Just Rambling About Harlem and the Bronx #10 1898



Two of the three splendid new churches on the West Side will be opened for service on the first Sunday in October. These are the Knox memorial Reformed, the Universalist Divine Paternity and the Washington Heights Baptist. They are three of the finest churches built in New York for many years and represent an outlay of at least $1,000,000. Riverside Baptist Church, on Amsterdam avenue, at Ninety-second street, is still hearing candidates for its pulpit. The Rev. Dr. Morgan Dix, rector of Trinity Parish, has invited the rectors of other Trinity parishes to take the services at St. Agnes' Episcopal Chapel, on Ninety-second street, near Columbus avenue, during September. it will be some time before a rector is selected to succeed the late Rev. Dr. Bradley, but it is generally believed that he will be an entirely new man to Trinity Parish and that none of the present rectors will be transferred. St. Agnes', although the newest, is regarded as one of the most desirable of the Trinity preferment's.

The date set for the laying of the cornerstone of the Roman Catholic Church of the Holy Rosary in East One Hundred and Nineteenth street, between First and Second Avenues, is Sunday, October 2, the feast of the Holy Rosary. The many delays on the part of the architects have retarded work upon the church. The plans, which were filed a few days ago, call for a one story brick building, 87x98.7 feet, to cost $90,000.


The annual report of Lebanon Hospital, Eagle and Westchester avenues, has just been issued, and shows that much work has been accomplished during the past twelve months, with comparatively little money. The receipts, including a balance on hand of $3,341.47, were $29,783.93, of which $9,505 was from memberships, $4,850,06 from the Baroness de Hirsch, $3,000 bequest from the late Meyer Lehman and $1,180.29 hospital collection. The disbursements were $27,047.74. A feature of the hospital is its training school for nurses. During the four years that the hospital has been in existence it has already graduated 17, of whom 5 are in hospital work and 11 in private duty. No less than 612 patients were admitted tot he hospital during the past year and 4,001 patients were admitted to the dispensary, the number of visits being 7,336. Since the first of the year 250 names have been added to the list of members and patrons through the efforts of Assistant Secretary Loewenstein. The officers of the hospital are: Jonas Weil, president; S. Jarmulowsky, first vice president; Philip Freund, second vice president; H. Barnard, honorary secretary; Leo Hutter, treasurer.

Ex-Alderman Schott, who for many years was the New York general passenger agent of the French Transatlantic Line of steamers, who has been laid up for several weeks with an attack of inflammatory rheumatism, has almost recovered, and is now able to move about again with the aid of crutches. He holds an appointment in the Department of Parks, borough of the Bronx.

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Article Name:  Just Rambling About Harlem and the Bronx #10 1898
Researcher/Transcriber Miriam Medina


The Brooklyn Daily Eagle September 7, 1898
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