Miscellaneous Tid-Bits of the Jewish Community In NYC 1918 Part I

Jewish Credit Unions in New York City

Borough of Brooklyn Credit Union: 115 Manhattan Ave., Brooklyn. Organized 1915.

Citizens' Credit Union: 115 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn. Organized 1916.

Commercial Credit Union of Brooklyn: 325 Ninth Street, Brooklyn. Organized 1915.

Cooperative Credit Union: 124 Delancey St. Organized 1915.

Empire State Credit Union: 132 Norfolk St. Organized 1916.

Fraternal Credit Union: 84 Gerry St., Brooklyn. Organized 1915.

Grocers Credit Union: 64 E. 106th St. Organized 1916.

Kings County Credit Union, 60 Graham Ave., Brooklyn. Organized 1915.

Metropolitan Credit Union, 52 Tompkins Ave., Brooklyn.

Russian-Polish Progressive Credit Union: 52 Tompkins Avenue, Brooklyn.

The United Credit Union: 250 E. 67th St. Organized 1915.

West Side Credit Union: 347 W. 35th St., New York City. Organized 1916.

 Day Nurseries

Ahavath Chesed Day Nursery: 394 Hendrix St., Brooklyn. Established: 1917.

Auxiliary to the Ahavath Chesed Day Nursery: 394 Hendrix St., Brooklyn. Established 1916.

Beth-El Sisterhood Day Nursery: 329-31 E. 62nd St. Established and incorporated 1890.

Brightside Day Nursery and Kindergarten: 89-91 Cannon St. Established in 1893.

Guggenheim, Irene Rothschild: Pres. Brightside Day Nursery & Kindergarten, 91 Cannon Street,
since 1894.

Bronx Federation of Jewish Charities Day and Night Nursery: 1685 Topping Ave. Established in
1914. Inc. 1915.

Daughters of Israel Day Nursery: 220 E. 5th St. Established 1912. Incorporated 1914.

East Side Day Nursery: 257 Henry St. Established 1914.

Emanuel Sisterhood Day Nursery: 318-320 E. 82nd St. Established and Incorporated 1888.

First Hebrew Day Nursery and Kindergarten of Brooklyn: 320 S. 3rd St., Brooklyn. Incorporated

Haven Day Nursery: 445 West 24th Street. Established 1912. Incorporated 1916.

Harlem Hebrew Day Nursery: 38 West 115th Street. Established 1914.

Hebrew Day Nursery of New York: 262 Henry Street. 602 West 157th Street. Established 1905.
Incorporated 1909.

Hebrew Kindergarten and Day Nursery: 35 Montgomery Street. Established 1905. Incorporated

Hebrew Ladies Day Nursery: 453 Hopkinson Avenue, Brooklyn. Est. In 1909. Incorporated 1910.

Jewish Ladies Day Nursery of the Bronx: 1668 Bathgate Avenue. Established and Inc. 1916.

Loyal League of the Hebrew Kindergarten and Day Nursery: 35-37 Montgomery St. Org. 1912.

Young Friends of the Hebrew Kindergarten and Day Nursery: 35-37 Montgomery St. Org. 1910.

Homes for the Aged

B'nai B'rith Home for the Aged and Infirm: Yonkers, New York. New York Office: 2307
Broadway. Founded in 1882.

The Brooklyn Hebrew Home for the Aged: Dumont and Howard Avenue, Brooklyn. Established and
incorporated in 1907.

Harlem Home of the Daughters of Israel: 32-34 E. 119th Street. Established in 1907.

Home of the Daughters of Jacob: 301-303 East Broadway. Established 1897, Incorporated 1897.

The Home for Aged and Infirm Hebrews of New York: 121 W. 105th Street between Columbus and
Amsterdam Avenues. Established in 1870. Incorporated in 1872.

Hebrew Home for the Aged and Hebrew Sheltering Soc.,: 108 E. 105th Street. Established and Incorporated in 1915.

