Just Rambling About Harlem and the Bronx 1898  #13 



The annual report of the Harlem Library, which was made altogether free twelve months ago, was issued today, and it shows there is a membership at present of 7,029. Attempts were made during the year to supply some of the neighboring schools with books, and one school received one hundred volumes from the library; but these attempts were afterward discontinued by desire of the Board of Education. At the close of the fiscal year there was a balance on hand of $15,528.32, and in addition to this balance there was due from the City Controller the sum of $400 for April and may allowances, of which sum $200 has since been received. There is also due the library from arrears of rent the sum of $185. Treasurer Cyrus L. Sulzberger states that so far as he is aware there is no unpaid floating indebtedness.

On October 13 the Board of Estimate and Apportionment will pass on the amount of money to be granted to the different libraries in the city and those in Harlem are expecting and relying upon a liberal allowance. There are four uptown libraries that the law allows the city to help. They are the Harlem branches of the Aguilar and New York Free Circulating Libraries, the Harlem Library, which has recently become free, and the Washington heights Free Library. The new building to accommodate the Bloomingdale branch of the new York Free Circulating Library on West One Hundredth street, the finest structure the circulating library has, will not be ready for occupancy before the first of next month, and so it will receive no aid from the city this year. There are no free circulating libraries in the Bronx, though the De Hirsch apartment building, which is being erected on One Hundred and Thirty-eighth street will contain one when finished.


Trouble between pastor and people has caused a split in Bedford Park Congregational Church, of which the Rev. Wayland Spalding is pastor, and failing to oust the pastor, five out of seven of the trustees and many of the members, who though the pastor too worldly, have seceded from the congregation and started an independent organization in Wingart's Hall, at Webster avenue and Suburban street. Mr.. Spalding has been pastor of Bedford Park Church for the last three years, succeeding the Rev. Dr. Bourne, who organized the church eight years ago. The seceders allege that Mr.. Spalding is unnecessarily fond of his bicycle, that he has been lax in making sick calls and visiting the members of his flock, and that his pulpit utterances have frequently been puerile and frivolous. The seceders attended services yesterday in Wingart's Hall, the Rev. Mr. Hanaberg, pastor of Fordham M.E. Church, officiating. They have elected church officers, Committees, organist, etc.

The caissons for the south supports of the new Willis avenue bridge over the Harlem River were sunk the latter part of last week, and work on the two approaches is well under way. it was not more than a fortnight ago that active work on the bridge was begun and the results accomplished thus far augur well for the early completion of the structure. The new bridge when finished will reach from One Hundred and Twenty-fifth street and First avenue to One Hundred and Thirty-fourth street and Willis avenue, a distance of about half a mile. Granite and steel will enter into the construction and the architecture will be unusually attractive. The cost will be in the neighborhood of $2,000.000.


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Article Name:  Just Rambling About Harlem and the Bronx #13 1898
Researcher/Transcriber Miriam Medina


The Brooklyn Daily Eagle  October 10, 1898
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