Brief Sketch of Businesses In Harlem, New York Pre: 1891 Part II


WOLFF & LINDAUER, Graduated Watchmakers, Jewelers and Opticians, No. 279 W. 125th Street.—Although but a comparatively young firm, as such, Wolff & Lindauer, graduated watchmakers, jewelers and opticians. No. 879 W. 125th Street, have attained a degree of prominence second to none in the business in Harlem. Since these gentlemen have assumed the control of the business there has been an enlargement of stock and increase of facilities to execute orders for complicated watches and costly clocks, precious stones, silverware, bronzes, etc. This prosperous business was established In 1882 by Charles Casselman, who was succeeded about two years later by G. W. Wright, and in the early part of the current year came into control of the present firm. Messrs. M. Wolff and A. Lindauer are gentlemen in the prime of life and natives of Germany, but residents of this city a number of years. They are both practical and expert workmen, of thorough experience, and are masters of their art in all its branches, Mr. Wont having had an experience of twenty years as a watchmaker and jeweler and practical optician, and is a graduate from Prof. Bueklin's School of Optics. A special department for optical purposes is under the supervision of Mr. Wolff, whose thorough knowledge of optics and scientific outfit enables him to correct all difficulties of the eyesight that glasses can remedy.

ECKER BROS., Dealers in Fine Provisions, No. 1530 Second Avenue.—One of the most deservedly popular establishments in this section of the city, representing the wholesale and retail provision trade, is operated by Messrs. John and Adolph Becker. This fine business was founded in 1876 by Mr. P. J. Uhleviu and conducted by him for ten years with great success and efficiency. The present proprietors succeeded in 1880. They make a specialty of cooked hams, bolognas and sausages for which articles of food the flrm are subjected to a heavy and continuous demand.

PECK'S UPPER NEW YORK STORE, Importer and Retailer of Ladies' High Class Goods, Hosiery, Underwear, Corsets, Fabric- Gloves, No. 148 W. 125th Street.—Prior to Mr. W. H. Peck's embarkation in his present line of business in 1891, the gentleman was buyer for G. U. S. Quackenbush, of Troy, N. Y., with whom he was allied for a number of years. His metropolitan enterprise " Peck's Upper New York Store," at No. 148 W. 125th Street, has proven one of the recent highly prosperous innovations upon the west side of the Harlem section of the city, a large connection having been already developed and a reputation for excellence already earned.

GOLLA & BERGHORN, Dealer in All Kinds of Red and White Ash Coal, and Virginia Pine Wood, Grand Boulevard, Between 130th and 131st Streets, Branch Office, No. 278 W. 125th Street, corner Eighth Avenue.—Messrs. Golla & Berghorn, of Grand Boulevard, between 130th and 131st Streets, having a branch office at No. 278 W. 125th Street, at the corner of Eighth Avenue, dealers in all kinds of red and white ash coal and Virginia pine wood, have been established in business at their present excellent location since the year 1885, their history being one long record of prosperity, achieved as the reward of merit. The partnership comprises the joint efforts of Mr. John Golla and Mr, Henry Berghorn, both gentlemen of middle age and both natives of Germany. Mr. Golla has been resident in the United States for a period of thirty years and he Is a distinguished member of the Ancient Order of Odd Fellows, the F. and A. M. and order of United Friends.

WASHINGTON STEAM CARPET CLEANING CO., and Storage Warehouses, Nos. 301 and 303 W. 125th Street -In every household that pays proper regard to sanitary requirements, the carpets are taken up and cleaned at least once a year; and almost every family has occasion—sooner or later—to place their household effects in storage. Excellent facilities in both these matters are provided by the Washington Steam Carpet Cleaning Co., and storage warehouses, Nos. 301 and 303 W. 125th Street, northwest corner of Eighth Avenue. The proprietor of this establishment is Mr. W. H. Hunt, formerly owner and president of the Washington Storage Warehouse and Van Co. [Limited]. The business which he now controls was established in 1886, but the present quarters have only been occupied since 1891. Mr. Hunt was born in New Jersey and has been a resident of this city for ten years.

PAUL EUELL, Practical Plumber and Sanitary Engineer, No. 833 Amsterdam Avenue.—A well known, practical and experienced plumber and sanitary engineer, enjoying a well earned reputation as the leading exponent of his art in all its branches, in this locality, is Paul Euell, whose establishment is located at No. 834 Amsterdam Avenue. Mr. Euell, who is a native of this city, is an expert in all the features and details of the business, and conducts all his work on exact scientific principles in a thoroughly reliable and skillful manner. He established himself in business at the above address in 1889, and soon won his way to public favor and recognition, building up an excellent patronage.

