Brief Genealogical Sketch on Selected Early Dutch Settlers in New Amsterdam A-B



Ackerman Family belongs among the earliest Dutch settlers in the New World. The first progenitor in America was David Ackerman, who arrived with his six children from Amsterdam, Holland on the ship "Fox" in New Netherlands in August, 1662. From him the line continues with his son, Laurens, his grandson, James, his great-grandson, Abraham Jacobus to Abraham (sixth generation) and the latter's son, Elias Cuykendall Ackerman, married to Amelia E. DeWitt, the parents of J. Walter Ackerman, who forms the eighth generation in America.


Dr. Adriance's family belongs among the earliest Dutch settlers in the new World and goes back to Nicasius de Sille, great-grandfather of William Van Deursen, who came from Arnhem, Province of Gelderland in the Netherlands, to New Amsterdam in 1653, where he became First Councilor to director General Pieter Stuyvesant.

ADRIANCE, Jr., Vanderpoel

The earliest ancestor of the family in America was Adriaen Reyers, who came with his brother, Martin from Amsterdam, Holland, to New Netherland in 1646 and settled in Flatbush, Long Island. His name appears as Reyerszen, Reyers, etc. and some of his descendants bear the surname Ryerson, while others use the surname Adriance. His brother's descendants are called Martense, and also Ryers. Adriaen Reyersz married Annetje Schenck. Their son, Elbert Adriance, was born in Flatbush in 1663 and in 1689 married Catalyntie Remsen Van der Beeck, daughter of Rem Janse Van der Beeck and his wife, Jannetje Jorise, daughter of Joris Jansen de Rapalje. Her aunt, Sarah de Rapalje, was the first white child born in New Netherland. Rem Adriance, son of Elbert Adriance, was born at Flushing, Long island, in 1690. and died in 1730. He married Sarah Brinckerhoff, and their son, Isaac, born in 1722, died at Hopewell, New York. By his first wife Letitia Van Wyck, he had a son, John, born in 1762, who settled in Harlem after the Revolution and died in 1849. He married Mary Sickles, and their youngest child, Isaac, born in 1794, died in 1862. By his second wife Margaret Waldron, he had a son, John, born in 1832, who died November 3, 1874.

ADRIANCE, William Allen

He is a direct descendant of Adriaen Reyersz, who emigrated to America from Amsterdam in 1646 and settled in Flatbush, Long Island, becoming the first progenitor of the Martense family (now extinct) of Flatbush, L.I. and the Reyers or Ryerss family of Staten island.

AMERMAN, Frederick Herbert

The first ancestor of the Amerman family who came from Holland to New Netherlands, was Dirck Janse Amerman, who emigrated in 1650, and settled at Flatlands (now South Brooklyn). He married Aeltje Paulus Vander Beeck. She was the daughter of Paulus Vander Beeck of Gowanus, Long Island, who came from Bremen to New Netherlands in 1644.

ANTHONY, Theodore Van Wyck

Mr. Anthony is a descendant of Allard Anthony, who came from Holland to New Amsterdam, now the city of New York, about the middle of the seventeenth century. He was one of the most richest and influential merchants of New Amsterdam, trading with Dutch firms and receiving from them large consignments of goods.


BALL, Frances De Villa

The ancestry in the maternal line is purely Dutch. The first progenitor was Albert Andriesse Bratt "de Norman," who married Annetje Barentse van Rotmer; their child was born in 1630 on the voyage to America and hence named Sturm Van Der Zee. Sturm married Helletje Lansing. The Van Der Zees intermarried with the Slingerlands, the Van Slykes, the Ten Eycks and the Van Santvoords.
Miss Ball is a direct descendant of Cornelius Van Santvoord, who came to Schenectady, N.Y., as Pastor of the Dutch Reformed church in 1695. He married Anna Staats in 1718 and their great-grandaughter, Anna Van Santvoord, married Albert Van Der Zee, grandparents of Miss Ball.

