Harvard Law School Alumni Roll 1841

NOTE:—Unless otherwise stated, all degrees were of Harvard; each member graduated or left the School In the year In which his name appears, unless otherwise noted. Cities and Towns named are in Massachusetts unless otherwise noted.

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ADAMS, JOHN CLARK, A. B. 1839, LL. B. 1843; born New York State, died New York, N. Y., Jan. 24. 1874; admitted Suffolk bar. Sept. 20, 1844; while studying law was a tutor in elocution and rhetoric at Harvard.

AUSTIN, HENRY DAVID, A. B. 1839; died Wakefield, Oct. 13, 1879; admitted Suffolk bar, 1843.

BANCROFT, GEORGE, A. B. Dartmouth 1839; died Boston. Apr. 8, 1881; admitted Middlesex bar, Apr., 1842.

BARSTOW. SIMON FORRESTER; born Salem, died Oakland. Md.. July 31, 1882; admitted, Salem. 1840, settled in Boston; on staff of General Meade during war of Rebellion.

BOWDITCH, WILLIAM 1NGERSOLL. A. B. 1838; son of Nathaniel; admitted Suffolk bar, Oct. 5, 1841; Is a leading conveyancer in Boston, No. 28 State St.

BRADLEY, CHARLES SMITH, A. B. Brown, 1838; son of Charles; died New York City, Apr. 29, 1888; chief Justice Supreme Court Rhode Island, later practiced in Boston.

BROWN, NEHEMIAH; died Boston. March 9, 1896.

COLT, JAMES DENNISON. A. B. Williams, 1838, LL. D. Williams 1870; born Pittsfield, Oct. 8. 1819; private tutor for a time In Natchez, Miss.; studied law with Gen. Gaines In Natchez. U. S. district attorney, returned to Pittsfield and studied with Julius Rockwell; admitted Berkshire bar. 1841, and became associated with Mr. Rockwell for a time; became partner of brother-in-law, Thomas P. Pingree. 1866, and In 1865 was appointed judge Supreme Judicial Court; resigned 1886 on account
of ill health; again appointed to Supreme Bench In 1868. and held office until death, 1881; representative, 1853-4.

COLWELL, JAMES SMITH. A. B. Princeton 1839; killed at the battle of Antietam, Md., Sept. 17, 1862.

CRAFTS, WILLIAM AUGUSTUS, A. B. 1840; born Roxbury, Oct. 28, 1819,son of Ebenezer and Sarah H. (Spooner) Crafts, died Oct. 9. 1906:admitted Suffolk bar, 1844; member City Council Roxbury and its president some years, member School Board, at one time editor Norfolk County Journal; almost continuously clerk Board Railroad Commissioners since its establishment; married, Nov. 2, 1842, Emily, daughter of Samuel Doggett.

CROCKETT. GEORGE KIMBALL, A. B. Amherst 1840; died Springfield,Jan. 4, 1879.


CUMMINGS, BENJAMIN CHANDLER; died Portland, Me., Dec. 17,1858.

CUSHING, GEORGE AUGUSTUS; died Lunenburg. Sept. 11. 1880.

DANA, EDWARD AUGUSTUS, A. B. Bowdoin 1838; died Fairhaven, Mar.29, 1897; admitted Suffolk bar, Jan. 13, 1845.

DAVEIS, EDWARD HENRY, A. B. Bowdoin 1838; born April 3, 1818.Portland, Me., son of Charles and Elizabeth Taylor (Oilman) Davels: father a lawyer, son admitted to Bar Portland, Me., 1841; practiced until 1860; president Portland Gas Light Co.; Portland Locomotive Works; Westbrook Mfg. Co.; commissioner U. S. court and Court of Claims; author of Da veis's Reports and Mass.; member Cumberland Bar; address, 6 Bowdoin St., Portland. Me.

DEARBORN. JOSEPH FREDERICK, A. B. Dartmouth 1839; died Melrose. March 15, 1889.

DORR, HENRY CRAWFORD. A. B. Brown 1839; died New York, N. Y., Nov. 12, 1897.

DOUGLASS, LUKE, A. B. Kenyon Coll. 1838; died Chillicothe, O., Nov. 7, 1863.

DREW, IRA TOWLE; died Alfred, Me., Sept. 20, 1897; admitted Suffolk bar, Dec. 11, 1871.

