Harvard Law School Alumni Roll 1817-1820

NOTE:—Unless otherwise stated, all degrees were of Harvard; each member graduated or left the School In the year In which his name appears, unless otherwise noted. Cities and Towns named are in Massachusetts unless otherwise noted.

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DUSTIN, CHARLES MOODY, first graduate from Harvard Law School; son of Moody and Alice (Klngsbury) Dustin, of Claremont, N. H. ;attended Mlddlebury Coll. (Vt.) 1812; born July 4, 1797; studied law Gardiner, Me.; died Thorndlke, O., May 20, 1834.

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CUSHING, CALEB, A. B. 1817; born Salisbury, Jan. 17, 1790, son of Capt.J ohn N. and Lydia (Dow) Cushlng, died Newburyport. Jan. 2, 1879;two years tutor In mathematics and natural philosophy at Harvard; admitted to Essex county bar, 1822; representative from Newburyport to General Court 1825, 1833-4, 1845, 1850-9; member of congress from Essex North District, 1834; colonel of a regiment of volunteers which he raised for the war with Mexico and later brigadier-general; minister to China, 1843; associate justice of Supreme Judicial Court of Mass.. 1852, leaving bench in 1853 to become attorney general in cabinet of Près. Pierce; appointed by President Lincoln commissioner to adjust claims pending with Mexico, by Près. Grant minister to Spain,
and of counsel for U. S. at Geneva; married, 1823, Caroline, daughter of Samuel Sumner Wilde, afterward associate Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court.

LYMAN, WYLLYS, A. B., Yale 1817, LL. B. 1820; died Burlington. Vt., Dec. 1, 1862.

MARSH, HENRY, A. B. Williams Coll. 1815; died La Salle, 111.. June 4, 1852.

PROCTOR, JOHN WATERS, A. B. 1816, LL. B. 1820; died Peabody, Nov. 26, 1874.

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HALLETT, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, A. B. Brown Univ. 1816; died Boston.Sept. 30. 1862. District attorney for Mass., 1853.

PROCTOR. JOHN WATERS, A. B. 1816. LL. B. 1820; died in Peabody,Nov. 26, 1874.

RAY, RICHARD. A. B. Columbia. 1817: born Dec. 4, 1799, N. Y. ; died Paris, France. March 21. 1836; ninth child Cornelius and Elizabeth (Elmendorf) Ray, great-grandson John Ray, first to come to America from Devon. Eng.


SEWALL, SAMUEL EDMUND. A. B. 1817; LL. B. 1820; born Boston. Nov. 9, 1799; classmate of George Bancroft. Emerson. Child, Caleb Cushlng and Stephen Salisbury; admitted to bar 1820; practiced sixty-seven years, mostly office and estate business; defended many slaves and was arrested once for such activity; succeeded In getting decision in famous Med slave case, making a slave free if voluntarily taken to a free state by his master; aided William Lloyd Garrison at first anti-slavery speech made in Boston. 1830, and In 1820 aided In establishing the Liberator: member New England Anti-Slavery Soc. of 1832; joined Liberty party, in which he was a candidate for Governor; early woman's suffrage advocate; member New England Woman's Club; counsel for New England Hospital for Women and Children; died Boston, Dec. 20. 1888, aged ninety years.


TUFTS. GEORGE AARON, A. B. 1818; son Aaron and Sally (Barker) Tufts, born Feb. 22, 1797; died Dudley, Aug. 25, 1835; able advocate;member House Representatives (Mass.); State Senator at time of death.

WASHBURN, WILLIAM ROUNSVILLE -PIERCE, A. B. 1816, LL. B.1820; born Middleborough; died Mlddleborough. Oct. 1, 1870.

WILLARD, JOSEPH. A. B. 1816. LL. B. 1820; born Cambridge, Mch. 14,1798, son of Rev. Joseph and Mary (Sheafe) Wlllard, died Boston,May 12, 1865. Admitted to bar, 1819: practiced In Waltham, Lancaster and Boston; appointed Joint clerk with George C. Wilde of Supreme Judicial and Common Pleas courts In 1839, clerk Superior Court of Suffolk county, 1856; appointed clerk Superior Court for the Commonwealth upon Its organization and held office until his death; author of: History of Lancaster and Life of Simon Wlllard: married,Feb. 24, 1830, Susanna Hicklln, daughter of Capt. Isaiah Lewis.

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BARTON, IRA MOORE, A.B.Brown 1819, LL. B. 1822; died Worcester, July 18, 1867.