BANCKER, Adrian Gerard

The Bancker family belongs to the earliest Dutch settlers in the New World. The first progenitor to emigrate to America was Gerrit Bancker, who arrived in New Amsterdam from the Netherlands in 1655, married and lived in Albany, N.Y. He was one of the 15 original proprietors of Schenectady in 1662.

BANTA, Edwin Perry

The earliest ancestor of the Banta family in America was Epke Jacobse, who arrived in New Amsterdam, in New Netherlands from Holland, on February 12, 1659, with his wife and children.. The surname, Banta, was not used by this first American ancestor. He was known as "Epke Jacobse," that is, Epke, son of Jacob, according to the custom of many of the Dutch colonists. It was
not until 1685 that the surname, Banta, is found recorded in the old Dutch Reformed Church, at Hackensack, N.J. His son, Cornelius Epke, who married his first wife, Jannetie Dupree (de Pre), lived near Hackensack, N.J. His son, Jan Banta, married Cornelia Van Sicklen. Their son, Cornelius Banta, of the fourth generation, married his second cousin, Rachel Banta, in 1730. Their son, Jan, by his wife, Annetje Demarest, had a son, Petrus, who married Dorothea Van Orden. His father Jan Banta moved from New Jersey to New York City in 1800. His son, George W. Banta, married Martha Melissa Howell in 1837, and their son, Edwin Perry Banta, married Sarah Anne Gibson in 1870. They were the parents of Edwin P. Banta, subject of this sketch.

BENSON, Arthur Davis

He was born on March 26, 1873. He was the son of Silas Davis Benson, Senior, son of Hevlyn Benson and Emeline J. Davis. Silas was born in 1837 in Greenwich, and lived in New York City where he died in 1887. He was married in Flushing, L.I., on December 7, 1869 to Anne Eliza Close (1846-1913) of Athens, Georgia. They were the parents of three sons, Frederic Close Benson born in 1871, and married to Julietta Van Praag of Framingham, Mass., Arthur Davis Benson, and Hevlyn Dirck Benson. (The history of the Benson family is recorded under Hevlyn D. Benson.

BENSON, Frederic Close

Date of Birth: October 12, 1871. He married Julietta Van Praag of Framingham, Massachusetts, on September 3, 1903. He died July 25, 1941 without descendants. He was a direct descendant of Dirck Benson, who moved from Groningen to Amsterdam, where he probably married Catalina Berck, born in 1625, who died in this country after 1663. About 1648 they came to New Amsterdam and on August 2, 1649, purchased a lot in New Amsterdam. This was east of the Fort, now at the lower end of Broadway, and in 1650 he purchased a lot on Broadway. He died in Albany in 1659. Dirck's son, Captain Johannes Benson (1655-1715) was a lieutenant of the Militia in 1688, and two years later became a Captain. In 1696 he bought a small lot in the village of Harlem. In 1699 he purchased a hundred acres in what was later Greenwich village, for which he paid 2000 guilders. Through purchase of the Bogart farm of Harlem he gained a right of a patentee and shared in the subsequent division of common lands. He was married in Beverwyck on Feb. 2, 1680, to Elizabeth, second daughter of Mattheus A. Van Deusen.

BENSON, Hevlyn Dirck

Date of Birth: August 1, 1879 in Brooklyn, N.Y. He married Katherine Louise Coutts of Toronto, Canada, September 17, 1913. She died in 1919. They lived at 659 St. Marks Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y. Children of Marriage: Isobel Coutts Benson -1914, Hevlyn Dirck Benson, Jr.-1915, Marjory Close Benson-1917.. His Parents were, Silas Davis Benson and Anne Eliza Close. Lineage: The Bensons are related to practically all the other Knickerbocker families, such as the Bussings, Brevoorts, de Peysters, Vanderbilts,Roosevelts, Remsens, etc.


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