H. C. F. KOCH & CO., Importers and Retailers of Fancy and Dry Goods, Suits, Etc., W. 125th Street, Between Lenox and Seventh Avenues. The unprecedented increase in population, and the marvelous growth and development of the upper section of the city in recent years has resulted in giving a great impetus to business and trade in Harlem. This well and favorably known firm was established in 1860 at Carmine and Bleecker Streets, and in 1875 moved to Sixth Avenue and Twentieth Street, and has been at the present location about six months, the house being signally successful here from the first. The firm is composed of Messrs. II. C. F. Koch and A. Riesenberg, who are ably seconded in the management of the business by Mr. E. V. D. Koch, the superintendent, son of the senior member.

WRIGHT, GILLIES & BRO., Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Hay, Grain, Flour, Salt and Feed of All Kinds, Coal and Wood, Etc., Corner of Tenth Avenue and 160th Street, and No. 307 E. 110th Street.—About the most prominent merchants engaged in the grain, flour and feed business in this part of the city are Wright, Gillies & Bro., corner Tenth Avenue and I60th Street, with branch also at No. 207 E. 110th Street. They are wholesale and retail dealers in everything in the line indicated; also in coal and wood, and altogether their trade is very large. This enterprising firm was established in 1885, and from the start has been steadily growing in favor and patronage, the business constantly increasing.

HOTEL WINTHROP, A. S. Walker, Owner, C. W. Bird, Manager, Seventh Avenue, Boulevard, 134th to 125th Street.—Standing out in strong relief upon the list of high-class metropolitan hotels is the Hotel Winthrop, located upon Seventh Avenue, Boulevard, the premises of the establishment covering one block, from 124th to 125th Street. The date of the opening of the establishment occurred during the year 1887, and, as the natural result of good management and able control, the hotel ranks among the most excellent . The owner of the Hotel Winthrop is Mr. A. S. Walker, which gentleman also owns the Hotel Beresford, on the corner of Eighty-first Street and Central Park. He is a native of the state of Massachusetts and his residence in the metropolis extends over a period of twenty-three years. He is a gentleman of middle age, and possesses in conspicuous prominence a number of excellent business and individual attributes. The management of the Hotel Winthrop devolves upon Mr. C. W. Bird, one of the ablest hotel men in 'the country. In his hands the conduct of the establishment becomes perfection itself, a fact to which the patrons thereof are enthusiastic in bearing witness. He is a native of New York City and a young man, and his identification with the hotel commenced with the year 1888.

THE WASHINGTON BOARDING AND LIVERY STABLE, John Brophy & Sons, Proprietors. Nos. 307 and 809 W. 120th Street.-For convenience of access to the principal parks, boulevards and drives, no establishment of the kind is better situated than the Washington Boarding and Livery Stable, of which Messrs. John Brophy & Sons are proprietors. Nos. 207 and 209 W. 120th Street. The business was founded In 1850 by Mr. John Brophy, who was born in Ireland and came to this country fifty years ago. In 1801 he permitted to partnership his sons, E. J. and James Brophy. who were born In this city, and in May. 1891.

WALTER H. C. HORNUM, Architect, No. 150 E. 125th Street.—Mr. Hornum has been established in business since the year 1881. and, during the course of his career he has had more than the usual degree of prosperity for the reason that his methods have all been based upon the most exalted of principles. Mr. Hornum's connection is of extremely extensive and influential character, embracing clients resident both in the metropolis and the suburbs. Mr. Hornum is a native of Copenhagen, Denmark. He is a gentleman In the prime of life and his residence in the United States extends over a period of a quarter of a century.

SHELLEY & BRIEL, Dealers in Coal and Wood, Main Office. No. 1464 Third Avenue. Near Eighty-third Street.—In the coal trade a firm of an essentially and exceptionally progressive type is that known since March. 1891, as Shelley & Briel. It having been founded only in 1890 by Mr. E. J. Shelley, and having now in addition to their fine main offices at No. 1464 and No. 1016 Third Avenue, no less than eleven eligible branch offices, located respectively at Nos. 1381, 1806, 1476, 1589 and 1700 Third Avenue. Nos. 1388 and 1614 Second Avenue, No- 1423 Lexington Avenue, No. 176 E. Eighty-fifth Street, No. 168 E. Eighty-sixth Street, and No. 101 E. Ninety-second Street. Through these various sources a trade of large proportions is influenced in all parts of the city, all patrons being supplied direct from the firm's yard at Nos. 424 to 482 E. Ninety-third Street, which with its sheds and office, covers five city lots and is 135 x 100 feet in expanse, having a capacity for the storage of 2000 tons, and being regularly utilized to its fullest extent. The partners are Mr. E. J. Shelley, Mr. F. Briel and Mr. J. Briel, all gentlemen well and favorably known in New York, and the first named one of its most prominent and substantial and esteemed citizens, he having been a member of the legislature in 1886, and having occupied the responsible and honorable position of deputy sheriff of New York for twelve years.


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