Harvard Law School Alumni Roll 1830-1831

NOTE:—Unless otherwise stated, all degrees were of Harvard; each member graduated or left the School In the year In which his name appears, unless otherwise noted. Cities and Towns named are in Massachusetts unless otherwise noted.

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ALLEN, WILLIAM, A. B. Bowdoin 1828 ; born Sept. 2, 1808 ; died Norridgewock. Me., March 31, 1831.

ALVORD, JAMES CHURCH, A. B. Dartmouth 1827; died Greenfield. Sept.27. 1839.

ANDREW, CHARLES AMBURGER, LL.B. 1832; died Salem, June 16, 1843;admitted Suffolk bar, Apr. 5, 1839.

USTIN. IVERS JAMES. U. S. Mil. Acad. 1828, A. M. 1852: born Boston, Feb. 14, 1808, son of James Trecothick and Catherine (Gerry) Austin; died Newport, R. I., June 11, 1889; admitted Suffolk bar, Apr. 11, 1831.Supreme Judicial Court, Apr. 3, 1833; held rank of lieutenant-colonel; member Mass. House Representatives, 1838; author of a memoir of Prof. William W. Mather, 1883.

CARTER, BERNARD F. ; died Washington, D. C., Aug. 7. 1876.

CLARKE, EDWARD; died Sault de Saint Marie, Mich., Aug. 8, 1849.

CODMAN, JOHN, A. B. Bowdoin 1827 ; born New York, died Boston, June 8, 1879; admitted Essex bar, 1830; practiced Boston.

CROWNINSHIELD, FRANCIS BOARDMAN, A. B. 1829; born Boston, Apr.23. 1809, son of Benjamin Williams and Mary (Boardman) Crowninshield, and descendant of Johann Kaspar Richter von Kronenschild, who came to New England from Germany about 1686; died Marblehead. May 8, 1877; was graduated In class with Dr. Oliver W. Holmes, Rev.William Henry Channlng and many other distinguished men; admitted Middlesex bar, Oct., 1833; for a time partner of Rufus Choate, Boston; member House Representatives and Its speaker, 1848-9; member State senate; president Old Colony Railroad; married, Mch. 20, 1832, Sarah Gooll, daughter of Judge Samuel Putnam of Salem, granddaughter of John and Lois (Pickering) Gooll, and descendant of John Gooll, of Scotland.

CURTIS,'BENJAMIN ROBBINS, A. B. 1829, LL.B. 1832, LL.D. 1862, LL.D.Brown 1857; born Watertown, Nov. 4, 1809, son of Benjamin and Lola (Robbins) Curtis; admitted to Franklin county bar, 1832; removed to Boston 1834; made a Fellow of Harvard, 1846; representative In 1851,and In same year was appointed judge U. S. Supreme Court, resigning.1857: 1871, with William M. Evarts and Caleb Gushing, was appointed counsel for U. S. before Board of Arbitration at Geneva, but declined; one of five commissioners to revise city charter, 1873; one of counsel for Andrew Johnson In his Impeachment trial, 1868; married (first), May 8, 1833, Eliza M. Woodward of Hanover, N. H., who died, 1844; (second). Jan. 5, 1846, Anna Wroe, daughter of Charles Pelham Curtis of Boston; (third), Aug. 29, 1861, Maria, daughter of Jonathan Allen of Pittsfleld. Died Sept. 15, 1874.

DEMING, CHARLES FOLLETT. A. B. Univ. Vermont 1827 ; died Burlington,Vt., Sept. 14, 1832.

DU BIGNON. CHARLES, born on Jekyl Island, Glynn county, Ga., 1812 ;died Woodvllle, Ga., Sept. 9, 1875; served in Ga. legislature 1844; married Miss A. V. Grantland, daughter of Hon. Seaton Grantland, a wealthy planter; du Bignon never practiced law after marriage, but interested himself In the occupation of a planter.

DUMMER, HENRY ENOCH, born Hallowell, Me. Apr., 1809; died on Island of Mackinac, Mich., Aug. 12, 1878 ; home was Jacksonville, 111. where he continued practice until death; was of literary turn of mind and a great reader of good books; Intimate friend of President Lincoln whose letters to him are still in possession of family, and show Lincoln appreciated his talents.

