 (1)

Rabbinical degrees were conferred yesterday upon nine graduates of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America at Aeolian Hall, 29 West Forty-second Street, and diplomas were awarded to fourteen young men and women who graduated from the Teachers' Institute of the seminary. The honorary degree of Doctor of Hebrew Literature was given this year to the Rev. Dr. jJseph H. Hertz, Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of Great Britain, who was the first graduate from the seminary twenty-five years ago. His brother, Emanuael Hertz, a lawyer in this city, accepted the award on behalf of the rabbi.

Following the pronouncement of the invocation by Rabbi Paul Chertoff an address was made by Sol. M. Strouck, acting Chairman of the Board of Trustees, in the place of Louis Marshall, who, Mr. Strouck said, "is in France championing the cause of the Jews who are being persecuted at the hands of tyrannical mobs in Poland and in other lands in Eastern Europe." Continuing, the Chairman denounced Bolshevism.

The men who received the degree of rabbi were Louis Finkelstein, Harry Cohen, Baruch R. Weilerstein, David Aronson, Samuel Benjamin, Jesse Bienenfeld, Mortimer J. Cohen, Rudolph Lupo, and Benjamin Syawitz.

The rabbinical students who received scholarships were Goodman A. Rose, Philip R. Alstat, Louis Schwefel, Joseph Miller, Max Kadushin, Nathan H. Colish, Herman Hailperin, Frank Schaeffer, Morris Schussheim, Solomon Rivlin and Max D. Davidson.

The prizes for the Teachers' Institute pupils were bestowed upon Simon Greenberg, Simon H. Rifkind, Anna Kleinman, Jeannette Morganstern and Morris Mondzak.

Jewish Pupils Graduated 1918 (2)

Nearly three hundred boys and girls received their diplomas yesterday afternoon at the joint graduation exercises of the Talmud Torahs and Hebrew schools of new York City in the auditorium of the Stuyvesant high School, Fifteenth Street and First Avenue.

Louis Marshall presided, the diplomas were distributed by Judge Otto A. Rosalsky; Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board of Jewish School Aid, and addresses were made by Israel Unterberg, Dr. Simon Tannenbaum, A.E. Price, and Dr. J udah L. Magnes.

The Valedictory address was recited in Hebrew by Isaac Karlin and Sarah Schreiber. Musical numbers were given by Fred Weinberg and Pauline Friedman.

Mr. Marshall said this was the first time the Hebrew schools of this city had held their graduation exercises jointly, adding: "This is the greatest Jewish community ever known. There are 275,000 children of Jewish parentage of school age in this city. About 30,000 Jewish children are graduated from our public schools each year.

"But there are hardly 300 children graduating here today. Our Jewish people should realize that the religious education given by our Hebrew schools is necessary for the future development of our race. Now that our race has been emancipated we should realize in this country the need of education."

Jewish Seminary Ordains Five Rabbis 1914 (3)

The graduating exercises of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America were held yesterday afternoon at Aeolian hall, in West Forty-second Street. Twenty-one young men received diplomas and five were ordained rabbis. Before the degrees were conferred Jacob H. Schiff addressed the students, and begged of them not to become like the telephone, only the transmitters of words and thoughts others developed, but to think for themselves and lead others.

"The degrees were conferred by Dr. Louis Ginzberg, senior member of the Faculty. Those ordained rabbis were Israel Elfenbein, Herbert S. Goldstein, Israel Lebendiger, Julius J. Price, and Moses Rosenthal. The degree of Doctor of Jewish literature was conferred on Aaron Neuman.

Bachelors' degrees were conferred on the following: Max B. Aaronowitz, Simon M. Felshin, Louis E. Goldstein, Max Goodman, Louis hammer, Isidor Konowitz, Meyer Mellco, Benjamin Rabinowitz, Albert P. Schoolman, Benjamin Siyavitz, Max Slavin, David Tenrosen, Ethel Glickman, Eva May, and Zoolina Slootsky.

Prizes were awarded as follows: The Laemmlein Buttenwieser Bible Prize, "Bearing of the Newly Discovered Papyri on Biblical History," to David Shohet: the Laemmlein Buttenwieser Talmud prize. "The Ethical Treatises of The Talmud," not awarded; the Aaron Friedenwald Prize in Jewish Theology, "The Idea of Repentance in Bible and Tannaitic Literature," not awarded; the Alexander Kohut Memorial Prize, "Isaac Aboad and His Menorath Ha-Maor," to Israel Efros; the Alumni Association Prize, "The Duties and Rights of the Minor in His Relation to the Family and Community." to Rabbi Israel Lebendiger. Honorable mention, Julius Kaplan; the Dembitz Memorial prize, "Sefer Ha-Musar of R. Judah Khalatz," to Rabbi Israel Elfenbein; the Robinson Memorial Prize "Jewish Mediaeval Travelers from Eldad Ha-Dani to Pethahya," to Reuben Kaufman; the Rabinowitz Memorial Prize, "Date of the Book of Joel," divided between Morris Teller and Louis Finkelstein.
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Article Name: Jewish Graduation and Rabbinical Degrees Tid-Bits #2
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