Brief Sketch of Businesses In Harlem, New York Pre: 1891 Part IV


SCHUBERT PIANO COMPANY, Manufacturers of Upright Pianos, Factory and Warerooms, Nos. 585, 537, 539 and 541 E. 134th Street.- The business of this widely known company was inaugurated in 1880 by Mr. Peter Duffy, an expert and practical piano maker, who soon secured for the new Schubert piano a leading position among the very best medium grade instruments on the market. In 1885 the present company was incorporated, under the laws of the state of New York, with ample capital and with Peter Duffy, president: Mr. M. A. Duffy, treasurer; T. Harty, secretary. The original location of the business was at Eleventh Avenue and Thirty-fifth Street, but in 1887, the erection of a larger factory was found to be indispensable and a seven-story brick edifice was built and taken possession of on February 1, 1888. Before the end of the year, however, it was found wholly inadequate to meet the growing demand for the popular Schubert, and in the spring of 1889 the company purchased the plot of ground on which they erected their present factory, occupying it on August 19, 1889. It is a five-story structure, 100 feet square, splendidly equipped in all departments with the latest and most improved mechanism, and possessing facilities for turning out three thousand pianos per annum. Still further additions are contemplated in the near future. The styles embrace the Boudoir Piano and Cabinet Grand, in rosewood, mahogany, walnut and oak, and all calculated to adorn the finest drawing-room by their elegant and artistic finish. The Messrs. Duffy are native New Yorkers, the president being a practical piano manufacturer of twenty-five years' experience, while the office manager, Mr. J. W. Donelan, is a young man of large business experience, with whom it will be found a pleasure to deal.

THOS. BALMFORD, Sexton, Church of the Intercession, General Furnishing Undertaker. Amsterdam Avenue and 156th Street.The prosperous undertaking business owned and controlled by Mr. Thomas Balmford at the corner of Amsterdam Avenue and 156th Street, was founded in. the year 1875 by Lewis Sanger, who was succeeded by Mr. Balmford in the year 1891, having been for nine years previously, foreman under Mr. Sanger. The business is of extremely high order, the connection being drawn from the better element of the district. Mr. Balmford furnishes with commendable promptitude, such articles as caskets, coffins, corpse preservers, shrouds, and funeral upholstery goods.

TUGNOT, Confectioner, No. 137 W. 125th Street.An establishment that at once became well known and extremely popular in Harlem for the uniform excellence and superiority of its productions is that of Tugnot, the confectioner, which is most eligibly located at No. 137 W. 185th Street. Although but recently established by Mr. George Tugnot within the past year, this business has suddenly bounded into public favor and patronage, the people of this section finding it a great convenience and long needed want, at which to procure pure, wholesome and delicious confectionery and ice cream. This large and commodious store, 25 x 85 feet in dimensions, forms one of the most attractive and inviting features of this busy thoroughfare, and it is perfect in convenience of arrangement for the successful prosecution of the business.  Mr. Tugnot has had an extended experience in this line, he was formerly employed by Wallace & Company for six years as a traveling salesman. He is one of the most expert confectioners in the city, the candy manufactured by the house being excellent, having a velvety cream taste, very pleasant to the palate which is attained by few of the leading confectioners in the city. His trade extends now throughout the city and vicinity and is so rapidly increasing that it will soon reach throughout the adjoining states. Candy is put up in artistic style in packages selling from twenty-five cents per half pound to favors and baskets costing as high ns fifteen to twenty dollars. Mr. Tugnot, who was born in this city, is an energetic, reliable and progressive young business man and his present phenomenal success gives the fullest assurance of future permanence and prosperity.

