Miscellaneous Jewish Periodicals Published in New York City Previous to 1917


The Jew: Monthly. 1823-1824. Editor: Solomon H. Jackson. Anti-Missionary.

The Asmonean: Weekly. 1849-1858. Editor: Robert Lyon. Political, Religious, Literary.

The Jewish Messenger: Weekly. 1857-1903. Orthodox. Merged with "The American Hebrew."

The Jewish Record: Weekly. 1862. Editors: Abr. S. Cohen, Jonas Bondy. Orthodox.

Young Israel. Monthly: 1871-? Editors: Louis Schnabel and others. Juvenile. Illustrated. Title changed to "Israel's Home Journal" (in 1901).

The New Era: Monthly. 1871-1875. Editor: Raphael D'C. Lewin. Literary.

The Independent Hebrew: Weekly. 1876 (3 months). Editors: S.N. Leo.

The Jewish Advocate. Monthly: 1879-1886. Editor: Raphael D'C. Lewin. Literary.

Hebraica: Monthly. 1879. Supplement to "The Jewish Messenger." Literary.

The American Hebrew: Weekly. 1879. Informational and Literary. Since 1904. The American Hebrew and Jewish Messenger.'

The Hebrew Standard: Weekly. 1883. Editor: J.P. Salomon. Orthodox. Successor to "The Hebrew Leader."

The Hebrew Journal: Weekly. 1885-? Editor: Joseph Davis. Conservative.

The Menorah, Monthly: 1886-? Editors: B.F. Peixotto__then Moritz Ettinger. Literary, Scientific. Organ of the B'nai B'rith.

The American Jewess: Quarterly. 1895-1899. Editor: Rosa Sonneschein. Religious, Social, Literary.

The Montefiore: Monthly. 1896-? Bulletin of Young Ladies and Gentlemen's League of the Montefiore home.

Helpful Thoughts: Monthly, 1897-1903. Editors: Julia Richman, Rebecca Kohut, later with Richard Gottheil, M. Harris and G. Kohut, successively. Juvenile.

Alliance Review: Monthly 1899-? Organ of clubs of Educational Alliance. Reports, Literary. Founded as "Alliance Club News."

Pamphlet Library: Monthly. 1900. Editor: Michael Singer. Historical, Literary, Zionist.

The Maccabaean: Monthly. 1901. Literary, Zionist.

Israel Home Journal: Monthly. 1901-? Editor: M.C. Gunsberg. Literary, Illustrated. Successor to Young Israel.

Charity Work: New York Fortnightly. 1902-? Editor: Maxs Cohen__for the United Hebrew Charities.

Jewish Charity: Monthly. 1902. Editor: Joseph Jacobs, Lee K. Frankel. For the United Hebrew Charities (Formerly "Charity Work").

The New Era Illustrated Magazine: Monthly. 1903. Editor: Isidore Lewi. Continuing the New Era Jewish Magazine of Boston, Mass. Literary.

The Jewish Home: Monthly. 1903-? Editor: George A. Kohut.For Family and Religious Schools.

East Side Life: Weekly: 1903-? Literary, News.

The New Era Comment: Monthly. 1904. Organ of the New Era Club.

Young Judaean: Monthly. 1910. Organ of "Young Judea." Juvenile.

Jewish Immigration Bulletin: Monthly. 1912. Organ of the Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society. Professional.

The Jewish Child: Weekly. 1912. Published under the auspices of the "Bureau of Education." Children's paper.

Hadassah: Monthly: 1914. Bulletin, published by the Hadassah.

Seminary Students' Annual: English and Hebrew. 1914. Organ of the Students of the Jewish Theological Seminary. Scholarly.

The Jewish Deaf: Monthly. 1915. Philanthropic.

The Menorah Journal: Monthly. 1915. Organ of the "Intercollegiate Menorah Association." Devoted to Jewish culture and Ideals.

East and West: Monthly. 1915-16. Literary.

American Jewish Chronicle: Weekly. 1916. Editor: Dr. S.M. Melamed. Nationalistic.

The Jewish Teacher: Semi-annual, then quarterly. 1916. Editor: Alexander M. Dushkin. Organ of the Jewish Teachers' Association. Professional.


Israel's Herald: Weekly. 1849 (3 months). Editor: Isidor Busch. Organ of the B'nai Brith.

Orden's Echo: Monthly. 1884. Official organ of the "Independent Order of True Sisters."

Der Jude: Weekly. 1887. Editor: S. Wiener. News. Literary.

Echo den Judenthums: Weekly. 1892. Editor: Emil Herzfield. Fraternity News.

Der Jude: Weekly. 1895. Editor: M. Singer. Title changed to Juedischer Anzeiger, with No. 11. News, Literary.

Juedische Monatablaetter: Monthly. 1899. Editor: William Broch. Zionist.

English Journals With German Supplements

The Jewish Times: New York. Weekly (English-German). Established 1869-1879. Editors: Moritz Ettinger, Harvey M. Marks (1878-79). Scientific, Rabbinic, Literary. Reform: Title. "The Reformer and Jewish Times."

The Jewish News: New York. Weekly. Established 1871. Editor: Jacob Cohen. English, German, Hebrew, Yiddish.

Jewish Reformer: New York. Weekly. Established 1886. Editors: K. Kohler, E.G. Hirsch and Adolph Moses. Reform: English and German.


La America: Weekly. 1910. Editor: M.S. Gadol.

Las Bos del Pueblo: Weekly. 1915. Socialist.


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Article Name: Miscellaneous Jewish Periodicals Published in New York City Previous to 1917
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The Jewish Communal Register of New York City 1917-1918; Edited and published by Kehillah (Jewish Community of NYC) 1918; Lipshitz Press, 80 Lafayette Street, N.Y., N.Y. MOA
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