DWIGHT, FRANCIS, A. B. 1827 ; died Albany, N. Y., Dec. 15, 1845.

FULLER, HENRY WELD, A. B. Bowdoin 1828 ; born Augusta, Me., Jan.16, 1810, son of Henry W. and Esther (Gould) Fuller, grandson of Capt. Benjamin Gould of Newburyport, died Boston, Aug. 14, 1889 ; studied law with father and began practice in Augusta; admitted Suffolk bar, Oct. 30, 1841, and became partner of E. Hasket Derby; later appointed clerk U. S. Circuit Court; married, 1835, Mary Storer, daughter of Nathaniel Goddard of Boston.

GILCHRIST, JOHN JAMES, A. B. 1828 ; died Washington, D. C., Apr. 29,1858.

GORDON, JOHN MONTGOMERY, A. B. Yale 1830; died near Pikesville, Md., Mch. 4, 1884.

HARRIS, BENJAMIN GWINN ; died Leonardtown, Md., Apr. 4, 1895.

HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL, A. B. 1829; died Boston, Oct. 7, 1894.

JONES, JOSEPH SEAWELL, LL.B. 1833; died Columbus, Miss., Feb. 20,1855.

LÁMAR, JOHN; died Macón, Ga., June 14, 1845.

LORING, FRANCES CALEB, A. B. 1828; born Boston, died Nahant, Aug.19, 1874; studied law with Charles G. Loring; admitted Suffolk bar,1831.

LORING, JOSIAH QUINCY, A. B. 1829; youngest son of Elijah and Abigail (Rand) Loring; born Boston, Apr. 10, 1811; died Weston. Apr. 6,1862; pupil of celebrated Lawson Lyon of Boston; 1831 taught school in Jamaica Plain and soon entered his father's counting room ; later moved to Weston and engaged in agricultural pursuits.

MCKEAN, HENRY SWASEY, A. B. 1828; died Boston, May 17, 1857.

MEREDITH, GEORGE AUGUSTUS, A. B. 1827 ; died on steamboat Mississippi River, 1835.

NORTH, JAMES WILLIAM; born Feb. 12, 1810, in Clinton, Me., where he resided most of his life ; his grandfather was Judge North, who died 1812. James W. was mayor of Augusta, Me., several terms; an active member of the Maine Historical Society and author of a valuable history of Augusta, Mo., published in 1870. He died June 7, 1882.

MOORE. HENRY, LL.B. 1833; died Concord, Sept. 14, 1844.

PRESCOTT, OLIVER, A. B. 1828; practiced many years at New Bedford; justice of probate at Bristol, Conn., twenty-five years ; born Dec. 25,1806; died at New Bedford, June 11, 1890.

RAND, EDWARD SPRAGUE. A. B. 1828, LL.B. 1831; born Newburyport, died Jan. 18. 1884. (Lost on "City of Columbus," Vineyard Sound) ;admitted Suffolk bar, Oct., 1831 ; settled in Boston where he practiced chiefly as conveyancer.

SEDGWICK, THEODORE, A, B. Columbia Coll. 1829; died Stockbridge, Dec. 8. 1859.

STILES. WILLIAM HENRY; died Savannah, Ga., Dec. 20, 1865.

TORBORN, WASHINGTON E; died Amelia Co., Va., Mch. 3, 1833.

WALKER. TIMOTHY, A. B. 1826; born Wilmington, Dec. 1, 1802; died Cincinnati, O., January 15, 1856, son of farmer who died when son was nine years of age ; paternal grandmother Brewster, came on the "Mayflower" ;Timothy was partner of Edward King and Salmon P. Chase ;1833, he with John C. Wright established law School at Cincinnati, O. ;1842 president judge Hamilton Co., O.; edited Western Law Journal; declined judgeshlp Hamilton Co., O.; author Introduction American Law.

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ALDIS, ASA OWEN, A. B. Univ. Vermont 1829; died Washington, D. C., June 24, 1891.

AVERILL. JAMES ROOT, A. B. Yale, 1830; born Hartford, Conn., 1811, son of Maj. Elephalet Averill, a merchant and man of great energy, a native of Litchfield. Conn. Mother was a Miss Root, prior to marriage ; son became a bold and highly successful business man and a noted flour merchant ; was talented newspaper writer ; fond of astronomy and owned a large telescope with which he spent many of his nights viewing the planets. He died about Sept. 20, 1875.

