Jewish Periodicals appearing In New York City During 1917



The Jewish Daily News: 185-187 E. B'way. Daily (English Section). Established 1885. Editor: G. Bublick. Republican in Politics. Orthodox, Zionist. Critical towards efforts at Jewish Communal organization. Circulation Oct. 1, 1917,55,000.

The Jewish Morning Journal: 77-79 Bowery. Daily. Established 1902. Only morning Newspaper in Yiddish. Editor: Peter Wiernik. Republican in politics. Orthodox. Devotes much space to communal activities. Circulation, Oct. 1, 1917, 87,322.

Jewish Daily Warhelt: 153 E. B'way. Established 1905. Editor: J. Gonickman. Democratic in politics. National radical. Circulation, October 1, 1917: 55, 241.

The Day: 183 East Broadway, Daily. Established 1914, by Herman Bernstein. Editor: William Edlin. Non-partisan in politics. National-radical. Maintains sympathetic attitude toward Jewish communal problems and institutions. Maintains high literary standards. Circulation, Oct. 1, 1917: 65,369.

Forward: 173-175 E. B'way. Daily. Established 1897. Editor: Abraham Cahan. Socialist organ. Maintains negative attitude toward Jewish communal problems. Circulation, Oct. 1, 1917: 148,560.

Weekly Family Journals

American Jewish Chronicle: 33 W. 42nd St. Weekly. Established 1916. Editor: Dr. S.M. Melamed. Zionist and Cultural. Maintains critical attitude toward attempts at Jewish communal organization.

The American Hebrew: 44 E. 23rd St. Weekly. Established 1879. Editor: Herman Bernstein: Informative with nationalist leanings. Very often reflects the views of influential New York Jews. Maintains sympathetic attitude toward Jewish communal problems and institutions.

The Hebrew Standard: 87 Nassau St. Weekly. Established 1883. Orthodox. Maintains critical attitude toward attempts at Jewish communal organization.

Der Americaner: 77 Bowery. Weekly. Established 1905. Published by Jewish Morning Journal. Family Journal. Literary and Informative.

Judische Gazetten: 185-187 E. B'way. Weekly. Established 1874. Weekly edition of the Jewish Daily News. Orthodox.

Miller's Weekly: 151 Canal St. Weekly. Established 1917. Editor: Louis E. Miller. National-radical.

La America: 197 Eldridge St. Judeo-Spanish Weekly. Established 1910. Editor: M. S. Gadol. Informative.

Weekly Party Organs

Dos Yiddishe Folk: 44 E. 23d St. Weekly. Editor: Dr. S. M. Melamed. Established 1909. Yiddish organ of the "Federation of American Zionists."

Haibri: 86 Orchard St. Hebrew Weekly. Established 1910. Editor: Rabbi M. Berlin. Mizrachi.

Die Neie Welt: 175 E. B'way. Yiddish Weekly. Established 1913. Managing Editor: Dr. B. Hoffman. Organ of Jewish Socialist Federation of America.

Freie Arbeiter Stimme: 157 E. B'way. Editor: S. Yanovsky. Yiddish Weekly. Established 1899. Anarehist.

La Bos del Pueblo: 235 Eldridge Street. Judeo-Spanish Weekly. Established 1915. Editor: Maurice Nessid. Socialistic.

Monthly Organs

The Maccabaean: 44 E. 23d St. Monthly. Established 1901. Published under supervision of Federation of American Zionists.

Menorah Journal: 600 Madison Ave. Bi-Monthly (except in July.) Established 1915. Published by the Intercollegiate Menorah Ass'n. Devoted to the furtherance of Hebraic ideals and culture.

Die Zukunft: 175 E. B'way. Monthly. Established 1892. Published by "Forward Association." Socialist. Editor: A. Walt Liesin.

Professional and Trade Journals

The Jewish Farmer: 172 2nd Ave. Monthly. Established 1908. Organ of the "Jewish Agricultural and Industrial Aid Society."

Butchers' Journal & Poultry Magazine: 140 Rivington St. Weekly. Established 1915.

The Grocers' Guide and Modern Businessman: 39 Delancey St. Weekly. Established 1908.

The Jewish Teacher: 356 2nd Ave. Quarterly. Established 1916. Editor: A.M. Dushkin. Organ of "Jewish Teachers' Association."

The Mediator: 253 Broadway. Weekly,. (Yiddish Section.) Bakers' Trade Journal.

Trade Union Papers

The Headgear Worker: 62 E. 4th St. Monthly English section. Organ of "United Cloth, Hat and Cap Makers of North America."

Fortschritt: 32 Union Square. Yiddish Weekly. Established 1915. Organ of "Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America."

Advance: 31 Union Square. Weekly organ of "Amalgamated Workers of America."

The Fur Worker: 9 Jackson Ave., Long Island City. Yiddish Weekly (English Section) Organ of the International Fur Workers' Union of the United States and Canada.

The Ladies' Garment Worker: 32 Union Square. Yiddish and English Monthly. Organ of "International Ladies Garment Workers' Union."

Die Gleichheit: 16 W. 21 St. Weekly. Organ of the Ladies' Waist & Dressmakers" Union, Local No. 25, International Ladies' Garment. Workers' Union.

The Naye Post: 38-40 E. 2nd St. Yiddish Weekly. Organ of the Joint Board of the Cloak & Skirt Makers Union.

Organization Bulletins'

Jewish Immigration Bulletin: 229 E. B'way. Monthly. Established 1912. Organ of the "Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society."

Jewish Workers' Voice: 89 Delancey St. Yiddish Monthly. Established 1914. Organ of "Jewish National Workers' Alliance."

The Friend: 175 E. B'way. Monthly. Organ of the "Arbeiter Ring." Organized 1910.

Neighborhood Journals

Brooklyn-Brownsville Post: 1778 Pitkin Ave., Brooklyn. Yiddish Weekly. Established 1910.

Progress: 1746 Pitkin Ave., Brooklyn. Yiddish Weekly.

Juvenile Periodicals

The Jewish Child: 356 2nd Ave. Weekly. Established 1912. Published under the auspices of the "Bureau of Education."

Yiddishe Kinder Welt: 89 Delancey St. Yiddish Monthly. Published by National Radicale Schulen Verband."

Young Judaean: 44 E. 23d St. Monthly. Established 1910. Organ of "Young Judaea."

The Youth: 356 Second Ave. Hebrew Monthly. Published under the auspices of the "Bureau of Education."


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Article Name: Jewish Periodicals appearing In New York City During 1917
Researcher/Transcriber Miriam Medina


The Jewish Communal Register of New York City 1917-1918; Edited and published by Kehillah (Jewish Community of NYC) 1918; Lipshitz Press, 80 Lafayette Street, N.Y., N.Y. MOA
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