DUDLEY, ELBRIDGE GERRY, A. B. Dartmouth 1839; born Raymond, N. H. Aug. 13, 1811, son of Moses and Nancy (Glldden) Dudley; died Beaufort, S. C., Sept. 18, 1867; admitted Suffolk bar, Aug. 1, 1842; married (first), Oct. 6, 1846, Christina D., daughter of Isaac Duncan of Stoddard, N. H.. (second), Sarah, daughter of Stephen Child, (third), Nov. 19, 1857, Martha R.. daughter of Stephen Child.

ELLIS, CHARLES MAYO, A. B. 1839; born Roxbury, Dec. 23, 1818, son of Charles and Maria (Mayo) Ellis; admitted Suffolk bar, Feb. 10, 1842; leading abolitionist and author of a history of Roxbury; died Brook- line, Jan. 23, 1878.

FERGUSON, JOHN. A. B. Princeton 1839; Laurens, S. C. (?)

FERRIER. AUGUSTE, A. B. St Louis Coll. (Paris, France) 1839; died New Orleans. La.. Ort. B, 1881.

FESSENDEN. HENRY PARTRIDGE, A. B. Columbia Coll. 1837; died Orange. N. J.. Oct. 9, 1867.

FESSENDEN, OLIVER GRISWOLD, A. B. Dartmouth 1838; died Geneva. N, Y., May 21, 1851.

FLETCHER. JOEL WHITE, A. B. Amherst 1838; died Chicago, 111., Feb. 15, 1880.

FOSTER, JAMES COLLIER, A. B. Univ. of Alabama 1838; died Tusca- loosa, Ala., July 28, 1904.

FOWLER, SAMUEL, A. B. Yale Coll. 1839; died Westfleld, July 30, 1888.

FULLER, Benjamin Apthorp Gould, A. B. Bowdoin 1839; died Brookllne, Jan. 24, 1885.

FURNISS, WILLIAM. A. B. 1839; bom June 27. 1820, St. Thomas Island, Danish. West Indies, practiced many years in N. Y. City; died April 14. 1882.

GAY, EBENEZER; born Hingham. Mch. 27, 1818. son of Ebenezer and Mary Ally ne (Otis) Gay; father was lawyer; admitted. Boston, Apr. 14, 1840; state senator, 1862; married, 1852. Ellen Blake Blood; died Boston, Apr. 29,1899.

GIFFORD. EDMUND; born Pembroke, Sept. 30, 1810; entered Harvard Coll., graduated from Law department; admitted Suffolk bar, July, 1840; married and moved to New Haven, Conn., practiced until 1845, went to Elgin, 111., where he filled various positions of honor and trust, and helped plan the Improvement of public school system of 111.; 1861, entered Union army as adjutant, Eighth 111. Cavalry; served three years; was made paymaster in the gulf department; made Lieut- Col, for bravery on the Red River expedition: served as judge in the south after war closed; died at home of daughter, at Grinnell, La., July 19, 1883.

GILLETT. EDWARD BATES, A. B. Amherst 1839; died Westfield, Feb. 3, 1899.

GOODALE. LEWIS, Deerinp. N. H.

GOODHUE, ISAAC NEWTON; died Minneapolis, Minn., Oct., 18, 1903.

GUILD, SAMUEL ELIOTT, A. B. 1839; born Boston, Oct. 8, 1819. son of Benjamin, died Nahant, July 16, 1862; admitted, Boston, July 7, 1842; married, Feb. 9, 1847, Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Gardner Rice.

HAYDEN, JOHN JAMES: died Washington, D. C., May 9, 1901.

HAYES, FRANCIS BROWN. A. B. 1839; boni South Berwick, Me., son of William Allen Hayes, and descendant of John Hayes, who settled in Dover, N. H., 1640; died Lexington, Sept. 20, 1884; father was judge of probate; admitted Suffolk bar, July 5, 1842; specialty was railroad Law; 1850, was made chairman of committee to Investigate affairs of Old Colony Railroad; many years a director or that road, four years president Atlantic & Pacific Railroad Co., and counsel for a number of others; representative In 1873 and senator, 1874; married, 1861, Margaret M. Wilson, daughter of Gen. William H. Marriott.

HERBERT, BUSHROD WASHINGTON; died Charlestown. W. Va., Oct. 4,1888.

HOWARD, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN; died Tuskeeee, Ala., Feb. 10, 1896.

HOWARD, EZRA WILLIAMS, A. B. Brown 1838; died Providence, R. I., Dec 9, 1869.

