Harvard Law School Alumni Roll 1821-1825

NOTE:—Unless otherwise stated, all degrees were of Harvard; each member graduated or left the School In the year In which his name appears, unless otherwise noted. Cities and Towns named are in Massachusetts unless otherwise noted.

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CROSS, ROBERT, A. B. 1819, son of Maj. William and Ruth (Stacy) Cross, born Newburyport, July 3, 1799; grandson of Col. Ralph Cross of Revolutionary army—afterwards Gen. Cross of Militia; admitted to bar in Essex Co., Mass., Dec., 1823; practiced at Newburyport and Amesbury; member legislature 1827-1832; Senator from Essex Dist. 1842-44;moved to Marshall, Mich.; 1849 returned to Mass., settled at Lawrence where he died Nov. 9. 1859.

EMERSON, ANDREW LEONARD, A. B. 1820, LL. B. 1823; died York, Me.. March 23, 1835.

EVERETT, JOHN. A. B. 1818; died Boston, Feb. 12, 1826; admitted to Suffolk bar, 1825.

FREEMAN, WILLIAM HOWARD, LL. B. 1825; died Arlington. Md., March 23, 1863.

GOURDIN. JOHN GAILLARD KEITH, A. B. 1821; died Aug. 28. 1831.

HEDGE WILLIAM KNEELAND, A. B. 1820. LL. B. 1823; died W. Cambridge, Feb. 26, 1833; admitted to Suffolk bar, Mch. 5, 1828.


LANGDON-ELWYN, JOHN LANGDON, A. B. 1819; died Portsmouth, N. H., Jan. 30, 1876.

LLOYD JOHN JANNEY, A. B. 1819; died Mt. Ida, Va., June 3, 1871.


SNELLING, GEORGE HENRY, A. B. 1819: born Boston, died Newport, R. I.,Jan. 18, 1892; admitted to Suffolk bar, May 12, 1825.

WILLIAMS, FRANCIS HENRY. A B. 1820; died Boston, Sept. 19, 1840;admitted to Suffolk bar, Jan. 13, 1824.

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BARRAUD, OTWAY BYRD. son of Dr. Philip Barraud, Norfolk, Va., born In that place, 1802; practiced law In Petersburg: and Norfolk, Va.; became member of board in charge of William and Mary's Coll. (Va,), which institution he attended early in life; died Bremo, Va., May 4,1864.

BARTON, IRA MOORE, A. B. Brown 1819; died Worcester, July 18, 1867.

CHAMBERS, BENJAMIN LEE; died at sea about 1838.

CLAY, THOMAS SAVAGE, A. B. 1819, born in Bryan Co., Ga., Feb. 19,1801; became a wealthy rice planter in the Southern States; died Oct.26. 1849.

DORR, WILLIAM BRADLEY, A. B. 1821; born Roxbury, died Boston, Sept. 10, 1875; admitted Suffolk bar, Oct., 1824.

FREEMAN, WILLIAM HOWARD, LL. B. 1825; died Arlington, Md., March 23, 1863.

MASON. GEORGE MEANS, A. B. Bowdoin 1819; died Boston, Aug. 16, 1865.

OAKES. WILLIAM, A. B. 1820, LL. B. 1825; died E. Boston, July 31, 1848


WOODBURY, LUKE. A. B. Dartmouth 1820; died Antrim, N. H.. Aug. 27,1851.

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FREEMAN, WILLIAM HOWARD, LL. B. 1825; died Arlington, Md., March 23, 1863.

HALYBURTON. JAMES DANDRIDGE. A. B. 1823; died Richmond. Va. Jan. 26, 1879.

HARRISON. JESSE BURTON, A. B. Hampden Sidney; LL. B. 1826; born April 7, 1805, Lynchburg, Va.; located at New Orleans, La., 1832, and there practiced until death, January, 1841; gave much time to study of languages and belles letters; spent five years abroad in travel and study; contributed many valuable newspaper articles and wrote for North American and Quarterly Reviews; author of Law Reports and Cases in Superior Courts of Orleans and also of the Supreme Courts of Louisiana from 1807 to 1835 (20 Vols.). Traced his ancestry to those of the Benjamin Harrison family.