Home of the Sons and Daughters of Israel: 232 E. 10th Street. Established in 1909. Incorporated in 1912.

Jewish Home for Aged and Infirm: 44 7th St. Established and incorporated in 1912.

Jewish Cemeteries

Acacia, Woodhaven, L.I., Grand near Allen St., Manhattan.(11 3/4/ acres)

Ahavath Chesed: 1424 Metropolitan Avenue. (13 acres) Office: 652 Lexington Avenue.

Baron Hirsch: Old Stone Road, Point Richmond: (100 acres.) Office: 131 Essex St., Manhattan.

Bay Side, Woodhaven, L.I., (36 acres)

Beth El, Amboy Rd., Tottenville. (7 acres.) Office: Tottenville, S.I.

Beth Olom: Kells Path Road. (7 3/4 acres) Office: At cemetery.

B'nai Israel, Waverly, N.J. (1 acre) Office: 140 1st St., Elizabeth, N.J.

Machpelah, Evergreen, L.I. (13 acres) Office: Fresh Pond Rd. and Cypress.

Maimonides, Jamaica Avenue, Brooklyn. (7 acres) Office: At cemetery.

M'kom Sholom, Woodhaven, L. I. (6 1/2 acres.) Office: At cemetery.

Montefiore, Springfield, L.I. (113 acres.) Office: 14 Delancey St., Manhattan.

Mount Carmel, Cypress Hills, L.I. (50 acres) Office: At Cemetery.

Mount Hebron, Flushing, L.I. (150 acres) Office: 1 Madison Ave., Manhattan.

Mount Hope, Jamaica Avenue, Brooklyn. (12 acres.) Office: Jamaica and Nichols Aves.

Mount Judah, Evergreen, L.I. Office: 89 Delancey St.

Mount Lebanon, Glendale, L.I. (32 acres) Office: 8 Rutgers St., Manhattan.

Mount Neboh, Fresh Pond Rd., L.I. (14 acres.) Office: 601 W. 162nd St., Manhattan.

Mount Richmond, Richmond. S.I. (28 acres) Office: 245 Grand St. Manhattan.

Mount Zion, Maspeth, L.I. (75 acres.) Office: 41 Park Row, Manhattan.

New Mount Carmel, Cypress Hills, L.I. (50 acres.) Office: At cemetery.

New Union Fields, Cypress Ave., Brooklyn. Office: At cemetery.

Riverside, Rochelle Park, N.J. (125 acres.) Office: 1400 5th Ave., N.Y.C.

Salem Field, Brooklyn, N.Y. (80 acres.) Office: Jamaica and Euclid Aves.

Shearith Israel, Fresh Pond Rd., Brooklyn. (20 3/4 acres.) Office: At cemetery.

Silver lake, Stapleton, S.I. (4 1/2 acres.) Office: 245 Grand St., Manhattan.

Union Fields, Cypress Ave., Brooklyn. (48 acres.) Office: Lexington Ave and 63d St.,

United Hebrew, Richmond, S.I. (100 acres.) Office: 190 Bowery, Manhattan.

Washington, 22nd and Gravesend, Brooklyn. (100 acres.) Office: 723 Lenox Ave., Manhattan.

Yiddish Theaters

Adler's Grand Theatre: Grand and Chrystie Sts. Organized May 1, 1917.

David Kessler Theatre: 53 2nd Ave.

Gabel's Theatre: 235-37 Bowery, Organized 1916.

Goldberg & Jacobs Lenox Theatre:10 Lenox Avenue.

Liberty Theatre: 63 Liberty Avenue, Brooklyn.

Thomashefsky Theatre, Inc., 111-117 E. Houston St. Organized December 14, 1914.

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Article Name: Miscellaneous Tid-Bits of the Jewish Community In NYC 1917 Part I
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BIBLIOGRAPHY: The Jewish Communal Register of NYC 1917-1918. Edited & published by Kehillah (Jewish Community of NYC) Copyright: 1918. Lipshitz Press 80 Lafayette Street New York, New York.  MOA
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