Harvard Law School Alumni Roll 1838

NOTE:—Unless otherwise stated, all degrees were of Harvard; each member graduated or left the School In the year In which his name appears, unless otherwise noted. Cities and Towns named are in Massachusetts unless otherwise noted.

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BACON HENRY WRIGHT, A. B. Yale 1836; died Peoría, 111., Nov. 19, 1845.

BARRETT, JONATHAN FAY; born Concord, Jan. 28, 1817, son of Joseph and Sophia (Fay) Barrett, died Concord. Jan. 23, 1885; admitted to bar. July, 1838: practiced In Boston until his death which was sudden; married," Apr. 27, 1848, Lydia Ann Lorlng.

BARTLETT, FREDERICK, A. B. Dartmouth 1835; died Bristol, N. H.. Dec. 7, 1894.

BRANCH, JOSEPH, A. B. Princeton 1837; died Ark., 1866.

CALDWELL. ALFRED. A. B. Washington (Pa.) 1836; died Wheeling, W. Va., May 3, 1868.

CHAPÍN HENRY, A. B. Brown 1835; died Worcester, Oct. 12, 1878.

CLARKE. MANLIUS STIMSON, A. B. 1837, LL. B. 1840; born Norton, Oct. 17, 1816, son of Rev. Pitt and Rebecca (Jones) Clarke, died Boston. Apr. 28. 1853; admitted Suffolk bar. Jan., 1840; associated with George Tyler Bigelow who later became judge, then with brother, John Jones Clarke, the partnership continuing until his death; married, Dec. 1, 1841, Frances Cordis Lemist.

COCKE,  JOHN JAMES, LL. B. 1839; died Hinds Co., Miss., June 28, 1876.

CRAM HENRY AUGUSTUS, A. B. Princeton 1837; died New York, N. Y., Apr. 9. 1894.

CUMMINS FRANCIS, A. B. 1835; died Dorchester, Oct. 3, 1849.

DALTON, SAMUEL, A. B. St. Joseph's (Ky.); died West Feliciana Parish.

DEMING HENRY CHAMPION. A. B. Yale 1836, LL. B. 1839; died Hartford Conn.. Oct. 9. 1872.

DUNN, JOSEPH ELLERY FOXCROFT, A. B. Bowdoln 1837; died Waterville, Me., Jan. 28, 1854.

FABÉNS, FRANCIS ALFRED, A. B. 1835; born Salem, July 10, 1814, died San Francisco, Cal.. June 16, 1872; admitted Suffolk bar, July, 1838.

FRASER JOHN SULLIVAN; died Blount's Ferry, Fla., Nov. 30, 1845.

FULLER' EUGENE, A. B. 1834, eldest son Hon. Timothy and Margaret (Crane) Fuller, born Cambridge, May 14, 1815; studied law with George F Farley Groton; admitted Middlesex bar, June, 1839; practiced at Charlestown later at New Orleans, La.; was connected with the newspaper business of that city and one summer was stricken with sunstroke and on way North was swept overboard from the steamship. "Empire City". June 26, 1869, ??d was drowned; left widow and five children: married at New Orleans, Jan. 21, 1859. Mrs. Anna Eliza Rotta.

GALE, FREDERICK WILLIAM, A. B. 1836; born Northboro, June 22, 1816; lost at sea on steamer "Arctic" Sept. 27, 1854, the vessel colliding with another and sank.

GILBERT, JOHN SCOTT, A. B. Union 183$; died Greenwood, La., Oct. 25, 1854.

HAGANS, GEORGE McCOLLUM, born April 14. 1819, at Bradonvllle. West Va., son of Hon. Harrison Hagan; died Dec. 29, 1873; abandoned law and engaged In commercial pursuits; was president of the Nat. Bank of Morgantown, W. Va.


HARRIS, GWINN, LL. B. 1839; died Alexandria, La., about 1860.