HILLIARD, WILLIAM. A. B. 1821, LL. B. 1825; born Cambridge, Oct. 16,1803, son of William and Sarah (Lovering) Hilliard, died Boston, Sept. 8, 1869; admitted Suffolk bar 1824, practiced in Boston; married Elizabeth Newhall of Boston.

KEATING. THEODORE, A. B. 1821, LL. B. 1825; died Boston, Dec. 26,1829.

LOWELL, EDWARD JACKSON, A. B. 1822, LL. B. 1825; born Boston, died Waltham, Sept. 10, 1830; admitted Suffolk bar, 1825.

PAGE, NELSON, A. B. Hampden Sidney 1821, LL. B. 1825; died Cartersville. Va.. Dec. 6. 1850.

PHILLIPS, SAMUEL, A. B. 1819, LL. B. 1825; died Brighton, Jan. 21, 1877.

WICKHAM, JOHN HENRY; died Hanover Co., Va., Nov., 1891.

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BACHELDER. JOHN, A. B. 1823; died Reading, July 7, 1871.

LOWELL. EDWARD JACKSON, A. B. 1822, LL. B. 1825; born Boston, died Waltham, Sept. 10, 1830; admitted to Suffolk bar, 1825.

PHILLIPS, SAMUEL, A. B. 1819, LL. B. 1825; died Brighton, Jan. 21, 1877.

POE, WASHINGTON; died Augusta, Ga.. Oct. 1, 1876.

WELD, DANIEL, A. B. 1823; died Saratoga Springs, N. Y., Aug. 7, 1825.

WIGGLESWORTH, EDWARD, A. B. 1822, LL. B.1825; born Boston, Jan. 14, 1804, died there Oct. 14, 1876; admitted to Court Common Pleas. Boston, Oct., 1825, to Supreme Judicial Court, Jan. 10, 1828; practiced a short time then entered father's business; active in literary and charitable pursuits; descended from Michael Wigglesworth, born in Eng., 1631. died Maiden, 1705. 1825.

WOOD, NATHANIEL. A. B. 1821; born Holden, 1797, died Fitchburg, Aug. 2, 1876; admitted Suffolk bar, Jan. 12, 1827.

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ARCHER. JOHN YELVERTON; died Bladensburg, Md., March 5, 1837.

BACHELDER. JOHN. A. B. 1823; died Reading. July 7. 1871.

CLARK, WILLIAM HENRY; died Baltimore, Md., Oct. 28, 1873.

CUSHING, LUTHER STEARNS. LL. B. 1826; born Lunenburg, June 22,1803; admitted to Middlesex bar. March, 1827; editor of Jurist and Law Magazine for several years; clerk House Representatives 1832 to 1834; representative 1844; judge Court Common Pleas. 1844 to 1848; reporter twelve volumes; author of: A Manual of Parliamentary Practice, Elements of the Law and Practice of Legislative Assemblies, Rules of of decisions Supreme Court, 1S48 to 1853; during that time edited Proceeding and Debate in Deliberate Assemblies.

DUMONT. JOHN THOMAS PHILIP, A. B. 1824; died Hallowell, Me., Oct. 6, 1852.

MATCHETT, WILLIAM PERKINS, A. B. 1824; died Brighton, Dec. 7. 1834.

MUZZEY ARTEMAS BOWERS. A. B. 1824; died Cambridge, Apr. 21, 1892.

PARKER, SAMUEL, A. B. 1824; died Middlesex Village, Oct. 7, 1882;studied with Rufus G. Amory, Boston.

PEGRAM JAMES WEST, born January, 1805, near Petersburg, Va.; killed by explosion of steamboat boiler on Ohio river, Oct. 23, 1844; general in war 1812; Congressman from Va.; gave up law to become cashier and finally president Bank of Virginia, at Richmond.

SEAVER, NORMAN, A.B. 1822; born Groton, Apr. 7, 1802, son of Heman and Elizabeth (Wick) Seaver, died St. Louis, Mo., May 12, 1838;admitted Middlesex bar, Oct., 1827; member Boston Common Council.1828; abandoned profession 1834; later member of mercantile firm, Stone, Seaver & Bush; married, Dec. 1, 1829, Anna Maria, daughter of Luther and Lucy (Blgelow) Lawrence.

WELD, DANIEL, A. B. 1823; died Saratoga Springs, N. Y., Aug. 7, 1825.

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