HYDE, JOHN JAY, A. B. Union Coll. 1834; born Feb. 15, 1811; editor Gazette, New London, Conn., 1838 ; later established the New World in N. Y. city ; also edited Rough and Ready, a campaign paper In 1844, in support of Gen. Taylor; appointed by Lincoln's first administration, as Consul to Porto Rico ; graduated In N. Y. medical school ; removed to Kansas, practiced medicine several years and came east for his own treatment; died N. Y. city, Nov. 18, 1875.

JONES, CYRUS; died W. Lebanon, Me., Aug. 26, 1895.

KEMPTON, EZRA; died Winthrop, Me., Dec. 24, 1874.

K1MBALL, WILLIAM KING; died Paris, Me., Sept. 1, 1875.

KING, RUFUS, A. B. 1838, LL. B. 1840; died Cincinnati, O., March 25, 1891.

LAWRENCE, JAMES, A. B. 1840; died Tunbridge Wells, Eng., Feb. 10, 1875.

LORING, CALEB WILLIAM, A. B. 1839; born Boston, July 31, 1819, son of Charles Greeley and Anna Pierce (Brace) Loring, died Camden, S. C., Jan. 29, 1897; admitted Suffolk bar, July 6, 1842; associated with his father and William Dehon; specialty real estate and manufacturing interests; president Plymouth Cordage Co.; married. 1847, Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Augustus Peabody of Salem.

McHENRY, JAMES HOWARD, A. B. Princeton 1840; died Baltimore Co., Md., Sept. 25, 1888.

McMARTIN, DUNCAN; born Johnstown, N. Y., Feb. 24, 1817; worked on farm until 1838, then studied law; admitted bar, 1843; resided at Albany, N. Y.. one year; practiced from 1844 to 1846; in N. H.; 1852, returned to Johnstown and continued in practice until 1856, then went to N. Y. City, where he practiced until 1862; Colonel of 153 N. Y. regiment In Civil war; resigned May, 1863 on account ill health and went to farming in Iowa in 1865; died Beaman. Ia., July 6, 1894.

MARR, WILLIAM HENRY JEFFERSON, A. B. Bowdoin 1839; died Appanoose, Ill., Sept. 5, 1844.


MARSTON, GILMAN, A. B. Dartmouth 1837; born Orford, N. H., Aug. 20. 1811, died Exeter. N. H .July 3, 1890; admitted Suffolk bar, Apr. 22, 1841; practiced Exeter; representative eighteen years, member congress, 1859 to 1863 and 1865 to 1867; colonel and brigadier-general in war.

MERRILL, AMOS BINNEY; born Lyman, N. H., Mch. 6, 1815, died Boston, Aug. 30, 1872; admitted Suffolk bar, Feb. 1841; married daughter of Rev. John Goldsbury of Hardwick.

MIX. HENRY AUGUSTUS; died Oregon. 111., Sept. 2, 1867.

NEWMAN, SAMUEL, A. B. Amherst 1840; died Newburyport, Oct. 11, 1879.

PARKER, FREDERICK. A. B. 1833; died Lowell, Jan. 29, 1857.

PARKER, HENRY MELVILLE, A. B. 1839; born Boston, Aug. 7, 1820. son of Isaac and Sarah (Ainsworth) Parker, died Cambridge, Oct. 17, 1863; admitted Suffolk bar, Nov. 29, 1842; married, Apr. 30, 1851, Fanny Cushing. daughter of Dr. A. F. Stone of Greenfield.

PARMENTER, WILLIAM ELLISON, A. B. 1836; died Arlington, Oct. 4, 1903.

PEARSON. THOMAS; died Nashua. N. H., March 5, 1891.

PIKE, CHARLES EDWARD, A. B. Bowdoin 1837; died St. Paul, Minn., Deo. 27. 1899; admitted. Oct. 10, 1849.

POTTER. JAMES BROWN MASON, A. B. Brown, 1838; died in Kingston, R. I.. Nov. 13, 1900. Paymaster U. S. A. twenty-one years.


REESE, WILLIAM MILLER, A. B. Princeton 1839; followed banking all his life; died in Washington. Ga., May 14, 1899.

ROELKER. BERNARD. LL. B. 1840; died New York, N. Y., March 5, 1888.

SAWYER, NATHANIEL LARRABEE. A. B. Bowdoin 1838, died Greene, Me.. Oct. 13. 1845.

SHERRERD. JOHN BROWNE, A. B. Princeton Coll. 1839; died Scranton. Pa., May 3, 1852.

SHERWOOD.JOHN D. A. B. Yale Coll. 1839; died Englewood, N. J., Apr. 30, 1891.

