Certificate of Incorporation of the Harvard Club of New York City


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Know all men by these presents, that we, Edmund Wetmore, Edward King, Charles C. Beaman, Edward L. Parris, T. Frank Brownell, Nathaniel A. Prentiss, G.S. Greene, Jr., J.W. Hawes, A.K. Fiske, Clement Cleveland, William Montgomery, Jr., Nathaniel S. Smith, Camillus G. Kidder, William S. Seamans, Eugene D. Hawkins, W.A. Purrington and Samuel H. Ordway, all citizens of the United States, a majority of whom are also citizens of the State of New York, being desirous of forming ourselves into a society or club for social purposes, under the provisions of Chapter 267 of the Laws of the State of New York of the year 1875, and the acts amending the same, do hereby certify as follows:

I. The name or title by which the society or club into which we desire to  form ourselves as aforesaid shall be known in law, shall be the "Harvard Club of New York City."

II. The particular business and object of such society or club shall be to promote social intercourse among ourselves and others, our associates and successors, who are to be persons who have been connected with Harvard University as students or instructors, or who have received honorary degrees therefrom, and for that purpose to establish and maintain in the City and County of New York, for the use of ourselves and such others above mentioned, a club house, having a library, a reading room, a gallery of art and such other appurtenances and belongings as are usual in clubs and club houses.

III. The number of trustees, directors or managers to manage the said society or club house shall be nineteen.

IV. The names of the trustees, directors or managers of said society or club for the first year of its existence are Edmund Wetmore, Edward King, Francis M. Weld, Charles C. Beaman, William E. Worthen, Edward L. Parris, T. Frank Brownell, G.S. Green, Jr., J.W. Hawes, A.K. Fiske, Clement Cleveland, William Montgomery, Jr., Nathaniel S. Smith, Nathaniel A. Prentiss, Camillus G. Kidder, Eugene D. Hawkins, William S. Seamans, William A Purrington and Samuel H. Ordway.

In WITNESS WHEREOF, we have to this certificate respectively signed our names this 16th day of April, 1887.

 Edmund Wetmore
Edward King
Edward L. Parris
T. Frank Brownell
G.S. Greene, Jr.
J.W. Hawes
A.K. Fiske
Clement Cleveland

Certificate of Incorporation 

Camillus G. Kidder
Wm. Montgomery, Jr.
Nathaniel S. Smith
Wm. S. Seamans
Charles C. Beaman
Eugene D. Hawkins
W.A. Purrington
Samuel H.; Ordway
Nathaniel A. Prentiss

The various affidavits, etc., referring to the Certificate of Incorporation, are to be found in full in the Club Book for 1887.


Adopted, March 16, 1878, and April 19, 1887.

Article I

This Club shall be perpetual.

Article II

This Constitution may be altered or amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present at two successive regular meetings; provided, however, that this article shall not apply to, or authorize any amendment, alteration, or repeal of, Article I.

(As amended November, 1926.)



This Club is incorporated for social purposes, and its corporate name is the Harvard Club of New York City.



The officers of the Club shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer. They shall be ex-officio members of the Board of Managers, and shall hold like offices in that Board. They shall be elected by ballot at the annual meeting of the Club in each year, and shall hold office for one year thereafter and until their successors are elected. The Board of Managers shall also have power, from time to time in its discretion, to appoint an Assistant Secretary or an Assistant Treasurer.



The President, and in his absence the Vice-President, shall preside at the meetings of the Club and of the Board of Managers. In the event of their absence, a meeting of the Club or of the Board of Managers may elect its presiding officers. The President shall, with the Secretary, sign all written contracts and obligations of the Club, and shall perform such other duties as the Board of Managers or the Club may assign him.



The Treasurer shall collect all entrance fees and all dues and shall keep the accounts of the Club, and report thereon at each regular meeting of the Board of Managers. His accounts shall be audited by the Auditing Committee semi-annually. He shall pay all bills on the certificate of their correctness by the House Committee. He shall notify persons elected to membership of their election.



The Secretary shall give notice of all meetings of the Club and of the Board of Managers, and shall keep minutes of such meetings. He shall conduct the correspondence and keep the records of the Club and of the Board of Managers. He shall furnish to the Treasurer the names of all persons elected to membership, and shall be the keeper of the seal of the Club.



1. There shall be a Board of Managers, to consist of nineteen members, including the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary and the Treasurer of the Club, and fifteen members who shall be divided into three classes of five each. The term of office of each class shall be three years and until their successors are elected.

2. At each annual meeting of the Club, five members shall be elected by ballot to the Board to replace the outgoing class. In such elections a majority of the votes cast shall be necessary to elect. Vacancies which shall occur in any class shall be filled by the Board. No member of the outgoing class shall be eligible for re-election until one year has elapsed. This, however, shall not forbid his appointment by the Board to fill a vacancy.

3. The Board of Managers shall have general charge, management and control of the affairs, funds and property of the Club, and shall authorize and control all expenditures. They shall have full power, and it shall be their duty to carry out the purposes of the Club according to law and as provided in these By-Laws.

4. The Board shall submit at each annual meeting a general report of the affairs of the Club, with an estimate for the current year, which shall be printed and distributed to members before the annual meeting; and the Board shall report at other times if required by vote of the Club.

5. The Board shall meet once a month, except during the months of July, August and September. Special meetings may be called by order of the President or at the request of three members of the Board. A majority of its members shall constitute a quorum of the Board.

6. Absence on the part of any member of the Board from three consecutive regular meetings thereof, without satisfactory reasons being given, shall be deemed a resignation therefrom.

7. In respect to all questions of construction of these By-Laws, the decision of the Board shall control and be finally binding.

8. The order of business at the meetings of the Board shall be:

I. Roll Call.

II. Reading of the Minutes.

III. Report of the House Committee.

IV. Report of the Secretary.

V. Report of the Treasurer.

VI. Report of the Committees on Literature and Art.

VII. Report of Standing Committees.

VIII. General Business.


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Article Name: Certificate of Incorporation of the Harvard Club of New York City
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BIBLIOGRAPHY: Harvard Club of New York City : constitution, by-laws, rules and list of officers and members. New York: The Club, 1927.
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