Harvard Law School Alumni Roll 1839

NOTE:—Unless otherwise stated, all degrees were of Harvard; each member graduated or left the School In the year In which his name appears, unless otherwise noted. Cities and Towns named are in Massachusetts unless otherwise noted.

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BALLOU, MARTIN; settled and died in Princeton, 111., May 13, 1894.

BANISTER, JAMES CONWAY; born May 8. 1819; died in the South, Oct.7, 1857.

BELCHER. CLIFFORD, A. B. 1837; died In Boston, Dec. 24, 1879.

BEMIS, GEORGE, A. B. 1835, LL. B. 1839; born Watertown, Oct. 13, 1816,son of Seth and Sarah (Wheeler) Bemis, died in Nice, France, Jan. 5,1878; admitted Suffolk bar, Sept., 1839; associated in various cases with George T. Bigelow and Attorney-General John H. Clifford; author of Precedents of American Neutrality, Hasty Recognition of Rebel Belligerency and Our Right to Complain of It; bequeathed $50,000 to Harvard for professorship of public and International law.

BOATNER, JAMES WILLIAM, LL. B. 1839; died In Bastrop, La., Dec. 17.1870.

BROOKS, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, A. B. Amherst Coll. 1837; born Sturbridge, Oct. 26, 1818, died In Newton, Jan, 4, 1887; admitted Suffolk bar, Oct. 7, 1840; partner Joshua D. Ball.

CUTLER, JOHN LEWIS, A. B. Bowdoin Coll. 1837; died In Boston, March 2, 1902.

DAVIS, WILLIAM. A. B. 1837; born Plymouth. May 12, 1818, son of Nathaniel Morton and Harriet Lazell (Mitchell) Davis, died In Boston, Feb. 19, 1853; admitted, Boston. Jan. 18, 1841; settled in Plymouth, where he was active Whig and chairman board of selectmen; president Pilgrim Soc. ; married, 1850, Helen, daughter of John and Deborah (Spooner) Russell.

DEANE, JOSEPH PADELFORD; died in Quincy. 111., Aug. 19, 1867.

DUNN. JOSEPH ELLERY FOXCROFT. A. B. Yale Coll. 1837; died Waterville, Maine. Jan. 28, 1854.

EVARTS WILLIAM MAXWELL, Yale Coll. 1837; died New York. N. Y. Feb. 28, 1901.

FALES EDWARD GRAY. A. B. Bowdoin Coll. 1832, LL. B. 1839; died In Baltimore. Md.. March 10. 1842.

FARLEY, EPHRAIM WILDER, A. B. Bowdoin 1836: died In Newcastle, Me., Apr. 12, 1880.

FERGUSON, JORDAN GOODWIN, A. B. Bowdoin 1837; died In Middletown, Conn., Oct. 30. 1851.

FISH ERASMUS DARWIN, A. B. Brown 1837: died —, 1846.

FLINT, JAMES TIMOTHY, LL. B. 1840; died In Alexandria, La., Oct. 15,1853.


FRENCH EDMUND FLAGG; died In Washington, D. C., Sept. 30, 1901.

FRINK, JOSIAH CLARK, A. B. Bristol 18—,

GRAY, ANDREW JACKSON; admitted Middlesex bar, June, 1840; attorney Suffolk bar, 1849

GRAY JOHN THOMPSON, A.B. 1836, died in Louisville, Ky., July 17, 1902.


HARBOUR, EWELL DALTON, A.B. St. Joseph's 18_; died West Feliciana Parish, La., Dec. 18, 1859.




HAYWARD, LLOYD ANDREWS, A. B. Amherst 1836; died Warsaw, N. Y., March 7. 1900.

HERTZOG, HENRY, A. B. St. Joseph's (Ky.) 18—; died Cloutierville, La., Sept. 29. 1865.

HIESTER. WILLIAM MUHLENBERG, A. B. Bristol 18—; died in Reading. Pa.. Aug. 16, 1878.

HOAR, EBENEZER ROCKWOOD, A. B. 1835; born Concord, Feb. 21, 1816, son of Samuel and Sarah (Sherman) Hoar; died in Concord, Jan. 31, 1895; admitted, Worcester, Sept. 3, 1839; justice Common Pleas Court, 1849-53; Supreme Judicial Court, 1859-69; U. S. attorney- general under Près. Grant; member of commission which made treaty of Washington with Great Britain; state senator, representative in Congress, regent Smithsonian Institute. Fellow Harvard College, member and president board of overseers; married, Nov. 26, 1840, Caroline Downes Brooks.

HOLMES. NATHANIEL, A. B. 1837; born Peterboro, N. H., July 2, 1814, son of Samuel and Mary (Annan) Holmes, died Cambridge, Feb. 26, 1901; admitted Suffolk bar, Sept., 1839; removed to St. Louis; judge Supreme Court Missouri, 1865-6-7-8; professor of law at Harvard, 1868 to 1872; after resigning at Harvard returned to St. Louis for a time, then settled In Cambridge.

HUTCHINS, HORACE GREEN, A. B. Dartmouth 1835; born Bath, N. H., July 20, 1811. died Boston, Apr. 8, 1877; admitted Suffolk bar, Oct., 1839; practiced in Boston; associated at different times with Theodore Otis and Tolman Wllley.

JUDGE, HILLIARD MEANS; died Eutaw. Ala., July 16. I860.

KIMBALL, JOHN SHACKFORD; died Boston, Apr. 19, 1888.

KING, JOHN GALLISON, A. B. 1838; died Boston, Jan. 28, 1888; admitted Suffolk bar, July 26, 1840.

LAMB, GEORGE WHITFIELD, A. B. Bowdoln 1837; died New Orleans, La.. Aug. 22, 1853.

