Brief Sketch of Businesses In Harlem, New York Pre: 1891 Part I


J.G. DAUTEL, German Chemist and Apothecary. No. 1700 Amsterdam Avenue, Corner 144th Street.—To Mr. J. G. Dautel belongs the emphatic distinction of being one of the representative members of an honorable profession. The gentleman is a chemist and apothecary, and his premises are located at No. 1700 Amsterdam Avenue, on the corner of 144th Street. Mr. Dautel conducts a high class business of the usual order, devoting, however, the major portion of his energies to the practice of pharmacy of the German school. His business premises, while being situated in one of the most eligible quarters of the city, present an example of artistic arrangement and able management of unusual character. Mr. Dautel is a native of Germany, having come to the United States in 1873 and has been a resident of New York since 1874, when he established his present business, having had thirty-three years' practical experience. He Is a perfect adept at and master of his science and is a graduate of the famous Tubingen College of Pharmacy and Chemistry, class 1869. He is a gentleman forty-eight years of age, enjoying the most unqualified esteem and he is a member of the Knights and Ladies of Honor.

DORRANCE & HILL, Harlem Family Laundry, No. 151 West 124th Street.—Though only a little over a year in operation, the Harlem Family Laundry, No. 151 West 124th Street, Dorrance & Hill, are the  proprietors. It is a perfectly equipped and excellently conducted establishment, and receives a substantial and influential patronage, both permanent and transient. The work done here is of a distinctly superior character, while for promptness and reliability no laundry hereabout compares with this. The premises occupied are spacious, commodious and completely equipped with steam-power, all the latest improved appliances and appurtenances, and upward of twenty expert hands are employed, the proprietors exercising immediate personal supervision over every detail of the business.

DE PINNA, Boys' Outfitting, No. 394 Fifth Avenue.— Devoting itself to boys' outfitting, it has a very complete assortment suitable for boys from three to fourteen years of age, inclusive of English sailor suits, dress suits, school suits, reefing jackets, overcoats, ulsters, etc., the wealth of choice being such as cannot fail to meet the wishes of the most fastidious and exacting. English hats and caps also have the best of representation, as do also ladies' and misses' yachting costumes. Mr. De Pinna, who founded his present enterprise in 1884, is a gentleman of English birth, of middle age, and seven years a resident in this country.

MOUNT MORRIS BANK, 125th Street and Park Avenue.—Among the substantial and responsible up-town financial corporations of the metropolis, to which business men can always look with confidence, is the Mount Morris Bank of New York City, whose banking rooms are situate at the junction of 125th Street and Park Avenue. This popular bank was incorporated in December, 1880, under the state laws of New York, and has since had a most prosperous career, reflecting most highly upon the ability and integrity shown in the management. The officers of the bank, Jos. M. De Veau. President, Thos. W. Robinson, cashier, are financiers of thorough experience, and justly esteemed in business circles for their executive ability and just methods.

CHARLES KRAHMER, Futurity Market, No. 416 Lenox Avenue. —One of Harlem's most popular and best known sources of supply for the leading families is that known as the Futurity Market, which is under the proprietorship of Mr. Charles Krahmer. This business was originally established in 1888, by Mr. J. Beckner, who conducted it most successfully for two years, when he sold out to the present owner, and he has not only retained the old patrons of the house, but has increased the volume of trade considerably.  This market has always maintained a deservedly high reputation for the choice quality of its food products, which include the primest beef, veal, mutton, lamb, pork, all kinds of smoked, salted and corned meats, also the finest poultry and game, all the different varieties of fish, oysters, and clams, in their respective seasons, and without exception is one of the very best, neatest and cleanest establishments in this community.  Mr. Krahmer is a native of this city, and is justly regarded as one of its prosperous and representative young business men.

JACOB STAHL, JR. & CO., Manufacturers of Fine Cigars, 168th Street and Third Avenue, New York and 34 Wabash Avenue, Chicago. A firm whose productions command widespread sale, owing to the uniformly high standard of excellence at which the same are maintained is that of Jacob Stahl & Co., whose office and factory are located at 168th Street and Third Avenue, and who have a branch also at No. 34 Wabash Avenue, Chicago. They are manufacturers of fine cigars, and their goods are in extensive and constantly growing demand in the trade throughout the Central and Western States, their " Hotel Brunswick," " Royal Standard," and other brands bearing the red arrow trade mark being noted for choice flavor, purity, make and quality. This flourishing enterprise, which is the oldest and largest of the kind in the section of the city above Harlem Bridge, was started in a small way in 1858 by Jacob Stahl, the elder, who conducted the business alone up to about five years ago, when the present firm name was adopted. Stahl have, in addition, just established another big factory a Havana, Cuba, where they employ over two hundred Cuban cigar makers.

