Harvard Law School Alumni Roll 1840

NOTE:—Unless otherwise stated, all degrees were of Harvard; each member graduated or left the School In the year In which his name appears, unless otherwise noted. Cities and Towns named are in Massachusetts unless otherwise noted.

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ALVORD, DANIEL WELLS, A. B. Union 1838; died Spring Hill, Fairfax Co., Va.. Aug. 3, 1871.

ASPINWALL, WILLIAM, A. B. 1838; born In London, Eng., Feb. 16.1819, son of Col. Thomas and Louisa Elizabeth (Poignand) Aspinwall; father was U. S. consul in London from 1815 to 1853: finished law studies in office of Franklin Dexter and George W. Phillips; admitted Suffolk bar. 1841; became resident In Brookline. 1847, town clerk, 1850- 1-2, representative 1851-2, member Constitutional Convention, 1853. senator, 1854, and assessor, selectman and water commissioner; married, Jan., 1848, Arixene Southgate, daughter of Richard King Porter, of Portland; died Brookline, Oct. 25. 1892.


BRADFORD. JOHN; died Boston. Sept. 16, 1840. BROWN, NEHEMIAH, born Salem, died Boston, March. 9, 1895; admitted Suffolk bar, Jan., 1842; many years clerk for secretary of Commonwealth.

BULLOCK.ALEXANDER HAMILTON, A. B. Amherst 1836; died Worcester. Jan. 17, 1882.

CARSON, THOMAS BRANTLEY; died March, 1850. (Lost on a steamboat on the Alabama River.)

CHANDLER, WILLIAM HENRY, A. B. Yale 1839; died Thompson, Conn.. May 13, 1888.

CLARKE. JAMES MASON. A. B. Brown 1838; died Providence, R. I., Dec. 20, 1885.

CLARKE, MANLIUS STIMSON, A. B. 1837; died Boston. Apr. 28. 1853.

COCKE JOHN JAMES, LL. B. 1839; born Christian Co., Ky., 1815, and after attending Harvard Law School, studied medicine at Mobile, Ala.; practiced that profession with marked success until his death, In Hinds Co.. Miss.. June 28, 1876.

COMSTOCK. JOHN CHENEVARD, A. B. Washington Coll. (Conn.), 1838; died Hartford, Conn., Feb. 2, 1862; entered Union army 1861. as captain Co. A. First Conn. Regiment Inf., at first call for "three months men;" died from effects exposure in service.

COWAN, WILLIAM HENDERSON: drowned in the Charles River, June 11, 1840.

DANA, CHARLES SMITH, A. B. Dartmouth 1837; born at Danville, Vt., 1815 descendant of Israel Putnam of Revolutionary fame; judge of probate at Caledonia for eight years: clerk of courts at St. Johnsbury, Vt 1864 to 1881; Internal Revenue collector, and served as State senator and representative two terms each, In Vt. ; died April 29, 1888.

DANA RICHARD HENRY. A. B. 1837. LL. D. 1866; born Cambridge. Aug. 1 1815 son of Richard H.: studied law with Joseph Story; admitted. Boston July 1840; traveled around the world, 1859-60; lecturer on international law in Harvard Law School about 1866; nominated by President Grant as minister to England, 1876, but nomination was not confirmed: at one time U.S. district attorney for Mass.; went to Europe again 1878 where he died Jan. 6, 1S82; author of: Two Years Before the Mast The Seaman's Friend,
To Cuba and Back, and published. 1866, a new edition of Wheaton's International Law.

DAVIS WENDELL THORNTON, A. B. 1838; died Greenfield. Dec. 3. 1876.

DEVEÑS CHARLES, A. B. 1838, LL. D. 1877; born Charlestown, Apr. 4, 1820 son of Charles and Mary (Lithgow) Devens. died Boston, Jan. 7. 1891 admitted Franklin county bar. 1841: associated with George T. Davis in whose office he had studied, until 1849: representative for Franklin  county. 1849; U. S. marshal for Mass.. 1849 to 1853; resumed law practice, 1854. with George F. Hoar: April. 1861. took command of a rifle battalion for three months; afterward rose to the rank of major-general; remained in service until June,1866; appointed judge Supreme Court, 1867, remained on that bench until appointed judge Supreme Judicial Court, 1873; became U. S. attorney-general, 1877, and was re-appointed to the bench after leaving the cabinet, 1881; delivered
an oration, June 17, 1875, on the celebration of anniversary of battle of Bunker Hill, which gave him a leading position as an orator.

DODD, ALBERT, A. B. Yale 1838; died __, ILL., June , 1844. (Drowned In the Mackinaw River).

FAUNTLEROY. HENRY; 170 31st St., Chicago. Ill. (?)

FERGUSON, JORDAN GOODWIN, A. B. Bowdoin 1837; died Mlddletown, Conn., Oct. 30, 1851.