CARTER, CHARLES SHIRLEY, A. B. 1819; died Alexandria, Va., Jan. 11,1840.

CARTLAND, SAMUEL, A. B. Dartmouth 1816: died Exeter. Me.. Feb. 24,1852.

CHOATE, RUFUS, A. B. Dartmouth 1818, LL. D. Tale 1844, Dartmouth and Harvard 1845, Amherst 1848; born Essex, Oct. 1, 1799, son of David and Miriam (Foster) Choate, descendant of John Choate, made freeman 1667, died Hallfax, N. S., July 13, 1859; tutor at Dartmouth one year; in office of William Wirt, attorney general of U. S., 1821; admitted to Essex bar, 1823; member of Mass. House of Rep. from Danvers. 1825; state senator 1827; member of congress from Essex 1831 to 1834; succeeded Daniel Webster in U. S. Senate 1841; appointed attorney-general of Commonwealth 1853; delegate to Whig National Convention 1852; member of Mass. Convention for revision of constitution 1853; abandoned professional labor 1858 in consequence of ill health; married, Mch. 29, 1825, Helen, daughter of Mills Olcutt, of Hanover. N. H.

CUTTER, CHARLES WILLIAM, A. B. 1818; died Chatfleld, Minn., Aug.6. 1856.

EDWARDS. ABRAHAM, A. B. 1819; born Boston, Sept. 7. 1796. son of Abraham and Martha Edwards, died Cambridge, Feb. 5, 1870; admitted to Middlesex county bar. Sept., 1822; mayor of Cambridge, 1848; married Anne, daughter of Joslah and Nancy Moore.

GAITHER, HENRY HOWARD, born Washington Co., Md., Mar. 11. 1795;died Mar. 22, 1856, son of James and Elizabeth (Stewart) Galther.

GORDON, ADAM, A. B. Dartmouth 1817, LL. B. 1825; died New Brunswick. N. J., May 6. 1861.

GOVE, CHARLES FREDERICK. A. B. Dartmouth 1817; died Nashua, N. H.,Oct. 21, 1856.

LYMAN, WYLLYS, A. B. Yale 1817; LL. B. 1820; died Burlington, Vt. Dec. 1, 1862.


MELLEN, GRENVILLE, A. B. 1818; born Biddeford, Me., son of Chief Justice Premise Mellen, died New York, N. Y., Sept. 5, 1841; practiced law In Portland and North Yarmouth, Ma: admitted to Suffolk bar, Feb. 1, 1834; devoted himself more to literature than law and published a number of poems.

PEABODY, OLIVER WILLIAM BOURN, A. B. 1816, LL. B. 1822; born Exeter, N. H., July 9, 1799, died in Springfield, May 29, 1847; admitted to bar 1822; register of probate Suffolk county, 1836 to 1842; became professor of English literature Jefferson College, La., 1842, returned to Boston, 1845, and was licensed to preach by Unitarian Assn.; settled as minister In Burlington, Vt.

PROCTOR, JOHN WATERS, A. B. 1816; died Peabody, Nov. 26, 1874.

ROY, WILLIAM H., A. B. Princeton 1818; died Mathews Co., Va., Jan. 5,1839.

RUSSELL, JOHN SUMMERS; died New Bedford, Feb. 14, 1834.

TUFTS, GEORGE AARON. A. B. 1818; born Feb. 22, 1797. son of Aaron and Sally (Barker) Tufts; died Dudley, Aug. 25, 1835; able advocate; member House Representatives (Mass.); State Senator at time of death.

WALCOTT, SAMUEL BAKER. A. B. 1819; died Boston, Dec. 4, 1854.

WASHBURN, EMORY, A. B. Williams Coll. 1817, LL. D. Williams and Harvard 1854; born Leicester, Feb. 14. 1800, son of Joseph Washburn and descendant from John Washburn who lived in the Plymouth colony In Its early days; died Cambridge, March 18, 1877; admitted to Berkshire bar, 1821; removed to Worcester and became partner John Davis; representative from Worcester, 1826-7 and 1838, member of senate 1841-2; appointed Judge Court Common Pleas and resigned 1847; governor Mass. 1854; appointed Bussey professor of law Dane Law School, 1856, resigned 1876; representative from Cambridge at time of his death; author of: Judicial History of Massachusetts, History of Leicester, Treatise on the American Law of Real Property; Treatise on the American Law of Easements and Servitudes.

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