Ward Schools In New York City 27-53 1865

School No. 27_Nineteenth Ward: East Forty-second street, near Third avenue.

School No. 28_Twenty-second Ward: Fortieth street, between the Seventh and Eighth avenues.

School No. 29_First Ward.

School No. 30_Fourteenth Ward: Baxter street, near Grand.

School No. 31_Seventh Ward: 200 Monroe street, near Montgomery.

School No. 32_Twentieth Ward: Thirty-fifth street, near Ninth avenue.

School No. 33_Twentieth Ward: Twenty-eighth street, between Ninth and Tenth avenues.

School No. 34_Thirteenth Ward: Broome street, between Sheriff and Willett streets.

School No. 35_Fifteenth Ward: Thirteenth street, near Sixth avenue.

Grammar School No. 36_Eleventh Ward: 355 Ninth street, between avenues C and D.

School No. 37_Twelfth Ward: Eighty-seventh street, near Fourth avenue.

School No. 38_Eighth Ward: Clarke street, near Broome.

School No. 39_Twelfth Ward: Hundred and Twenty-fifth street between Second and Third avenues.

School No. 40_Eighteenth Ward: 189 East Twentieth street, between First and Second avenues.

School No. 41_Ninth Ward: 38 Greenwich avenue.

School No. 42_Tenth Ward: Allen, near Hester street.

School No. 43 Twelfth Ward: One Hundred and Twenty-ninth street and tenth avenue.

School No. 44_Fifth Ward: Corner North Moore and Varick streets.

School No. 45_Sixteenth Ward: Twenty-fourth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues.

School No. 46_Twelfth Ward; Corner of Broadway and One Hundred and Fifty-sixth Street.

School No. 47_Fifteenth Ward: Twelfth street, between Broadway and University place.

School No. 48_Twentieth Ward: 70 West Twenty-eighth street, near Sixth avenue.

School No. 49_Twenty-first Ward: Thirty-seventh street, near Second avenue.

School No. 50_Eighteenth Ward: East Twentieth street, near Third avenue.

School No. 51_Twenty-second Ward: Forty-fourth street, between Tenth And Eleventh avenues.

School No. 52_Twelfth Ward: Corner of Kingsbridge road and Two Hundred and Sixth street.

School No. 53_Nineteenth Ward: Seventy-ninth street, between Second and Third avenues.

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Article Name: Ward Schools In New York City 27-53 1865
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 Bibliography: From my collection of Books: Manual of the Corporation of the City of New York by D.T. Valentine 1865
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