BAXTER. CARLOS. A. B. Union Coll. 1830; born Brownlngton, Vt, July 1?,1809; after attending Harvard Law School, in 1831, went to New Haven, (Conn.) Law School, graduating from Yale; admitted to bar Orleans Co.. Vt., where he resided thirty years.

BENJAMIN, PARK, A. B. Washington Coll. (Conn.) 1829; born Demerara, Aug. 14, 1809: died New York. N. Y., Sept. 12, 1864; admitted Suffolk bar, July, 1834; removed to New York, 1837, devoted his time to literary pursuits ; associated editorially with : New England Magazine, American Monthly Magazine, New Yorker, Brother Jonathan, New World, Western Continent and American Mall.

BOND, FRANCIS EUGENE, A. B. Bowdoin 1828; died Bangor, Me., Sept.5, 1846.

BOWIE, JOHN T. ; died Port Gibson, Miss, , 1836.

BUFORD, NAPOLEON BONAPARTE; died Chicago, III., March 28, 1883.

CONANT, EDWIN, A. B. 1829; died Worcester, March 2. 1891.

CONVERS, CHARLES CLEVELAND, born June 26, 1810; died Zanesville,O., Sept. 20. 1860, son of Daniel and Sarah (Munro) Convers and grandson of Joslah Monro, who was member "Ohio Company." Charles C. was an intimate classmate of Hon. Charles Sumner; represented Muskingum county, O.. in State Senate, 1849 and 1850, as presiding officer;1854, judge of Supreme court; his portrait hangs on the wall of the court room at Columbus. O.

DANA, JAMES, A. B. 1830; born Charlestown, Nov. 8, 1811, son of Samuel and Rebecca (Barrett) Dana, died Dorchester. June 4, 1890; admitted to Middlesex bar, Dec., 1833; practiced in Groton and Charlestown; mayor of Charlestown, 1858-9-60; colonel of Fourth Regiment, First Brigade. Second Division, Mass. Militia, later brigadier-general of Third Brigade: married (first), June 1, 1837, Susan Harriet, daughter of Paul and Susan (Morrill) Moody, of Lowell; (second), Margaret Lance, daughter of Lev! Tower, of Newport, R. I.; (third), Julia, daughter of William and Mary (Parke) Hurd, of Charlestown.

DAVIS. GEORGE THOMAS, A. B. 1829, LL.B. 1832; born Sandwich, Jan. 12,1S10. son of Wendell and Caroline (Smith) Davis, died Portland, Me.,June 17, 1877; practiced In Suffolk, Greenfield and Franklin counties; was associated with his former instructors under name of Wells, Alvord & Davis ; among others with whom he was associated are : Charles Devens. late Judge Supreme Judicial Court, Judge Charles Allen, Wendell Thornton Davis, his brother. James C. Davis, his son, David Aikin and Samuel O. Lamb. He was distinguished not alone for his legal abilities but also for his conversational powers: Thackeray, meeting him for the first time on his visit to America, at a dinner, paid tribute to the brilliancy of his conversation: member of Mass. Senate, 1839-40, representative,1861. represented Franklin Dist. in congress, 1851-2-3; married (first), Oct. 16, 1834, Harriet T., daughter of Nathaniel P. Russell of Boston: (second), April 26, 1865, Mrs. Abba I. Little, of Portland, daughter of Daniel Chamberlain, of Boston.

EDES, RICHARD SULLIVAN. A. B. Brown 1830; died Boston. Aug. 26, 1877.

EMERSON, CHARLES CHAUNCY, A. B. 1828. LL.B. 1832; died New York. N. Y., May 9, 1836; admitted to Suffolk bar, Oct., 1832.

EUSTIS. WILLIAM, A. B. 1830; died Brookline. Dec. 13, 1843.

FITCH. JEREMIAH GEORGE, A. B. 1831; died Orono, Me., Feb. 25. 1845.

GILCHRIST. John Jam^s, A. B. 1828: died Washington, D. C., Apr. 29. 1858.