HAYDEN, AARON, A. B. 1834; died Eastport, Me., Oct. 22, 1865; admitted Suffolk bar, Apr., 1838.

HAYWARD, CHARLES, A. B. 1837; died Boston, Nov. 5, 1838.

HOLMES, JOHN, A. B. 1832; LL. B. 1839; died Cambridge, Jan. 27. 1899.

JOHNSTON, FRANK, A. B. Yale 1835, LL. B. 1839; died at "The Meadows," near Pittsburg, Pa., Dec. 10, 1863.

KNOWLES, JOHN POWER, A. B. Brown 1836; died Providence, R.I. Aug. 3, 1887.

KNOX, SAMUEL, A. B. Williams 1836; died Blandford. March 5, 1905.

KUNHARDT, WILLIAM WULFF, A. B. Charleston 1834.

LANDER. EDWARD, A. B. 1835, LL. B. 1839; 525 Corcoran Bldg., Washington, D. C.


MARCH, WALTER, A. B. Amherst 1837; died Indianapolis, Ind., Apr. 1. 1883.

MASON, HENRY. LL. B. 1839.

MINNS, GEORGE WASHINGTON, A. B. 1836; LL. B. 1840; born Boston, died Brookline, Jan. 14, 1895; admitted Suffolk bar, July 13, 1841.

MINOT. GEORGE, A. B. 1836; son of Hon. Stephen and Rebecca (Trask) Minot. born Haverhill, Jan. 6, 1817. grandson of Capt. Jones Mlnot, Concord; studied in office of Rufus Choate; admitted, Boston, Apr. 15, 1839: edited United States Statutes at Large: also aided in publication of first eight vols, of statutes pub. in 1848. he having charge of the important work of indexing; edited The Digest of the Decisions of the Supreme Court of the State and a supplement in 1852; associate editor anD editor IT. S. statutes at large, associate reporter of decisions of Levi Woodbury in first circuit of U. S. Court, and editor of nine volumes English Admiralty Reports; solicitor Boston and Maine Ry. Co.; an excellent Bible student; married Emily P. Ogle, first, and for second wife Elizabeth Dawes: died Reading, April 16. 1858.

MINOT, WILLIAM, A. B. 1836, LL. B. 1840; born Boston. Apr. 7, 1817, son of William and Louisa (Davis) Minot, died Boston, Feb. 26. 1894; admitted Suffolk bar, July 6, 1841; associated himself with James Benjamin in Boston; relinquished law practice to administer large trusts which had previously been managed by his father; married Katherine Maria, daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Sedgwlck; children: Robert S. and William, Jr.

MOSELEY, WILLIAM OXNARD, A. B. 1836; died Newburyport, Feb. 10, 1894.

MUSSEY, JOHN BINNEY, A. B. Dartmouth 1837; died near San Antonio, Tex., Nov. 4, 1872. OWEN, ALLEN FERDINAND, A. B. Yale 1837; died Talbotton, Ga., Apr. 7, 1865.

PALFRAY. CHARLES WARWICK. A. B. 1835; died Salem, May 13, 1900.

PITMAN, JOHN TALBOT; died Philadelphia, Pa., Oct. 30, 1892.

PORTER. ROBERT MASSINGILL, A. B. Nashville, (Tenn.) 1836; born Nashville. April 12, 1818; studied law a year in Louisiana; June, 1840, became a student of theology, at Princeton, graduating 1845; studied medicine, Univ. of Pa.; studied In Paris, France, and returned 1847, the same year accepting chair of Anatomy in Med. Dept. Nashville (Tenn.) Univ.; died July 1, 1856.

POTTER, WILLIAM HENRY. A. B. Brown 1836; Kingston. R. I.

POTTER. ZABDIEL WEBB, A. B. St. Mary's; born Carroll Co.. Md., Dec. 22, 1814. died Cecil Co., Md.. March 30, 1855.

PRESTON, WILLIAM; died Lexington. Ky., Sept. 21, 1887.

