Just Rambling About Harlem and the Bronx #3 1898



A BENEFIT PERFORMANCE and summer festival will be given next Tuesday at Lion Park, One Hundred and Eighth street and Columbus avenue, Manhattan, the proceeds of which will be turned over to the Red Cross Relief Committee, to assist the work of that organization in Cuba. The entertainment, which will be given under the auspices of the Pan-American Club, will last the greater part of the day, and will include, among other things, speeches, a continuous vaudeville performance and dancing. Many prominent men are on the relief committee of the club, the headquarters of which are at the Stuyvesant House, where tickets may be purchased.

THE REV. DR. MAURICE H. HARRIS, rabbi Temple Israel of Harlem, will leave town the latter part of this week to attend the convention of American Jewish ministers which will be held next week at Atlantic City, N.J., beginning July 5. Dr. Harris will remain for two weeks at Atlantic City after the convention to deliver a series of lectures on post-biblical literature before the Jewish Chautauqua Summer School.

THE ANNUAL FESTIVAL AND GAMES of the Street Cleaning Department of Greater New York will take place next Wednesday afternoon and evening at Sulzer's Harlem River Park, One Hundred and Twenty-sixth street and Second avenue. Street cleaning Commissioner McCartney will address the gathering in the evening. The committee in charge of the affair consists of John Tyrrell, chairman; George McCarthy, vice chairman: Patrick Kelly, treasurer; Andrew J. Lusk, Financial secretary: John Savage, August F. Hochmatter, Flavo Canale, John Mare and Edward McCann.


A NUMBER OF MEN who lost their lives on the battleship Maine were residents of Bronx borough and it is proposed by a few public spirited men in that section to erect a monument to their memory. A committee has been formed, with Martin Lipps as chairman, Charles B. Chave, 2829 Third avenue, as secretary, and Albert E. Davis as treasurer. The completion of the committee in charge will be left to Mr. Lipps. Secretary Chave is authorized to receive subscriptions.

A STRONG PROTEST HAS BEEN MADE by the architects practicing in the borough of the Bronx against the proposal to abolish the branch office of the Building Department, located at Third and Courtlandt avenues, and a petition, signed by several hundred architects and builders, has been forwarded to Commissioner Brady to back up the protest. The branch office was opened by Superintendent of Buildings Constable during Mayor Strong's administration, and, although the working arrangements were not all that might be desired, it proved useful to many professional and business men north of the Harlem River.

THE COMMITTEES OF THE VARIOUS BICYCLE CLUBS in the borough of the Bronx who are arranging for a North Side bicycle parade have nearly completed the preliminaries, and from the present outlook it will probably be a most successful one.

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Article Name:  Just Rambling About Harlem and the Bronx #3 1898
Researcher/Transcriber Miriam Medina


 Brooklyn Daily Eagle June 30, 1898
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