Harvard Law School Alumni Roll 1834

NOTE:—Unless otherwise stated, all degrees were of Harvard; each member graduated or left the School In the year In which his name appears, unless otherwise noted. Cities and Towns named are in Massachusetts unless otherwise noted.

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ANGIER, GEORGE CHRISTOPHER, A. B. Bowdoin 1832; died Bridgewater, May 14, 1852.

ARNOLD, JONATHAN EARLE, A. B. Brown 1832 ; died Milwaukee, Wis., June 2, 1869.

BETHUNE, JOHN McLEAN, A. B. 1832, LL.B.1836; born Boston, Sept. 12, 1815; died Boston, Feb. 17, 1873; admitted to bar Oct., 1836.

BIGELOW. HORATIO, A. B. 1832 ; died Hanover, Oct. 25, 1888 ; admitted Suffolk bar, Jan., 1838.

BLISS. RICHARD, A. B. Amherst 1831: died Springfield, July 29, 1883.

BULLARD. JOHN PARKER, A. B. 1829, LL.B. 1836; died Clinton, La., Jan. 29, 1845.

BUNKER. JAMES MADISON, A. B. Yale 1832, LL.B. 1835; died Nantucket, Nov. 19, 1873.

BURNHAM, JOHN APPLETON. A. B. Amherst 1833; died Stonington, Conn., Aug. 23. 1883.

CHAPMAN. RICHARD MILLER, A. B. 1832. LL.B. 1836; died Biddeford, Me., July 14. 1879.

CHURCH, THOMAS BROWNELL. A. B. Washington (Conn.) 1831; died Grand Rapids, Mich., July 31, 1890.

CLARKE. WILLIAM COGSWELL, A. B. Dartmouth 1832; died Manchester, N. H.. Apr. 25, 1872.

CURTIS, GEORGE TICKNOR. A. B. 1832; born Watertown, Nov. 24, 1812, son of Benjamin and Lois (Robbins) Curtis, died New York. N. Y.. March 28. 1894 ; admitted Suffolk bar. practiced In Boston; author of: Life of Daniel Webster. Rights and Duties of Merchant Seamen, Equity Precedents. Treatise on the Laws of Patents, Digest of the Decisions of the Courts of Common Law and Admiralty. Cases in the American and English Courts of Admiralty, and many other legal works.

DUTTON, FRANCIS LOWELL, A. B. 1831; born Boston, June 21, 1812, son of Warren and Elizabeth Cabot (Lowell) Dutton, died Brookline, Dec. 15, 1854;admitted to Suffolk bar.

EMERSON, BENJAMIN FROTHINGHAM, A. B. Union Coll. 1830; died Nashua. N. H., Sept. 6. 1884.

EVANS. THOMAS CHARLES, A. B. Mt. St. Mary's Coll. 1833; died Sumter. S. C.

FRENCH. HENRY FLAGG; died Concord, Nov. 29. 1885.

GIBBS. ALPHONSO, A. B. Nashville Univ. 1832; died Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 2. 1834.

HAYES, JOHN LORD, A. B. Dartmouth 1831; died Cambridge, Apr. 18, 1887.

HITCHINGS, BENJAMIN GARDNER, A. B. Amherst 1832; died Gravesend, L. I., N. Y., Dec. 10, 1893.

HOLMES. JOHN, A. B. 1832. LL. B. 1839; born Cambridge, son of Rev. Dr. Abiel and Sarah (Wendell) Holmes, died Cambridge, Jan. 27, 1899; practiced in Boston but was prevented by illness from continuous work.

HOWE. JOSIAH, A. B. Dartmouth 1832, LL.B. 1836; died Templeton, Sept. 6. 1858.

JOY, JAMES FREDERICK. A. B. Dartmouth 1833, LL.B. 1836: born Durham, N. H.. Dec. 2, 1810. son of James and Sarah (Pickering) Joy, died Detroit, Mich., Sept. 24, 1896: tutor at Dartmouth, 1834-5; admitted Suffolk bar. Aug. 27. 1836 settled in Detroit.

MAGRATH. ANDREW GORDON. A. B. S. C. Coll. 1831: died Charleston, S. C., Apr. 9, 1893.

MEREDITH. WILLIAM WIRT; died Independence, Mo.. May 27. 1846.

MOOR. WYMAN BRADBURY SEVEY, A. B. Waterville, 1831 ; died Lynchburg. Va., March 11, 1869.

MORRIS, HENRY, A. B. Amherst 1832; born Springfield, 1814, son of Oliver Bliss Morris, died Springfield, June 4, 1888;admitted to bar, 1835; appointed judge Common Pleas Court. 1855. held office until court was abolished, 1859: married. May 16. 1S37. Mary Warner.