FLETCHER, JOEL WHITE, A. B. Amherst 1838; died Chicago, ILL. Feb 15, 1880.


GRAY. ANDREW JACKSON; admitted Middlesex bar, June, 1840.

GRAY, HENRY WEEDON; died Louisville, Ky.. July 17, 1903.


GRIGGS, GEORGE, A. B. Brown 1837, LL. B. 1839; born Brookline, died Brookline, May 8, 1888; admitted Suffolk bar. July 29, 1840.

 HALE, NATHAN, A. B. 1838; born Boston, Nov. 18, 1818, son of Nathan and Sarah Preston (Everett) Hale, died Boston, Jan. 9, 1871; occupied for a time as assistant topographical engineer on state map of Mass.; studied In office of Charles Pelham Curtis, admitted to bar, Boston, July 14, 1841; many years associated with his father editing the Boston Dally Advertiser, and in 1868, was appointed professor in Union College, Schenectady, a position he held many years; at his death he left ready for the press a
General Survey of the History and Progress of English Literature from the Earliest Days.

HAYWARD, LLOYD ANDREWS, A. B. Amherst 1836; died Warsaw, N. Y., March 7, 19OO.

HOWES, WILLIAM BURLEY, A. B. 1838; born Salem, died Aiken, S. C., Apr. 11, 1879; admitted Suffolk bar, Dec. 27, 1841.

 HUBBARD, HENRY, A. B. 1837; died Bedford Co., Va., June 11, 1876.

HYATT. ROBERT UNDERWOOD, A. B. Yale 1837; born Washington, D. C., 1816, son of Seth and Jane (Underwood) Hyatt; entered Georgetown Coll. (D. C.) aged fourteen years, after which he attended Yale and Harvard; practiced law three years, and died of yellow fever, at his home in Louisiana Nov. 1, 1843.

JONES, ROLAND; died Shreveport, La., Feb. 5, 1869.

KING, CYRUS WILLIAM; died Brunswick, Me., Apr. 15. 1881.

KING, JAMES GORE, A. B. 1839, third son of Hon. Rufus King; born N. Y., May 8, 1791, accompanied his father, who was Minister to the Court of St. James, Eng., and there and in Paris, attended school; returned to America, 1805; studied law with Peter Van Schalck of Kinderbrook, completing under judges Reeves and Gould; became commission merchant in N. Y. and Liverpool, Eng. Later was of the banking house of Prime, Ward and King, finally at head of house of James G. King & Sons, N. Y.; died in N. Y. City. Oct. 4, 1853.

LAW, WILLIAM FABIAN, A. B. Yale 1837; died Oct. 9, 1891, Savannah, Ga.

LOWELL, JAMES RUSSELL, A. B. 1838, J. C. D. Oxford 1873, LL. D. Cambridge, St. Andrews and Edinburgh, 1874, Bologna 1888, LL. D. 1884; born Cambridge, Feb. 22. 1819, son of Rev. Dr. Charles and Harriet (Spence) Lowell; died Aug. 12, 1891; admitted to bar, 1840; began practice In Boston but soon abandoned It for literature; in 1854-5 he delivered lectures at Lowell Institute on British Poets and Immediately afterwards went to Dresden to prepare for his accession to the chair of Modern Languages and Belles-lettres at Harvard; delegate to National Republican Convention and presidential elector, 1876; appointed minister to Spain, 1877, transferred to Court of St. James, 1880, where he remained until his recall in 1S85; never had the literary culture and high order of statesmanship been exhibited so brilliantly as by Mr. Lowell; author of: A Year's Life, the Pioneer, a literary magazine which
he edited In conjunction with Robert Carter, Conversations on Some of the Old Poets, The Vision of Sir Launfal, several volumes of The Biglow Papers, A Fable for Critics, Fireside Travels, several volumes of poems, edited the Atlantic Monthly, and for a time the North American Review; married (first), 1844, Maria, daughter of Abljah and Anna Maria (Howard) 'White, who died Oct. 27, 1853; (second), Frances Dunlap, who died in England. Feb., 1885.

LYNDE, WATTS SHERMAN, A. B. Yale 1839; died Aug. 9. 1841. (Lost on the steamer "Erie" on Lake Erie).

LYNDE. WILLIAM PITT, A. B. Yale 1838; died Milwaukee, Wis., Dec. 18, 1885.

MERRILL, ALBERT, A. B. Bowdoin 1837; died Portland, Me., Feb. 13, 1876.

MORRIS, GEORGE BLISS, A. B. Amherst 1837, LL. B. 1840; died Springfield, July 7. 1872.