E.N. DORING. Folding Beds, No. 59 West Fourteenth Street.—The great demand which now exists for folding beds of all kinds, has been materially accentuated by the excellence of these highly useful inventions, as turned out by some of the leading manufacturers, prominent among whom is the well-known house of E. N. Doring, patentee and manufacturer of the "Doring" Folding Bed, in all styles and at competitive prices, located at No. 59 West Fourteenth Street.  The very able and enterprising proprietor inaugurated the undertaking four years ago, and is also responsible for its highly efficient management ever since. He, is a native of New York, still a young man, and is a prominent figure, alike in business and social circles.

IRVING THORNE, Florist, No. 430 Columbus Avenue, Under Hotel Endicott.—Mr. Thome Is a dealer in cut flowers and plants, of which a large and carefully selected stock is kept constantly on hand. Funerals, weddings, entertainments, etc., are supplied with flowers, and designs of every description are furnished.  Mr. Thorne was formerly located at No. 453 Columbus Avenue, opposite his present location. He makes a specialty of decorating and has a handsome greenhouse in connection, filled with all kinds of beautiful tropical plants, flowers, etc., which are let for parties, weddings, receptions, balls and public occasions where decorations are in order. We know of no house in this line, of which we can speak in higher- terms of praise and commendation. Mr. Thorne Is native New Yorker, thoroughly experienced in this business and is a reliable and responsible gentleman.

THE J. C. WATSON CO., Elevator and Mills, 135th Street and Harlem River. T. A. Mc Intyre, President: J.C. Watson, Secretary and Treasurer. As a factor in the sum of commercial activity, the importance of the grain and feed interest of New York can scarcely be overestimated. The growth and development of the trade have been especially notable in the upper section of the city during the past few years, and a number of big concerns in the line indicated have had inception there within a recent period. Among the enterprises referred to, the most noteworthy is that of the J. C. Watson Co., whose capacious elevator and mills are situated at 135th Street and Harlem River, at the head of Park Avenue. They are receivers and shippers of, and general wholesale dealers in grain of all kinds, feed, meal, hay and straw, and. altogether, their business is of a most substantial character. Large consignments are being received regularly from various points in the west, immense quantities of oats, corn, etc., being handled, and the trade, already exceedingly heavy, grows steadily apace. This flourishing enterprise was established in 1889, by the gentleman whose name the concern bears, and a little while later it was duly incorporated and the present style adopted, T. A. Mclntyre. and H. L. Ward well, of the well known ' firm of Mclntyre & Ward well, being respectively president and vice-president, and J. C. Watson, secretary and treasurer.  All the officers of this company are members of the Produce Exchange, are men of thorough experience, of energy and enterprise, and are well and favorably known in the trade.

PREBLE & DUANE, Real Estate Brokers. No. 291 Columbus (Ninth) Avenue.—Making a special feature of handling west side property the responsible firm of Messrs. Preble & Duane, located on Columbus Avenue, at the southwest corner of Seventy-fourth Street, undertake equally all branches of the profession, and that they are enabled to render unqualified satisfaction in the fulfillment of all transactions entrusted to their care is an ascertained fact, judging from the liberal measure of support they now receive at the hands of capitalists, investors and property owners generally throughout the metropolis. The business had been carried on since 1887 by Mr. Frank E. Davidson, who was succeeded on December 1st. 1890, by the present co-partners, Mr. H. Preble and Mr. H. B. Duane. gentlemen of mature experience in real estate matters, well versed In the actual and prospective values of property and possessing a sound judgment as to investments, mortgages, etc. Not only is their attention devoted to the purchase, sale and exchange of every description of city and suburban realty, but the letting and leasing of property of all kinds, the collection of rents and the entire management of estates, as well as the negotiation of loans upon bond or mortgage are also comprehended within the scope of their operations, each branch being alike undertaken with scrupulous care, sound discretion and consummate skill. A well appointed office is maintained and every facility at hand for the due prosecution of the business. One of the proprietors is of New England, the other of New York birth and both are still young men.


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