 H.C. ROSENZWEIG, Elite Shoe Store, No. 2865 Eighth Avenue, Corner 187th Street.To the proprietor of the " Elite " shoe store, No. 2865 Eighth Avenue, at the corner of 127th Street and No. 1 Avenue A, unquestionably belongs the enviable distinction of being the largest retailer of boots and shoes in Harlem. The business has been established eight years; the founder of its fortunes being Mr.H. C. Rosenzweig, the existing sole controller of the concern. He originally established himself at No. 1 Avenue A, where he still does a large business. The connection of the house is of unusually valuable and extensive order; the reputation of the firm being most exalted. The business premises on Eighth Avenue are excellently located and are finely equipped and fitted; being, as a matter of fact, one of the chief attractions of the suburban metropolis. Mr. Rosenzweig is a native of Philadelphia and a young man of rare business ability, to whom is justly accorded the sincere good wishes of the entire trade. Mr. Rosenzweig is a member of the A. O. United Workmen also of the F. and A. M., the I. O. B. B., and the I. O. Free Sons of Israel.

GAYNOR & RANKIN, Plumbers and Gas Fitters, No. 552 Columbus Avenue.On application to Messrs. Gaynor & Rankin, plumbers and gas fitters, of No. 552 Columbus Avenue, estimates are cheerfully furnished for any class of work, while country orders receive prompt and accurate fulfillment. The firm was established by the present partners in 1887, and already commands a large trade in the metropolis, each job being executed in the most satisfactory and workmanlike manner by skilled mechanics, under the able supervision of the practical proprietors, and none but skillful workmen are employed. Sanitary plumbing is a leading feature of the house, including the fitting up of lavatories, urinals, water closets, cisterns, tanks, baths, etc.; gas-fitting at all times being equally undertaken as well as every branch of jobbing work, and sanitary inspection of houses is solicited.

HERMAN F. HARMS. Dealer in Hardware and House-Furnishing Goods, No. 1936 Third Avenue.A popular and well-known hardware and house-furnishing goods establishment on upper Third Avenue, enjoying an enviable reputation throughout the trade, is that of which Herman F. Harms is the proprietor. Founded in 1890 by Mr. Harms, the great success which the business has since attained is most creditable to the enterprise and ability of his management. Mr. Harms, who is a native of Germany, has resided in this city for the past quarter of a century, and since embarking in his present enterprise has been the recipient of a large, liberal and influential patronage. He is equally popular in social as well as mercantile circles, being a member of such organizations as the Red Men. Hain Council, United Friends. Stuyvesant Lodge, No. 74.1, and Peoples' Five Year Benefit Order.

WALTER J. GERATY, Practical Plumber and Gas Fitter. No. 1858 Third Avenue.An old established and reliable flrm engaged, in the uptown section of the city, as a practical plumber and gas fitter, is that of Mr. Walter J. Geraty, located at No. 1258 Third Avenue, who has from time to time been entrusted with some very important and significant contracts, such for instance as the whole of the plumbing and gas fitting for the Methodist Home at the corner of Ninety-second Street and Tenth Avenue, and a large number of prominent buildings and makes a specialty of overhauling and jobbing in all its branches.

C.F.DIHM'S Flower Store, No. 64 W. 125th Street.A department of human industry which must forever remain terra incognita (unknown land) to any but the most intelligent and refined of the community, is that engaged in by Mr. C. F. Dihm, of No. 64 W. 125th Street. Mr. Dihm is a florist, and to him unquestionably belongs the distinction of being one of the foremost of his class in the * city. The date of his establishment in business is the year 1883, the location of his premises being No. 64 W. 125th Street. He Is a perfect master of the floral art. and among the many elegant designs prepared by the gentleman, mention should be made of such objects as crosses, anchors, wreaths, trophies, ships, harps, firemen's helmets, etc. He keeps constantly on hand a fine selection of cut flowers and he makes baskets, vases and bouquets of such to order, his specialty being the supplying of weddings, parties and interior decorations, plants being loaned also at all times. The store occupied by the gentleman is one of the most elegantly appointed In Harlem, marble counters, costly palms and the like, contributing to make it so, and the premises cover an area of 2400 square feet.


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Article Name: Brief Sketch of Businesses In Harlem, New York Pre: 1891 Part IV
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