STONE, LEWIS MAXWELL. A. B. Univ. Ala.. 1839: member house of representatives. Ala., 1849-53, state senator. 1859-63; member constitutional convention. Ala., 1861 and 1876; died in Carrollton, Ala., June 26. 1890.

STORY, WILLIAM WETMORE, A. B. 1838, LL. B. 1840; died Vallambrosa, Italy, Oct. 7, 1895.

STOUT, GEN. ALEXANDER MILLER, foremost In organizing Union troope for service In Civil war in Southern Ky. ; Col. 17 Ky. Inf.; brevet Brīg.-Gen. for "meritorious conduct;" wounded at Shlloh; had son in same battle who died from effects
of wounds there received; Chief Coram. Patents clerk, just at close of war. for two and a half years; acting Coram. Patents several months; appointed Comm. by Grant; died In Chicago, Aug. 25, 1895.

THOMAS, CHARLES GRANDISON, A. B. 1838; died Cambridge, May 31,1879.

TRAIN, CHARLES RUSSELL, A. B. Brown 1837; born Framingham, Oct.18, 1817, son of Rev. Charles and Hepslbah (Harrington) Train, died N. Conway. N. H., July 29. 1885; admitted Suffolk bar, July, 1841;settled In Framingham, representative 1847, member Constitutional Convention 1853, district attorney from 1848 to 1855, member Executive Council 1857-8, member congress 1859 to 1863; removed to Boston; representative from that city 1871, attorney-general Commonwealth 1872 to 1879; volunteer on staff of Gen. George H. Gordon and took part at Antietam; author with Franklin F. Head of Precedents of Indictments, Special Pleas, etc., Adapted to American Practice.

WATKINS, ISAAC READ, A. B. Univ. of Virginia 1840; died Smlthvllle,Va., Dec. 17, 1884.

WATSON, THOMAS SHELTON, A. B. William and Mary Coll. 1839; died "Bracketts." Louisa Co., Va., Jan. 26, 1895.

WELLS. JOHN, A. B. Williams 1838; born Rowe, Feb. 17, 1819, son of a senator and representative, died Salem, Nov. 23, 1875; admitted Franklin county bar, 1841; established himself In Chicopee; judge of probate and Insolvency, appointed 1858, the first to fill the combined office, resigned 1864; member Mass. House Representatives, 1849-51-7-65; appointed Supreme Judicial Court judge. 1866, arid served until his death; president Williams Alumni Assn. during his last two years;
married. May 15. 1850, Sophia Dwight of Boston.

WENTWORTH, JOHN, (known as "Long John"), LL. D. 1868 by Dartmouth from which he was an A. M. in 1835; resided in Chicago when it was a village; born in Sandwich, Conn., March 15, 1815; paternal grandfather member Continental Congress: Amos Cogswell, his maternal grandfather was colonel In Revolutionary war; John Wentworth was the first Atty. In Chicago; was admitted there; first member of Congress from that city ; edited first newspaper there known as Chicago Democrat; entered Congress In 1843, served four terms, then later two terms; he served in Congress with Lincoln, Calhoun, Breck- inridge, Hamlin. Jackson, and Alexander Stevens and one session with Webster, Clay and Col. Benton; member Nat. convention that nominated Polk: elected mayor of Chicago, 1857; held three terms; Democratic In politics: introduced first steam flre-eng1ne In Chicago, (known as "Long John"); Issued first proclamation as a mayor of any city In the country, denouncing rebels as "traitors;" set apart Jan. 8, 1864, to celebrate the patriotism of Maj. Anderson of Ft. Sumter fame, ordering all public places and offices closed that day; forty years a leader In Chicago civil and political affairs; died In Chicago, Oct. 16, 1888.

WHITNEY, ASA HAMMOND, A. B. 1838; died Vlcksburg, Miss., Oct. 8. 1858.

WILSON, ISAAC GRANT, A. B. Brown 183S; died Geneva. 111., June 8, 1891.

WITMER. THEODORE BURG. A. B. Yale 1840: drowned In the Mediterranean, near Malaga. March 29. 1856.

WOODBURY, PETER TRASK, A. B. Dartmouth 1839: died New York, N. Y.Apr. 1. 1862.

WOODWARD, WILLIAM RYLAND. A. B. Dickinson 1838: died Washington Grove. Md., Aug.. 1905.

WRIGHT, GEORGE AUGUSTUS: died Portland. Me., May 24, 1888.

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