Recreation in Jamaica, Queens Pre: 1920

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There is a playground at Canal Street, Park Place and South Street. The Commissioner of Parks is considering opening a playground at Baisley's Pond, which will have swings, slides, and additional apparatus for the amusement of the children.

Upland Park

Upland Park is a beautiful, thickly-wooded, natural park, located on Highland near Hill
Crest Avenues, where people desiring to get away from the busy section of the town and seek enjoyment in the calmness of nature can enjoy the ruggedness, the pretty walks, or rest on the benches provided for that purpose. There is a pond in this park which affords good skating in the winter time.

King Park

King Park, located on Fulton, Ray, Alsop Streets and Shelton Avenue, is a beautiful park covered with velvet green grass, large shade trees of all kinds and shrubbery, also decorated with very beautiful flowers gardened into ornamental centre pieces and designs, all of which present a very pleasing and attractive appearance. The park is divided by broad stone walks with seats on both sides. These walks are illuminated at night by frosted ornamental electric lamps which give a soft light effect very pleasant tot he eye. The north side of the park contains a hockey field, while the centre is occupied by a band-stand where concerts are rendered on Sunday afternoons.

Entering the park by the Fulton Street entrance one approaches the historical King mansion, built in the year 1750. it was the home of Rufus King, who, using words on a tablet on the house, "Served his State and Country with honor and distinction as delegate to the Continental Congress in 1784, 1785 and 1786; United States Senator from new York 1789-1796; Minister to England 1796-1803, 1825-1826, under Washington, Adams, and Jefferson. Returned to Senate 1813; re-elected for fourth term 1819."

This house is open for visitors between the hours of 1 and 5 P.M. daily and contains the original furnishings showing the type of household effects in vogue during that period. In it are also many relics of the Revolutionary War.


Jamaica Theatre, located on Fulton Street in the heart of the town, provides excellent entertainment. its seating capacity is 2300. There are two performances daily, matinee and evening. On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, the performance is continuous. Feature pictures are shown.

Two exclusive motion picture theatres with seating capacity of 3,000 each and containing pipe organs costing approximately $20,000 are now under construction.

In addition to these there are numerous moving picture theatres conveniently located throughout the town.


Country Club

The Jamaica Country Club, having an area of 90 acres and the sportiest 9-hole golf course on Long Island, is located on the Jamaica Hill Crest property bounded by Doncaster Boulevard, Homelawn Avenue, Grand Street, and Union Turnpike. Its membership numbers 200. Its close proximity to the city is a distinct advantage.

The Club-house is located at the corner of Doncaster Boulevard and Grand Street and contains a reception room, first class restaurant, locker rooms, shower baths, ladies dressing room with bath, and excellent dance floor where dances are held once each month. Social functions take p lace from time to time.

The Club has four tennis courts, and, in addition to the aforementioned existing golf course, hopes to have an additional 9-hole course within a short time.

Jamaica Club

The Jamaica Club was founded in 1866, then known as the Rod and Rifle Club. Nearly all the Jamaica Civil War Veterans were members of this organization. Its membership is 200 at present. The Club-house is located at Herriman and Grove Streets and contains a pool and billiard room, a card room, and bowling alleys. The Club's functions are social.

Miscellaneous Clubs

There are Men's Clubs connected with the following churches: Dutch Reform, Grace Episcopal, Methodist, and Presbyterian.

Ladies' Clubs

The Ladies' Clubs of Jamaica are the King manor Association, Women's Citizens League, and Women's Club of Jamaica.

Fraternal Organizations

The following Fraternal Organizations are represented: Eastern Star, Forresters, Knights of Columbus, F. & A. Masons, L.O.O. Moose, I.O.O. Oddfellows, Red Men, Royal Arcanum, United American Mechanics, and Woodmen.

Patriotic Organizations

The G.A.R., Spanish War Veterans, American Legion of the Great World War, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars have posts in Jamaica.

Miscellaneous Organizations

The Y.M.C.A., Y.W.C.A., American Red Cross, S.P.C.A., and the Queensboro Council Boy Scouts of America all have their Headquarters in Jamaica.


Website: The History
Article Name: Recreation in Jamaica, Queens Pre: 1920
Researcher/Transcriber Miriam Medina


Survey of Jamaica : borough of Queens, New York City.
New York: Jamaica Board of Trade, 1920 Anonymous
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