HAZARD, JOHN ALFRED. A. B. Washington (Conn.) 1830; died Newport, R. I., May 22. Mn.

HOPKINSON, THOMAS. A. B. 1830: son of Theophllus and Susanna (Allen) Hopkinson, born New Sharon, Me., Aug. 25. 1804; fitted for college at Farmington. Me. ; admitted to practice in Lowell ; member state legislature 1838-45 and 1846; senator from Middlesex district; chairman of comm. on Ry. laws; 1848, appointed judge Court Com. Pleas, resigned year later to become president of the Boston & Worcester Ry. Co. ; was member in 1853, of convention for revision of State constitution; May, 1856, sailed for Europe and traveled for health, but died soon after his return home. Cambridge. Nov. 17. 1856.

JONES, JOSEPH SEAWELL, LL. B. 1833; died Columbus, Miss., Feb. 20,1855.

KEITH, OWEN SOUTHWORTH. A. B. 1826; died New York, N. Y.. March 23, 1847.

LYMAN, JOSEPH, A. B. 1830: born Northampton, Aug. 17, 1812, son of Joseph and Anne Joan (Robbins) Lyman. died Jamaica Plain, AUG. 14,1871; admitted to bar. Boston. Oct.. 1.833: gave up law. studied engineering and was engaged in important mining and "railroad operations, when injuries received during an accident obliged him to abandon this for literary pursuits: married Susan Bulfinch. daughter of Joseph Coolidge, of Boston.

MERIAM. Horatio COOK. A. B. 1829, LL.B. 1S31: died in Tewksbury. Aug.4. 1872.

MOORE. HENRY. LL.B. 1833: died Concord. Sept. 14. 1844.

MURDOCH, CHARLES TRACY. A. B. 1828, LL.B. 1832: born Havana. Jan.5, 1804, son of John, died Cambridge. Nov. 25, 1853: admitted Suffolk bar. Oct.. 1832.

PARKER. GRENVI1LE: died in Wellsburg, W Va., May 10, 1881.

PERKINS. HAMILTON ELLIOT : died Concord. N. H.. Jan. 6, 1886.

PERKINS. HORATIO NELSON, A. B. Bowdoin 182S; died Melrose, July 3. 1883.

RANDOLPH. JOHN RANDOLPH: died Providence. R. L. Nov. 18, 1891.

PITTS. SAMUEL. A. B. 183IÏ; died Detroit, Mich., Apr. 26. 1868.

RUSSELL. JAMES DUTTON. A. B. 1829, LL.B. 1832: born Boston. Jan. 7,1810, son of Warren and Elizabeth Cabot (Lowell) Dutton: died Brighton, June 10, 1861; his name was originally James Russell Dutton, changed by special act. Feb. 21. 1820; admitted to Suffolk bar, Oct., 1832; went to Europe. 1833. and gave up practice.

SAWYER. FRANKLIN. A. B. 1830: died Cambridgeport. Nov. 18, 1861.

SWAN. THOMAS: died Vassalboro. Me., 1839.

TEMPLE. ROBERT EMMET: died Albany, N. Y.. July 20. 1854.

THOMAS, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, A. B. Brown 1830, LL.D. Brown 1853,LL.D. Harvard 1854: born Boston. Feb. 12. 1813, grandson of Isaiah Thomas, printer, died Beverly. Sept. 27, 1878: admitted to Worcester bar. 1834; representative from Worcester, 1842; probate judge Worcester county, 1844-8; appointed associate Judge Supreme Judicial Court, 1853, resigning 1859; In congress. 1861-2-3; nominated by Governor as chief justice Supreme Court, 1868, not confirmed by Council.

WEBSTER, CHARLES COTESWORTH, A. B. Dartmouth 1830 ; died Keene, N. H. Sept. 7, 1884.

WESTON, EZRA, A. B. 1829, LL.B. 1832 ; born Duxbury, Dec. 23, 1809, son of Ezra, died Duxbury, Sept. 6, 1852; admitted Suffolk bar, Oct.,1832 ; at one time city marshal of Boston.

WOODWARD. WILLIAM GUSTAVUS. A. B. Dartmouth 1828; died Muscatine, Ia., Feb. 24, 1871.

WHIPPLE, JOHN; died Roxbury, July 20,1832.

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