LOTHROP, GEORGE VAN NESS, A. B. Brown 1838; died Detroit. Mich., July 12, 1897.

LYMAN, JOHN CHESTER, A. B. 1833; died Doylestown, Pa., Feb. 27. 1883.

MARCH, WALTER, A. B. Amherst 1837; died Indianapolis, Ind., Apr. 1, 1883.

MASON, CHARLES. A. B. 1834; died Fitchburg, March 13, 1901; studied with Hubbard & Watts, Boston, and while studying was tutor in Latin at Harvard; admitted Suffolk bar, Sept., 1S39; settled in Fitchburg.

MATHEWS, WILLIAM, A. B. Waterville 1835; 130 Pembroke St.. Boston.

MORRIS, THOMAS HOLLINGSWORTH; died Baltimore, Md., Feb. 16, 1872.

NORTON, ALFRED: died Arlington, Aug. 28. 1904.

OWEN, ALLEN FERDINAND, A. B. Yale 1837; died Talbotton, Ga., Apr. 7. 1865.

PEABODY. CHARLES AUGUSTUS; died New York, N. Y.. July 4, 1901.


PHELPS. ANSEL; died Springfield. Jan. 2. 1860.

PLIMPTON. SILAS FISHER. A. B. Yale 1837; died Boston. Apr. 22, 1867; admitted Suffolk bar, May 1, 1841; practiced in Boston.

PORTER. OLIVER. A. B. Columbian Coll. 1838.


PUGH, JORDAN ANTHONY; died New Orleans, La.. March 14, 1849.

PUTNAM. JOHN PHELPS, A. B. Yale 1837; born Hartford. Conn., Mch. 21, 1817, died Boston, Jan. 5, 1882; admitted Suffolk bar. Oct. 12, 1840; practiced in Boston; representative, 1851-2; appointed judge Superior Court. 1859, serving until death; published fifteen volumes Annual Digest of the Decisions of U. S. Courts.

REED, CHARLES, A. B. Dartmouth Coll. 1835; born Nov. 24, 1S14 at Thetford, Vt.. died Montpeller, Vt., March 7, 1873.

RICHARDSON. DAVID SAMUEL, A. B. 1836; born Dec. 1. 1816. at Tyngs- boro; prepared for Coll. Derry, N. H.; entered Harvard Law School, 1832; after graduating there, opened law office in Lowell, where he ever afterwards remained, taking over three hundred cases to the Supreme Court; 1844-45. member Lowell common council, as its president; 1848, elected alderman; 1842-44, and again 1847; member of General Court of Mass.; 1862, member Mass. Senate; judge advocate Mass. Vol. Militia regiment six years: clerk of Middlesex Co. Board of Commissioners, three years from 1850; president Vermont and Massachusetts Ry. Co.; president Prescott Nat. Bank; Lowell Carpet Manufacturing Co.: prime mover in establishing Home for Young Women and Children: died March 21, 1890.

RUSSELL, CHARLES THEODORE, A. B. 1837; born Princeton, Nov. 20,1815, son of Charles and Persis (Hastings) Russell, and descended from William Russell, of Cambridge, 1645; studied office of Henry H. Fuller, Boston; admitted Suffolk bar. July. 1839; associated two years with Mr. Fuller then practiced alone until his brother Thomas was admitted to the bar, 1845; resided in Boston until 1855 when he removed to Cambridge; while in Boston was representative. 1844-5- 50, and senator 1851-2; while In Cambridge was mayor, 1861-2, and senator, 1877-8; Boston Fourth of July orator, 1852; was professor in Boston University Law School, member of Board of Visitors of And- over Theological School and a corporate member of American Board for Foreign Missions; delivered centennial address in Princeton, 1859, and presided over centennial celebration of First Church in Cambridge, 1886; author of a History of Princeton; married, June 1, 1840, Sarah Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph Ballister, of Boston.

SHEPLEY, GEORGE FOSTER, A. B. Dartmouth 1837; died Portland, Me. July 20, 1878.

SHEPLEY, JOHN RUTLEDGE, A. B. Bowdoin 1837; died In St. Louis, Mo., Oct., 11, 1884.

SPALDING, EBENEZER, A. B. Yale 1838; died St. Louis, Mo., Aug. 17.1866.

STEWARD, GUSTAVUS ADOLPHUS, A. B. Bowdoln 1837; died Anson, Me., Aug. 2, 1853.

STONE. ROBERT RODES, LL. B. 1839; died Lexington. Ky., Oct. 4, 1895.

STOREY, CHARLES WILLIAM, A. B. 1835, LL. B. 1S39; died Brookline, Dec. 28, 1893.

SWEAT, LORENZO DE MEDICI, A. B. Bowdoin 1837; died Portland, Me. July 26. 1898.

SYLVESTER, ALBERT GALLATIN; died San Francisco, Cal., Nov. 7, 1850.

TERRY, EDMUND, A. B. Yale 1837; died Brooklyn, N. Y., Feb. 11, 1890.

WARDNER. GEORGE; died Windsor, Vt., Aug. 28, 1885.

WOODMAN, CYRUS, A. B. Bowdoin 1836; born Buxton, Me., 1814, son of Joseph, died Cambridge, March 30, 1889; studied with Samuel Hubbard and Hubbard & Watts; admitted Suffolk bar, July, 1839; went west as agent Boston & Western Land Co.; partner eleven years of C. C. Washburn, Mineral Pt.. Wis., returned to Cambridge, 1863; for a time overseer of Bowdoin; married, 1842, Charlotte, daughter of Ephraim Flint, of Baldwin. Me.

YANDES, SIMON; died Indianapolis, Ind., Oct. 5, 1903.


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