MORSE. ISAAC STEVENS, A. M. Dartmouth 1857; born Haverhill, N. H.. Dec. 27. 1817, son of Rev. Bryant and Susannah (Stevens) Morse, died Boston, Dec. 27, 1896; studied with Elisha Fuller in Lowell; admitted Middlesex bar, Sept. 25, 1840; district attorney in Middlesex county seventeen years, his term expiring in 1871, when he declined further service; while residing in Lowell, 1849, was member of the City Council and for a time city solicitor; married, Sept. 25, 1844, Eloise La Barte, daughter of John J.and Mary La Barte, of South Carolina.

MORTON, MARCUS, A. B. Brown 1838; born Taunton, Apr.8,1819, son of Marcus and Charlotte (Hodges) Morton; died Andover, Feb. 10. 1891; studied with Peles Sprague and William Gray; admitted Suffolk bar, July 12, 1841; removed to Andover, 1850, represented the town in Constitutional Convention of 1853, and in legislature, 1858; in latter year appointed judge of Superior Court of Suffolk County, and was in office until the abolition of the court in 1859; appointed judge Superior Court of Commonwealth at Its organization, remaining in office until 1869, when he became judge of Supreme Judicial Court; made chief justice in 1882, served until 1890, when he resigned; married, Oct. 19, 1843, Abby B., daughter of Henry and Amy (Harris) Hoppin, at Providence, R. I.

NOYES, EDWIN, A. B. Brown 1837; died Waterville. Me., March 23, 1888.

OSGOOD, CHARLES LYMAN; died Hamilton, N. Y., May 24, 1843.

PROVOSTY, AUGUSTE, A. B. Univ. of Paris (France) 18—; died Pointe Coupée Parish, La., Dec. 16, 1868.

ROBINSON, GEORGE HENRY; died Chicago, ILL., Oct. 6, 1868.

ROUBIEU. LUCÍAN; born Parish Natchioches. La., Oct. 16. 1820; killed by lightning at his home, Sept. 29, 1845.

SHEETS, GEORGE SULLIVAN, A. B. Indiana Univ. 1837; died Madison, Ind.. Jan. 4, 1852.

SMITH. CHARLES FULLER. A. B. Amherst 1838; died San Francisco. Cal., Dec. 8. 1863.

SNOW. ALPHEUS FRANKLIN; died Hartford, Conn., Nov. 25, 1886.


STILES, BENJAMIN; born Carlisle, Pa.. Mar. 15, 1818; died Sept. 6, 1848, of apoplexy, son of Edward James and Ann (Duncan) Stiles; graduated at Dickinson Coll. (Pa.); moved to Mo., settled at Liberty, Clay Co., and there practiced law.

THORNTON, JOHN WINGATE; born Saco. Me., Aug. 12, 1818; admitted Suffolk bar, Apr. 13. 1840; practiced In Boston until his death, In Oak Hill, Me.. June 6, 1878; distinguished antiquary, one of the founders of N. E. Historic Genealogical Society, vice-president of American Statistical Society and Prince Publication Soc,; author of numerous historical papers, essays and reviews.

TUCKERMAN, EDWARD, A. B. 1847, LL. B. 1839; died Amherst, March 15, 1886.

TUTHILL. CHARLES HENRY; died New Haven. Conn., March 9, 1850.

VAUGHAN. BENJAMIN BOISSEAU, A. B. Princeton Coll. 1838; died Petersburg. Va.. Oct. 18,1881.

WALKLEY. JAMES CLARK, A. B. Yale 1836; died Haddam, Conn., Oct. 4. 1890.

WARD, FRANCIS MARION, A. B. Columbia 1838; died , 1847.

WASHBURNE. ELIHU BENJAMIN; died Chicago, 111., Oct. 22, 1887.

WELCH, WILSON JARVIS, A. B. 1839, LL. B. 1842; died Newton Centre. May 24. 1885; admitted Suffolk bar, Jan., 1842.

WHITE, WILLIAM ABIJAH, A. B. 1838; born Watertown. Sept. 2, 1818. son of Abijah and Anne Maria (Howard) White; died between Oct. 10. 1856 and May 1, 1857, when his body was found at North Point, in Milwaukee; studied in office of C. P. and B. R. Curtis; admitted Suffolk bar. July 17, 1841; took active interest In anti-slavery cause: removed to Madison, Wis., 1853; married (first), May 7, 1846, Harriet T., daughter of Nathaniel R. Sturgls of Boston, (second), May 16, 1855, Ada, daughter of
Juston Littlefleld of Chicago.

WILLIAMS, HENRY. A. B. Yale 1837; died Savannah. Ga.. July 11, 1878.

WILLIAMS. THOMAS SCOTT, A. B. Yale 1838; died Hartford. Conn., Sept. 17, 1842.

WILLS, JOHN ALEXANDER, A. B. Washington Coll. (Pa.) 1837, LL. B. 1840; died Los Angeles. Cal.. Nov. 26, 1891.

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