NELSON, ALBERT HOBERT, A. B. 1832: LL.B. 1837: born Milford, Mch. 12. 1812. son of Dr. John and Lucinda (Parkhurst) Nelson; fitted for Coll. Concord Academy ; studied law in office of Hon. Samuel Hoar of Concord, and practiced there until 1842. then moved to Woburn. also maintaining his office at Boston ; Dist. Atty. for Essex and Middlesex counties for years: Whig party elected him to legislature 1848-49-55; appointed member Executive Council; chief justice Superior court, continued on bench until 1858. when ill health caused his resignation, and he was finally taken to an asylum : was public spirited and well known for his noble traits in and near Woburn : died at asylum In Somervllle, June 27, 1858: married. Sept., 1840. Elizabeth В., daughter of Ellas Phinney, of Lexington.

PATCH, JOHN. A.B. Bowdoin 1831: died Sept. 1. 1887, at Ipswich, where he was born. Aug.23, 1807: was great-grandson of Gov. John Patch who bought from the Winthrops their large estate of lands in Mass. The father Inherited this estate. The subject attended Dummer and Phillips Academies, graduating from the latter Institution at Andover, 1827; entered Bowdoin College the same year, having the poet Longfellow for his classmate ; at Harvard, he had Hon. Charles Sumner Wendell Phillips, whose last letter was addressed to "Dear classmate John Patch." He then entered the office of Hon. Theophllus Parsons, of Court St., Boston, where were located Webster, Sumner and Hilllard, In small dingy quarters, just beginning in the practice of their professions. Mr. Patch was admitted to the bar of Suffolk, in 1835; edited the publication known then as the Literary Museum, of Boston; 1849 went to California for a Boston firm as attorney, and through the climate and scenery was induced to remain In practice In San Francisco, until 1853. when he returned to Ipswich. In 1841. published "The Poets Offering" which had a large sale and was put into a second edition; he also was a frequent contributor to many of the leading papers of his day.

PILSBURY. ALBERT, died Hallfax, N. S.. June 12, 1872.

POPE. THOMAS BUTLER, A. B. 1833; born Boston, Jan 22. 1814. son of Lemuel and Sally Belknap (Rüssel) Pope, died Roxbury, Jan. 15, 1862; father was many years president Boston Ins. Co. ; studied In office Charles G. Loring; admitted, Boston, 1836; for a time associated with Charles Henry Parker; married, June 3, 1846, Gertrude, daughter of John Binney, of Boston.

RÜSSEL, WILLIAM CHANNING, A. B. Columbia 1832; died Yonkers, N. Y., Feb. 24, 1896.

SHAW, SAMUEL PARKMAN, A. B. 1832: born Boston. Nov. 19, 1813. son of Robert G.. died Paris, France, Dec. 7. 1869; removed to Parkman, Me., later to Watervllle and Portland, and finally, 1863, to Cambridge, married. 1841. Hannah Buck.

SNAITH. GEORGE VRALL: died Boston. Eng.. Sept. 2. 1856.

STRICKLAND, AUGUSTUS SYLVESTER CRAFTS: born Wilton. Me., March 11, 1813: died Wilton, Me.. March 10, 1843.

SUMNER. CHARLES, A. B. 1830; born Boston. Jan. 6. 1811. son of Charles Pinckney Sumner; admitted. 1834; soon after his admission was appointed reporter of the Circuit Court and was lecturer In Harvard Law School. 1835-6-7-43; succeeded Daniel Webster as U.S. senator, 1851; allied himself with Free Soil party, 1848. and advocated the election of Van Buren and Adams; his career in the Senate. In which he continued until his death, was marked by constant and effective attacks on slavery: became editor of American Jurist. 1831, edited Dunlap on Admiralty. 1836. published three volumes of Circuit Court Reports from 1828 to 1839. and jointly with Jonathan C. Perkins edited Vesey's Chancerv Reports In twenty volumes ; among his most noted speeches are : The Crime against Kansas. Freedom Is National. Slavery Sectional. Barbarism of Slavery. Fame and Glory. Law of Human Progress, Our Foreign Relations, Eulogy of Abraham Lincoln, and Our Claims on England : married Alice, daughter of Jonathan Mason and widow of Sturgis Hooper.

SUMNER. KALED ELLIS. A. B. Dartmouth 1833; died Hartford. Conn., Feb. 15, 1840.

TUCKER. ALANSON. A. B. 1832: born Boston, died Boston. Dec. 30. 1881; admitted Suffolk bar. Oct.. 1835; abandoned law for business pursuits.

UPTON. FRANCIS HENRY. LL.B. 1835: died Clifton. Va.. June 22. 1876.

WAKEFIELD ALBERT GALLATIN. A. B. Brown 1830: died Bangor. Me.. Oct. 6. 1892.

WALKER. JAMES MURDOCK. A. B. S. C. Coll. 1830; died Charleston, S C.. Sept. 18, 1854.


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