PRINGLE, BENJAMIN GARDEN, A. B. Charleston Coll. 1834.

RAFFERTY, JOHN CHANDLER, A. B. Yale 1835; died Flemington, N. J., Dec. 31. 1880.

READ, JOHN HARLESTON, died Charleston. S. C.. Aug. 31, 1866.

RICHARDSON. DANIEL SAMUEL. A. B. 1836, LL. B. 1839; son of Daniel and Hannah (Adams) Richardson, and descendant of Ezekiel Richardson, who came to Mass, in 1630 with Winthrop; died Lowell. March 21, 1890; father was lawyer and representative and senator: admitted to Suffolk bar, July. 1839; settled in Lowell and argued more than three hundred cases; representative, 1842-3-7; senator, 1862: member and president Lowell Common Council, 1845-6; member board of aldermen, 1848: officer of many other corporations and institutions.

RICHARDSON, FRANCIS DELIESSELTNE. A. B. Charleston Coll.; died Clarendon Co., S. C.. Nov., 1870.

SAVIER WILLIAM, LL. B. 1837; born at Norfolk. Va., Oct. 21, 1814; admitted Suffolk bar July, 1837; settled at White Pigeon, Mich.. 1843; died White Pigeon. Mich.. July 27. 1873.

SHREVE, LUTHER MARTIN, A.B. St. Mary's (Ky.); 107 Clark St., chicago, Ill.

SMITH, JOHN BOLTON. A. B. Dartmouth 1836; died Yorkville, S. C., Dec.13, 1871.

STAFFORD, WILLIAM MAINER; died Tuscarora, Nev., Dec. 18, 1878.

STOREY. CHARLES WILLIAM. A. B. 1835, LL. B. 1839; born Claremont, N. H. July 18, 1816, son of Charles William and Elizabeth (Burnham) Storey, died Brookline, Dec. 28. 1893; studied with C. P. & B. R, Curtis; admitted Suffolk bar, June 15, 1840; clerk Mass. House Representatives 1844 to 1850; register of insolvency Suffolk county; clerk Superior Criminal Court; married Elizabeth Eaton Moorfleld.


THOMAS, CHARLES GRANDISON, A. B. 1838, LL. B. 1841; born Denmark, N. Y. died Cambridge, May 31, 1879; brought up as charcoal burner and by his energy and perseverance worked his way into and through college; admitted to Suffolk bar, Apr. 28, 1841; practiced in Boston.

WARE, GEORGE FREDERICK, A. B. 1838; died San Francisco, Cal., Sept. 28, 1849.

WASHBURN, PETER THACHER, A. B. Dartmouth 1835; died Woodstock, Vt., Feb. 7, 1870.

WELLINGTON, HIRAM, A. B. 1834; born Lexington, died Roxbury, Aug. 17, 1898; admitted Suffolk bar, July, 1838.

WEST, RICHARD; died Florence, Italy, Oct. 29, 1879.

WHITING, WILLIAM, A. B. 1833; born Concord, Mch. 3, 1818. son of Col. William and Hannah (Conant) Whiting, and descendant of Rev. Samuel Whiting, non-conformist minister, who arrived in Mass., May 26, 1636; died Roxbury, June 29, 1873; tutor in private school in Plymouth and other places; admitted Suffolk bar, Oct., 1838; practiced in Boston, making specialty of patent law; at outbreak of civil war published The War Powers of the President and the Legislative Powers of Congress In Relation to Rebellion, Treason and Slavery; was made solicitor War Dept., serving gratuitously until his resignation, April, 1865; presidential elector, 1868; was chosen representative to Congress. 1872, but died before he took his seat; author of many arguments and treatises which are considered authorities at present time; married, Oct. 28. 1840, Lydia Cushlng, daughter of Thomas Russell, of Plymouth.

WRAY, JAMES McALPIN, A.B. Yale 1836; died in New Orleans, La., July, 1850.


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